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    Hey everybody, we are looking to hold our next NYC meetup on Friday, February 21st. We are looking for an approximate head-count before we determine the venue. The venue will most likely be in or near midtown Manhattan, but again, we will adjust depending on the interest. We won't be having a speaker like last time, however, all are welcome. Ryan, Andrew, Carlos, Peter, Norm and Mike B will all be in attendance! Update Please reply to this post letting us know if you will be in attendance and if you will be bringing any +1's. We will be holding the Meetup at Pioneer's Bar: http://pioneersbar.com/ 138 W 29th St. New York New York The meetup will start at roughly 7:00PM ET When you walk in, just mention you are there for the Bear Bull Traders meetup event.
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    Oh that was just Andrew using his crystal ball again
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    Finally have received the withdrawal today. It took 8 business days.
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    2-12-20 AIS 0815, 4 hours, 5.5/10 PAT: Overtrading.... Jumping the Gun.... TEVA PB#1.1 PB#3 ..... This looks like a mess because I took trades in SIM and Live played off 13.07 and waited for the break of the 9ema on the 2min, the second partial was a hotkey mistake and correction...... my first Live entry was PB#3, third green arrow.... My sim and live trades were almost equal at +1R each Tried another trade right before I needed to get to other business and stopped on necessity +0.5R L +1R SIM LYFT PB#1/PB#3 (combo bonus) 5min ORB with ABCD on 1 and 2min trending the 9ema on the 1min and breaking VWAP..... a partial and add..... last two partials were from chop and all out of the market to take care of other business.... +2.6R CONS: Overtraded the last one of TEVA..... Pros: Keeping my Live trades to PB#3 only PB Trade: Rs: +2.2R
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    2-6-20 Very late night last night and slept in..... AIS 0915, 4 hours, 6/10 Thanks for the PreMarket research Ted, Carlos and Norm as I relied on them for my Stocks in Play... decided to make sure I am taking small share size in the first 30min of the market WWE PB#1.... Very small size here..... 5min ORB, break of VWAP, strong T&S and L2... with a nice tight stop and a target of the 50ma on the 2min and or break of the 20ema on the 5min ... got all out because of the small size where I should have partialed... +1.3R TWTR PB#1..... 10min ORB, ABCD on 2min, above Mas took a partial and added in for a trend PB#3 ..... Good trade but bad management ....... trending the 9ema on the 2min, after the first partial I was talking about the add at just before 1100 and did not take it (Ted did, LOL), took two more partials and added in on a bad spot when I was calling for it to go to the 20ema on the 5min...... Partial add and two more partials I am just OK with... the last two adds were not on a clear head and ended up stopping at BE.... +4.2R Cons: Trade Management could have been much better as I need to listen to what I am pitching in my group... Pros: Two winners and all out.... PB Trade: TWTR Rs: +5.5R
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    Good morning. Decent day today. Took a bunch of trades: AMD, PCG, INTC, ADPT AMD 5 min ORB. The 1 min charts shows a hammer doji and then a doji above the VWAP. Went long on the 5 min ORB but it didn't work out my way. Good trade management so I'm happy. PCG LOL Andrew was cursing at this stock and I felt the frustration as well. If only I kept a cool head, there would have been a great entry right after I was stopped out with 2 hammer dojis forming. I got into the 5 min ORB a little early but when looking at the 1 min chart, there was definitely an opportunity go long when those 2 hammer dojies formed. I then saw the 9, 20 and 50 MA crossing for a long position. I definitely could have had a bigger stop loss, but I am not sure what I was thinking. Should've, would've, could've. INTC Saw an ABCD pattern and took it long and was stopped out when the stock started to turn over. I noticed the 9, 20, and 50 crossing in a downward trend. However, as per my rule, I did not take it short as it was really close to the VWAP. It would most likely bounce back from it. I went long and hit the wrong hot key and got it by accident. I went long again and after some consolidation it did jump up. I was stopped out again as it hit my stop loss. But I did immediately go long again as I saw the 9, 20 and 50 MA cross in an upward trend. Stayed with it until I got stopped out. ADPT This stock was consolidating for quite some time but the 9, 20 and 50 were about to cross. Took it short as I was far enough from VWAP for it to bounce off. I did see the 50 on the 2 min chart and the 100 on the 1 min chart coming in but also far enough to make a decent profit. One thing I regret is not taking enough profit when it did hit 3R or even 4R. Ah well. You live and you learn. Again, learned a couple things and also confirmed some of my findings when it comes to the MAs crossing. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!
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    Totally forgot to journal yesterday as I had to leave again after trading. ROKU chopped me up yesterday. I did have some good trades but ROKU was brutal to me. I didn't watch the spread of the stock and I was too far stretched from any MA. This morning I made sure to watch the spread on the stocks and be patient when to take a position. Today, was good overall. Only trade one stock today - LK LK Used Aiman's strategy on ABCD patterns. I was a little early on one of the entries. On the second try, I had a good entry but my stop loss was too tight. I didn't change it from my previous attempt. If I had allowed the 2nd attempt a little more room for the stop loss it would have been perfect. Ah well. I knew it was going to go long so I took it long again and it paid off. Not sure what I was doing afterwards but I did miss some of my favourite set ups. I think I was in the chat. A bunch of 9, 20 and 50 MAs crossing did exactly what they were supposed to do. I took a bunch of screenshots and I am thinking to make a separate thread on specifically that. I'll have to get more examples and data before I make such a post. Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day! So I didn't hit my 1% target for the day. So I decided to trade some more. It was good at first and I actually hit my target. But of course I had to trade some more. And now I'm down to .01%....... BYND Noticed a double top and saw the 9 and 20 crossing on a downward trend. Wanted to go short but was hesitant as due to that 100 MA. But once it dropped below both the 100 and 50 MA I took it short and hit my target for the day. I then noticed the the 50 crossing the 9 and 20 on the 2 min chart and decided to take it short. However, I didn't notice how close I was to VWAP and I got stopped out. LK Now I am a little annoyed as I lost more than what I gained on BYND. Was looking for another set and found LK. Watched the 50 cross on an upward 9 and 20 MA crossing. Went long - too early. The 50 touched the 20 but the candle was still forming. It went the other way. Now I'm annoyed, impatient and long bias. Lost most of it... Perfect example of why not to over trade. I just need a week of an overall gain. Have not have had one of those....ahh
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    1-21-20 AIS 0800, 5 hours sleep PAT: Revenge.... Over-trading Notes: First week trading a Live and Sim account together... Only PB#1 and PB#3 for Live all the rest in SIM 0920 How I feel 6/10 LK Live PB#1 .... 15min ORB with ABCD on the 2min.... I jumped the gun and did not wait for better confirmation on the 2min ABCD out at full stop...... -1R UBER SIM 2 trades off of 36.15 Level only.... tight stop on both.... first full stop second took 1/2 off to reduce risk and stopped out..... both times the Tape did a U-Turn on me..... -1R JD SIM PB#3..... Only reason for Sim was because the 5min had a new low..... touched all other points for PB#3.... Looked away from it and it hit my hard stop, I maybe could have saved some if I was watching it better.... -1R TCOM SIM PB#3 ..... trend trade ABCD on 1min should have been in at 1240 on the EMAs crossing also ABCD on 1min..... Took this on SIM because I was scared of what I did this morning..... Took a second trade same play... +6.6 Cons: Did not wait for better confirmation and jumped the gun on my Live LK trade.... Pros: Leaving the desk so I do not revenge trade came back and stayed in SIM for the TCOM trade Playbook Trade: TCOM Notes: Stay focused .... Rs: -1R Live +4.6R SIM
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    January 13 - 18 recap, This year I decided that I would post my weekly recap analysis in addition to my daily journal postings. Near the end of the year I felt I was not giving due diligence to the weekly and monthly analysis, so in an effort to keep myself accountable I figured I would post them in this journal. Top Three Good Trends While in the trade, I did have any issue with sticking to my profit taking plan. Whenever, I began feeling that mind was racing towards justifying why something would not work out, my mantra of discipline, courage, impartiality, patience worked well to calm my emotions. Although, I gave into my FOBW a couple of times this week, I also faced it head on and conquered it. I have to remember, that you cannot pick and choose which setups are going to work or not work. It is random and the only thing you can do it take the entry when the setup appears if it meets your edge. Currently, my edge has a higher probability of working; therefore, take the trade and move on. My ability to recognize my emotions is improving, even though I was not able to catch myself sabotaging my exits before they occurred, afterwards I was able to recognize them and have begun developing a process to prevent it in the future. Bottom Three Bad Trends I was not confident on my entry and sticking with my pre trade routine and execution. I had a lot of hesitation on the entry because of a feeling of being wrong. I had several montage entry issues this week. I would enter the wrong number or flip the numbers. I need to come up with a smooth executable process for executing the entry of the price. This also goes for the excel worksheet which determines the outs My emotions right near the entry point truly ramp up and my mind starts to focus more on the reason not to be in the trade instead of the reason to be in the trade. Focus Areas Next week My psychology right before the entry Self-Sabotaging acts Stop loss placement and why I am choosing that area for a stop loss
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    Friday 01/17/2020 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. I took 1 live trade this morning both with MU. My watchlist: SNAP, PINS, LK, AMD, TSLA and MU. Stuck with two stocks, on my watchlist, with no shares to short. I see Carlos had shares to short for PINS on CME. But I don’t on Centerpointe. Nothing really exciting on the watchlist so I chose MU by default on my main screen. MU gapped up in PM, but I had no bias. The big print hit only a few seconds after the open (~700k). 25 seconds after the open 3 signals occurred. We had a bearish 1min candle which just broke the 200MA-1min and a moderately sized bearish L2 signal. So I went short. PDC was my target and with $58 as my stop. Since my stop was tight I went half shares. My screen when I entered the trade (note the L2 signal): I was able to get 3 partials in before the price retraced, then due to a bullish L2 signal I exited the trade early. Though I would have gotten more of a drop if I used B/E as my stop I am proud of myself that I exited on the L2 signal which I have been trying to train myself to do. My exit signal: The total trade: What did I do good today? Exited a trade on a L2 signal. What I am grateful from today? Having MU on my main screen. What I should improve on: Was a bit distracted with my swing trades to take another trade though none of them actually needed my attention at the open.
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    Monday 02/18/2020 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. I took 2 live trades this morning with AAPL. My watchlist: AMAT, ROKU, KR, BEN, AAPL and TSLA. AAPL was on my main screen due an interesting PM. There were some PM levels that were being respected. Two minutes before the open AAPL made a big red candle. One min before made a smaller candle holding the level. At the open AAPL got big volume and I shorted (half share size) on a new low. The price dropped then reversed and I actually covered below $316, but the cover did not fill. I flipped my postion and quickly noticed I only have half share size. Now I know that half of my buy order filled the cover. I then noticed the open cover order and cancelled it. At that moment the price droped and would have filled my buy order at a good entry. Then snapped back higher. At 1min 24 sec after the open a big L2 ask of 20k at 317 and added shares. See below at L2. I tried to take a partial at the 317.39 PM level and got a bad fill. Then 2min later I took another partial at that level. Then I noticed it is actually a good time to add. So I added some shares. Then took 4 partials then got a bad auto fill at B/E. What did I do good today? Added to my trade. Recovered OK from my first trade not filling the stop. What I am grateful from today? A green day, which I really needed after a rule breaking day on Thursday. What I need to improve on? Some common stocks are getting too high priced. I need to reprogram my hot keys for a larger buffer on my market limit orders.
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    My Wife has been telling me that I have the head for Day Trading for Many years. In the past we have worked hard on a small business in Key West and since have always had Jobs along with some kind of retail business weather it was the Art store in KW, a Donut business, an online retail business that we still operate and recently an Amazon PL business. This last adventure cost us a few bucks but fortunately I was able to get ride of most of the product and not fall too far in the red. I have recouped enough for a small Day Trading Account. I talked to a few people at work about this and they all had the same thing to say "Its tough and no one makes money doing it" after talking with them a bit more I realized that they were willing to put the money in but not put the time in to educate themselves and of course they lost money. Most of them are still holding on to Bitcoin for the long haul. I decided to start reading some books on this and I started with Stock Trading for Dummies and realized that was not the right book for me. I then found Andrews first book and was hooked. I should have listened to my Wife a long time ago. It just so happens that I work nights Sunday - Wednesday as a Poker Manager from about 3:30pm to 3:30am (home to home) eastern time, so I am able to get a few hours sleep before I wake at 7:30am to get ready for my Classes I joined BBT as a Lifetime Member on the 4th of July. I was almost done with Andrews first book. I woke up in the AM to watch the premarket show and at the time I would follow along on Think or Swim. I did this till the 15th of July. From the first day of practice I did keep a journal on paper until now (I think I will still write it as I feel like doing it twice cant hurt help me remember). I showered last night right before bed. I woke today nice and fresh, brushed my teeth, made myself an espresso and ate a protein bar. I had plenty time to do some of my own research before Carlos came on at 8:30. The last 2 days I have been very happy with my premarket analysis as most of what I have is either on Carlos watch list or is a low float (which I can not seem to get the info from the Das Sim platform). 9:34 +MGM at 30.99 (should have been 30.90 but I was slow on the hot key) I partialed out at 31.13, 31.25 and 31.34 and got all out at 31.60. My stop was previous candle 30.89 and Target 31.61 from the daily charts Realized +25.63 I took this Slower moving stock in play as I felt more comfortable with it. 10:02 +INTC 52.62 P - 52.69 and out at 52.56 (again I was slow on the trigger on both) My stop was prev. candle 52.55 and Target 53.00 on 5min VWAP Realized +.50 My total day +26.13 This is at 100 shares of each. If starting with $5000 my 1% rule would have been 500 shares of each for a realized profit of +130.65 The last two days after I have decide I was done for the day I went back to just play around and try to learn more midday strategies I took -TWTR misread what I thought was a drop and lost out along with a reentry +TWTR and this time it fell, LOL my mini Hulk.... I know myself and If I was in for real money I would have never even come back to the market for the day. but I will add this ticker also so maybe I can figure out what I misread.
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    Feb 8 -16 Weekly Report Top Three Good Trends This week I was able to trade with no fear of being wrong. I entered a few trades that I did not think were going to work out but met my criteria. I had more winners than losers. I was able to keep my losers smaller than my winners throughout the week. I did not have any self-sabotage errors this week. Bottom Three Bad Trends I was having some issues focusing in on trading in the moment. A few of the days I had a hard time keeping my focus on the trade without it wondering. I was not able to stick to my routine after I got into a trade in the afternoon. I have to utilize my routine once I enter the first trade and input the appropriate outs, I need to start scanning the 1-minute charts again for another opportunity. Focusing in too much on the tick by tick action in my afternoon trades. Once in and the levels are set, move on to the next trade. Focus for Next Week My focus this week is increasing risk per share. I am going to start out by increasing in small increments until I reach my tolerance level. I am going to focus in on trading a solid morning on Tuesday, a solid day on Wednesday and Thursday. I will not be trading Friday as I am traveling to New York. I want to really work on trading scanning for a second stock to trade in the afternoon after entering my first position.
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    I think what was meant was that some stocks predictably trade choppy or trade like algos are trading them. Nothing that's really going to give you an edge.
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    2-13-20 AIS 0755, 7 hours, 7/10 PAT: Overtrading..... correct entries.... montage in correct account.... KHC PB1.1 This was a premarket callout on levels.... I was a little late on break of 28.94.... I figured if it broke .64 with momentum we should be good to 28.00.... the first partial was a little early but felt like it was a good time to lock in profits.... stop was at the top of the candle body on the 1min so I was in for a small share size..... I missed adds and partials as I was in and out with a new windshield being replaced.... +2.6R Cons: missing partials and adds..... Pros: took premarket plan and ran with it.... PB Trade: KHC Rs: +2.6R
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    Day 26 - Feb 12, 2020 15 Tickets 1 Symbol Green Day 1. LYFT - Short - 1min - Failed Pop LYFT earnings beat but kept guidance unchanged, investors were looking for more following UBERs shortened timeline to profitability. Was thinking long at the open off the 50 daily level - but failed to push and hold through VWAP with upper wicks rejecting. Got short 1/2 size with previous high as stop, target 2R+. Bounce off previous level and shorted as it continued into VWAP expecting to reject - confirmed rejection could be a good idea to add more risk. Went to cover fat fingered a sell - instant cover for break even. Started covering into 2R+. Good: Instant cover on mistake entry, although would have been profitable it’s a good habit. Improvement: Need to have better exit strategy - too many unplanned covers. 2. LYFT - Short - 1min - Breakdown (Not in Game Plan) Was watching waiting to see if it would have another leg down thinking could be putting in a Bear Pennant on the 5 min, with decreasing volume. Shorted 1/3 size as broke through consolidation level on rising selling volume. Consolidated briefly at that exact level and continued down, short another 2/3 size looking for it to test previous low at 48.55 with stop just above previous consolidation. Ended up getting lucky (1c away from stop) but covered as It seemed like could be a double bottom and I had to head out to work. Good: Cut loser for small loss. Improvement: Terrible R/R heading into this - should not have taken this trade based on R/R <2. Today's Review Green day, felt good sticking to one ticker. Right ideas, but unplanned exits - would like to have a better exit plan. What I did poorly: Poor R/R on 2nd trade What I did well: Nice entry and scaling in when it was confirmed. What I need to do: Review my Trading Game plan, Stats. PUT THE TIME IN. Treating it like a hobby right now.......
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    Fortunately I don't have much hair on my head but I would have to stop if my beard starts to disappear haha. The biggest mistake I made initially with plant based was watching calorie intake - I continued to use my BMR as base line (1800 calories) and added extra for training days. Slowly I found it harder and harder until a coach I now said I was eating way less than the pro triathletes he trains but I was still training similar hours. So I upped my base line calorie intake to 3000 a day and immediately found improvements. What was most interesting though was I just didn't increase weight at all - my meals are now just much much bigger which is superb Good luck with your trail marathon training - trail running is my favourite Kaine
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    Started day trading and learned a lot of bad habits counter trending Andrew and all of the other good mods in the room for some reason. Who knows why except in real life I tend to go against the grain so to speak. Anyway, I have spent the last two years undoing them and let me tell you what that is a pain in the butt. Recently Das gave us the replay feature and with journaling/recording trading days I have been able to better identify the good and the bad. Obviously the replay lets us go in and replay the previous day or week but I believe the best part is you can speed it up. For instance, I have been playing the whole previous week of given stocks and I discovered a few things such as time frame entries based on pre-market action, how time and sales slows down and speeds up around breakouts, and lots other things. Most importantly I don't have to spend hours correcting my bad habits because I just speed forward and see how my entries workout. Otherwise back test them quickly and stick them in the journal.
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    I guess after a couple of months trading live you´ll be able to define a realistic profit target.
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    i personally do 1% day max loss and 2% day target which is realistic so far
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    Just posting an update, my platform was not activated on Friday like the email said. It stated if this is your first deposit, it may take up to one business day to activate the account. I even emailed them Friday mid-day to ask if they could get it up before they close so that I could have the weekend to make sure the platform was set up properly. Fingers crossed this happens Monday, I’m tired of looking at TOS charts and want my comfy DAS back.
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    Day trading software (like DAS) requires minimal processing power... You could spend $300 on a laptop and trade fine. Rule of thumb: What's your budget? Spend that.
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    Friday 2/7/20 Due to family commitments I am unable to trade the open today. Good luck to everyone! Have a good weekend!
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    Since my last recap which was March of last year, I spent most of the spring and summer of 2019 trading CFD’s instead of stocks. That went terribly and I lost several thousand dollars while blowing up a few accounts. I would watch the pre market show here but then switch to the chat room of the other place I was trading the CFDs through. I would do well when I traded the stocks we talked about with Carlos and Norm. When I got pulled into the trades this other “Guru” was trading, I would lose big. When I blew up my last CFD account in October I decided my next attempt would be to get a real broker, and slowly make enough profits to buy a lifetime membership here so I could be in the chat with BBT members. I started trading in sims again in January. I also decided to become a lifetime member BEFORE I opened a real account. I just wish there would have been a holiday sale on the installment plan. Still worth the price IMO. Now I have a funded CMEG account and am excited about this promising reboot. Next week sometime, I will step back into the live world of trading. Over the weekend I will find some time to post in this thread what my goals are and what steps I need to take to reach those goals.
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    You have plenty of backbone. I wouldn't have been able to hold that TWTR trade for the first 50 minutes as it looked like it was going to go higher.
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    2-5-20 AIS 0805, 3.5 hours, 5/10 Pat: In / Out, Add / Partial when it makes sense not before or later ....... Overtrading ...... A+ Setups..... A brief.... Gotta get to work... I realize now that I looked at my P&L that I took way too much size (more than double) on the LK first two and TEVA trades all resulting in losses..... -7R Later on the LK and SNAP trend trades worked out great but I did take the correct size on these..... +3R Cons: Took Trade not in PB..... Took too much size at the open..... Pros: PB Trade: Rs: -4R
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    Wednesday 02/05/2020 I had a well-being score of 8/10 this morning. I took 1 live trade this morning with SNAP. My watchlist: DIS, AAPL, BABA, SNAP, LK and TSLA. I was very interested with SNAP and DIS at the open, but no directional bias. I actually have short shares on SNAP today. While I was setting my levels and SNAP was setting up for an ABCD. Pretty good volume for PM. I was waiting for the price to touch the 9MA-1min again, but instead got a L2 signal as it made a PM high. So I went long with small shares. The price dropped bounced off the 20MA and I went long with more shares as it broke the 9MA. There was still a large ask at $18. My target was 18.17 with 20MA as my stop. My nerves didn’t let me wait for th $18 and I took a couple of partial profits. I did keep a really sharp eye on the spread, so all my fills were about where I expected them. I exited when the price broke down below $18 and the 9MA-1min. So I was done for the day before the open, so I traded SIM only after the open. I won’t mention those trades here. What did I do good today? Good add in. What I am grateful from today? SNAP now has short shares on Centerpointe, so it made my watchlist today.
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    Tuesday 02/04/2020 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. I took 2 live trades this morning with AAPL. My watchlist: DIS, AAPL, BABA, NVDA, LK and TSLA. Everything seemed extended. Then DIS and AAPL dropped some going into the open. The two minutes before the open AAPL started to creep higher. Then popped with good volume at the open. The price broke the HOPM and there was a good L2 signal with a large ask at 316. I went long, but not too many shares since VWAP is far away. The price never hit 316 and fell back and I was stopped out. What it looked like when I took the trade. Note the L2 signal: The price dropped and bounced from the 200MA-1min and created a hammer. I went long again when the price broke VWAP. My target was 317 and stop 200MA-1min. I waited to the HPOM until I took my first partial. And all out when the price dropped below the HOPM. What did I do good today? Good use of L2, it just happen not to work out. I was 50% win rate today but was still well in the green. What I am grateful from today? AAPL gave me a second chance.
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    2-3-2020 I finally arrived back home late last night. All went well and got the new job, now I need to focus on moving across country. I was able to get a good amount of trades in today. AIMT (First two trades). So, I got stopped out on my first trade. Original plan was to trade a 5m ORB. I saw that the ORB was pretty extended on the 5 minute and thought it was going to go test VWAP. Saw what I thought was an opportunity on the 1m to scalp to the VWAP however, it went right back down. I've never really tested a strategy specific for this and didn't really have a plan on how to properly trade this. Which has taught me that unless you have a defined strategy, then stick with what you know. So the second trade, I obviously saw the break on the 5m ORB, also saw a good reverse ABCD pattern on the 1m. I took the trade short. Set me stop loss right above the 9EMA. I saw heavy support on the level 2 so began to cover my position. Not the best risk/reward, but still better than 1:1. AMD - I saw a good ABCD pattern on the 5 minute and a bull flag on the 15m. I saw that it had also tested VWAP and continued to go back up on the 5m, took the trade long. It then went back down to around the 50MA. I still believed it was a false break on the VWAP and saw the confirmation candle following. I should have added to the position there but did not. Took my first partial at the first technical level, and took a few more partials after the resistance break. MU - I like tight ORBs on the initial 15m. Saw it break on the 15m and took it long, set the stop below VWAP. unfortunately, I got stopped out. Hindsight, this would've been a beautiful 30m ORB to trade! ROKU - Took an ABCD pattern trade on ROKU. Found a good support level on the 5m chart at around 126.50. Set my stop right below that level, was a little timid because I wasn't sure if it was going to do a VWAP test or not, seeing as it was getting extended. But it ended up working in my favor. Took my first partial at the resistance level and took two more partials when I saw some resistance on the tape. Overall good RR on the trade, I was happy with it.
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    Hi guys, I just received this pop up from Karen when opening DAS just now. Am I reading it right that our package no longer supports Nasdaq live feed? I'm with the BearBull DAS IB package currently.
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    1-27 to 1-31-20 What I did bad this week: I jumped the gun not waiting on proper confirmation and on one I completely misread an ABCD then stopped out too early as it was a nice trend Over-trading.... Early Exit for no reason.... Let one run past my stop... I failed to get in on a couple adds and partials with too much hesitation Did not act on a solid PM Plan What I did good this week: Was able to calmly correct a mistake while in a trade Trading with more confidence Feel like I am getting control of some of my Gamble Feel like I found a good small group of 3 traders (including me) that I can relate to and stay calm with while trading throughout the day.... This week has proven the same for me... Changes to be made this upcoming week: Allow all time frame trading in SIM but only with A setups Rules to stick by this upcoming Week: After I call it a day by either MAX Loss, Profit Target or what I am comfortable with, only use the rest of the day for Chat, Journal, Playbook ect. In-Trade and Daily Stops Do Not chase or revenge trade Live Only one loosing trade before 1100 Challenges for myself this upcoming Week: Only A or better setups at time of trade No BBT Voice Chat before 1000 Take a planned break at 1100 for other Bus. @ 0905 do some exercise and then meditate to calm myself Stay unbiased Notes: Rules are not to be broken, these will cost money every time My Challenges are almost as important as my Rules, Pay attention to them If I feel overtired I will try going back to bed and coming back to Trend Trades later.... Goals and Rewards: +20Rs or more at end of the month to consider trading with more size in the future two months +7.5R for the week +23R for the month
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    Hello @Brothers, you have to go to the Study Config of the chart, and for each one uncheck the Keep in Scale checkbox. Hope it helps, sorry cannot make screenshot at the moment.
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    Thursday 01/30/2020 Power outage at 4:25am. Thanks PG&E (stock PCG). Power restored at 7am PST (10am EST), so I missed the open today. Managed swing trades by smart phone. I hope everyone is having a solid day of trading. See you tomorrow.
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    Well, I am currently out of state and working on a job prospect in Washington state, so I have not been able to devote much of the last few days to trading or logging my trades. I was able to hop on the simulator yesterday for about an hour. I think I learned the meaning of getting "chopped up" when I traded DLPH. 1-28-2020. DLPH . I took two trades on the 5m chart. I saw a pretty tight body on the 5m chart and saw a good ORB trade opportunity. Wicks weren't too extended, no crazy jumps on the 1 minute. It originally broke below the bottom of the body, I took it short and got stopped at the stop loss (just above VWAP). It then broke the top of the body and I took it long. For whatever reason it did not have a route set on the trade so I jumped in a few seconds later than I wanted. It was hitting heavy resistance at around the $16. I didn't see any technical levels for this area, only that it was a whole dollar figure. I saw the buying momentum die out, took a partial at around $16 and stopped out at breakeven. I then waited for the 15 minute. Saw it was a tight body on the 15 minute. Got chopped up again. I took it short on the 15 minute, set my stop loss at VWAP. My first partial target was at the 9EMA on the 15 minute, it got close but didn't brake. It turned around on me and I got stopped out. It then broke the top of the 15 minute body. I took it long again with a target of the pre-market high.. It once again came to that $16 level and the momentum flat lined... Took a partial at that level again in hopes it would brake. It again started to turn and stopped me out just above the brake even. I was able to trade this morning as well, but not enough time to upload or write on it, so I will do that tomorrow. Little frustrated that I got chopped up on the trade, but it happens. I know whole dollar amounts can really be a good support/resistance level and I think today really proved that to me..
  37. 1 point
    Yes. They usually are automated messages.
  38. 1 point
    As Pit-Man says, you have to configure the stream deck - all that really means is you enter your scripts in DAS as usual with the hotkey associated, then insert the same hotkey into the stream deck button you want to use for that action. It is super simple. You can make your own button pictures and everything - Pit-Man's got a picture of himself I see. There's a handy thread already on the forum - a few people have already done great work designing and building buttons (Kyle29 etc): Check it out through the link below. I use the medium stream deck and have configured 4 menus. Top menu to launch software and websites, a Long menu, a Short menu and a chart menu.
  39. 1 point
    Yes you do get the DAS simulator with thw CMEG account. Now that BBT DAS simulator has a replay feature, the 3 month SIM with lifetime package is not redundant. You will be able to practice trading anytime of the day. The BBT website still lists the discounted rate codes. I haven't heard anyone mention they are unavailable. I don't see Alliance mentioned anymore so I assume that broker has fallen out of favor. Since I left CMEG they have improved their rates substantially and I hear the customer service has gotten better.
  40. 1 point
    Ville, my trades appear on CMEG portal around 2-2:30 am Eastern time.
  41. 1 point
    hi Elias, 29th is better for me.. it's good to know BBT members in Dubai.
  42. 1 point
    Thanks Mike. Sorry about the multiple questions. And congrats on becoming a moderator. I just noticed you are on the right side of the chat now.
  43. 1 point
    Mike thanks so much for the heads up. Automating this would really help me out with controlling my position sizing allowing me to better calculate my expected risk and expected P/L. Excited to try this out, think this will make my life a lot easier!
  44. 1 point
    Day 9 - Jan 17, 2019 (Took Jan 16 off - fatigued, thinking it would impact my trading) 14 Tickets 2 Symbols Green Day 1. LK - Long - 1min - Breakout Pullback (6:34 Did Not Wait for Price discovery rule) Bought LK as planned - broke through ATH at 49.4 then came back to retest, got long 1/2 size on the pullback - 49.2 as stop below VWAP, with 40c risk. Profit target wasn’t defined should have been 2R. Started taking profit way too early 1/3 at 1R and then another 1/3 at 2R. Watched it come back and hold 50 thinking to go long on the dip - ended up chasing and buying at ATH and broke against me for stop loss on 1/2 position and panic sell on other 1/2. Good: Was a good entry with defined risk, Improvement: Need to have a better game plan going into this - would have been a 2R had I sold instead of my last BUY. Should've been a good trade, but I ended up buying the top. NO DEFINED PROFIT TARGET. 2. PINS - Short - 1min - VWAP Trend trade Watching PINS with a long bias, opened up weak but held the 23.6 daily. Failed bounce through VWAP on falling volume and right back down to the 23.6 level. Looked like it was forming descending triangle on 1min so I shorted as it bounced up into VWAP with stop just above VWAP. Told myself I would add to my short as it breaks down. Broke down, didn’t add, covered instead (fear to give back profits - happened with LK right before the this trade). Took profits as it dropped to my target for 2.5R and continued to take partials on the way down to 4.4R on the hammer. Good: Really like my entry with defined risk Improvement: Terrible position sizing, great trade idea and setup, but absolutely terrible sizing. Noted that I would add to my short as it broke through descending triangle, but instead I covered (FEAR - 5 candle looked like potential bottom, hammer) Today's Review Happy with my trades today, entries / trade ideas are getting better. But still having troubles with my trade plan and exits. Also notice i am selling too quickly and not always following through with my plan - in part due to confidence and also wanting to take profits to stay green. Think once I get more trades and data I will be able to justify with numbers specific setups and take the risk when i have the edge. What I did poorly: Inconsistent Position Sizing, need to have a exit strategy What I did well: Good entries, saw opportunity and got in What I need to do: Position sizing / going through trading checklist to ensure my targets are clearly defined.
  45. 1 point
    Hey, Kestutis the name. From Lithuania over east Europe. Was lured here by Andrew's book, then Aiman on the main website helpdesk chat. Googled "bearbulltraders scam" for a good week before making the leap of faith decision (the Christmas sale helped ) Currently swing trading on Etoro (Skiedra123, +50% 2019, +70% on 2018, -75% on 2017) . Scares the heck out of me, so decided I need proper education... Glad to meet the BBT family! K.
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  47. 1 point
    I switched from the AOC to the higher resolution 1920x1080 Lepow monitors on my laptop travel rig. Initially, bc different resolutions on laptop screen and travel monitor cause an issue scaling windows (e.g. in DAS and other programs) that make it difficult to work with the same program across multiple screens. Well, not only is the resolution problem fixed but the Lepow monitors are a lot lighter, less bulky and there's no more power issue that can sometimes cause flickering of the screens using the USB-C and/or HDMI+USB-C(power) ports supplied on Lepows monitor. USB-C ports can support higher voltage and supply more juice than regular USB-A or -B ports so if your laptop has one, this might be an option. The Lepow monitor does not have a regular USB-A or -B port. I picked them up after reading all the rave reviews on Amazon. They are on par for price as the ASUS screens.
  48. 1 point
    Did you have a stop order already set in the system? If you did and it's the error I think it is, it's because of the way DAS compiles the order. Example [just tested this]: QCOM is SSR: QCOM Long, Qty: 50, $69.25 QCOM Stop Order in Place, Qty: 50, $69.00 Sell 25% Position --> Rejected w/ same error. Clear QCOM Stop Order Sell 25% Position [same command] --> Order Fills What's happening is that DAS see's the Stop Order as an unfilled (pending) order, any additional order (even one that sells your position) is considered on-top of the pending order. If you add the Stop-Order qty with the Position scale-out qty, you get a SHORT position. DAS rejects this because of the SSR. A similar thing will happen when up against buying power limits (DAS uses the offset from the Stop-Order qty + Scale-Out qty to reserve more buying power than what is actually needed, rejecting if you don't have enough). The Fix: Clear any pending Stop Order and recreate afterwards.
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    Hello Andrew! I'm still on sim, but I've thought about that a lot, my answer might not be as important as other live members opinions, but I'm still willing to give it. I treat sim as close as it's to live as possible, therefore, my daily goal is 200/300$. However, I'm not always sticking to that goal, sometimes it's more than that, like x2 or x3, sometimes it's just half of my daily goal. Let me explain how I treat my daily goal target and what I'm doing after that. First of all, if the day was easy, and I hit my daily goal with a few trades, and I see a lot of opportunities, I won't quit the day, I've a rule I set for myself," If I hit my daily goal, I allow myself for 1 extra trade, if it's a loss, I quit with 260(my max loss per trade is 40$), if I win that extra 1 trade and I see opportunities, I give myself another extra trade, if I get stopped out I quit, if not I continue) and so on. Secondly, if I started red, the market is choppy, and eventually I got out of that red status to green, or close to daily goal, I just quit before hitting my daily goal. I think a lot of people might agree that starting out bad and getting out of a red whole messes up the psycology, and one should be greateful he got out, so just quit the day there. Finally, If the day is choppy, but I'm doing fine, and it's hard to trade, I'd trade until I either hit the goal, or until I start feeling that I'm starting to make stupid trades or broaking the rules and get out with less than the daily goal Hopefully that's helpful! And I'll add more if I remember something!
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    definitely CBOE and CBOT future, but it also states NASDAQ will be delayed 15 min -- that's the main kicker.
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