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    flip is just a double position stop but sometimes you may be not filled because of margin requirements so be aware of that
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    Hi, I’m planning to start day trading from the UK. I have set up an IB UK account to be linked to Dastrader. Please let me know if there are downsides with this set up trading US markets from the UK? Thank you
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    Hi Gideon, I am also a UK day trader. Have been investing in stocks for 4 years but only now just looking into day trading. I set up my IB account yesterday and my journelling account today. I think we have a benefit to trading from the UK as our trading day starts at 1.30pm so not too early!
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    Newer versions of DAS have two options to visualize menus and settings. Go to Setup > Other configuration and you have USE NEW CONFIG WINDOW selected. That´s the new menus and settings. Uncheck it and you will get the old menus, just like the videos.
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    $PRICE+($TARGETR*2); this is not possible in DASTrader as it dooes not know the mathematical logics and brackets you need to do $PRICE+$TARGETR+$TARGETR instead see the log for the errors you get. there will be an error about route not being "LIMIT" etc. overall you should switch to the new syntax and forget the old one as the calculations done in the old syntax are now useless and it will be easier for you to understand what is going on rather than studying why the switches between SShare and Share are there
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    solution of 2024 here https://open.substack.com/pub/traderpeter/p/das-trader-advanced-hotkeys-part-777?r=1wujo4&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web
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    Hi everyone and welcome to our new forum on swing trading. As you likely know, swing trading involves taking positions in a stock or other security and holding that position for as short as overnight to days or weeks or even longer. If you are new to swing trading and want to learn more, reading Brian Pezim's book "How to Swing Trade" would be a good starting point. It is available on Amazon. We expect this forum will be used by our members to present and openly discuss swing trading opportunities. The one advantage of swing trading is that the trader has the opportunity to slow the decision process and plan their trades without having to make a quick decision on whether to enter a trade. Thanks in advance for being part of this forum and we hope this forum can offer up some profitable opportunities for our members.
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    It is said ( from the trading books and experienced trading mentors) that it is better to stick with just one ( or at most two ) strategy for either day trading or swing trading. The advantages include: - by focusing on one strategy, you can better ( easier ) find out the accuracy and profit/loss ratio of your strategy; by a number of testing. - there are all kinds of entry points / setups during the day in the market, by " filtering out " the various opportunities and narrow down to just one type of setups ( entry points ) , you are easier to react to price actions that keep moving and changing, and your emotion will be more stable and easier to control and be calm. It is said that " do not attempt to catch all opportunities in the market " & " Less is more". Hope it helps.
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    Norm, this one's for you! Ok, here's mine... cobbled together from 2 older machines and a discarded large monitor...but notice all that empty space on the wall? That's where my husband is going to hang a 50" tv if I make my number. I mostly swing trade, so this set up isn't a hindrance currently, but as I develop my day trading skills, this will clearly not work. For those who may wonder about 2 laptops, I am trading 2 different accounts and for the way my brain is wired, this keeps me from getting confused.
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