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    But wait! There's more! @Alastair @peterB I actually do have a hotkey that will place down R levels. It's a bit of a hack but it works! And being such a visual person, these are a godsend for helping me get to my R goals. The way it works is if you are in a position with a stop loss set, it utilizes your SIM account to place the target levels at 1R, 2R, etc. Look below - the green arrow is obviously my entry, and the blue arrow is my stop loss in my live account. And then when I hit the hotkey it will place two orders at 1R and 2R (orange arrow) with 1 share using my SIM account. Basically it does the math calculation for 1R and 2R, swaps the montage to my SIM account, places the orders, then puts the montage right back to my live account. The 1 share orders never get filled (I'm actually not sure why...), so as the price gets to the 1R and 2R markers you can take a partial or full exit, and it will be executed in your live account. After the trade is done just cancel the orders. Long StopPrice=AvgCost-StopPrice;Price=AvgCost+StopPrice;Share=1;TIF=DAY+;Route=Stop;StopType=Limit;Account=TRIBTXXXX;Sell=Send;Account=UXXXXXXX;StopPrice=StopPrice*2;Price=AvgCost+StopPrice;Share=1;TIF=DAY+;Route=Stop;StopType=Limit;Account=TRIBTXXXX;Sell=Send;Account=UXXXXXXX Short StopPrice=StopPrice-AvgCost;Price=AvgCost-StopPrice;Share=1;TIF=DAY+;Route=Stop;StopType=Limit;Account=TRIBTXXXX;Buy=Send;Account=UXXXXXXX;StopPrice=StopPrice*2;Price=AvgCost-StopPrice;Share=1;TIF=DAY+;Route=Stop;StopType=Limit;Account=TRIBTXXXX;Buy=Send;Account=UXXXXXXX
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    Updated version.... TradeBook Master Complete March 2021 Version.pdf
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    Yeah, the current solution is to use the Fib. These are my settings it - you click and drag from your entry point to your stop level. Looks like this
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    Updated: 8/8/2019 @ 12:44pm (PST) Finally out of the alpha stage and releasing this to the community, I've been using it with success. Because I had to do some musical chairs with memory I made a configuration utility as the script itself is very ugly. This is more of a BETA release for this, so if anyone wants to try this out in SIM and let me know if you have any issues with the configuration sheet or the hotkeys themselves. It's based on the work started by @fjmocke here: https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/469-das-calculate-shares-based-on-account-risk/ . What it is: It's a hotkey command script that can be used to dynamically alter the share total based on: Available Buying Power (capital) Stop Location (Risk) % Account Risk OR Fixed Dollar Amount The script includes purchase power protection and won't send an order that you can not afford, it does this by calculating two factors: A - Shares You Can Afford B - Shares at Risk Parameter (e.g. $25,000 account equity, 1% risk = $250 risk, $250 * a stop distance of .10 = 2500 shares) min{A,B} = 0.5(A + B - | A - B | ) But, why male models? I just told you. /Zoolander reference You'd use this to calculate your share total based on what you're willing to risk. So instead of blindly throwing 500 shares at every setup, you can dynamically alter risked amount based on the per-trade setup. I use it on my StreamDeck (will also release the icon packs soon) with modifiers of 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%. 100% is the A-Plus setups I see, those I have HIGH confidence in. Alternatively, if a stock has a large spread or is low-float, I may only use the 25% modifier key for those. Instructions for Configuration: Go to this link: V2.1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TJy7jRHhdMYGyyfKbbYd3M7j6bqxgeoy ^^ Recommend latest DAS version of Requires DAS version or above (current BETA branch as of 11/19/2018) for the physical stop portion to work. If you don't use the physical stop, you don't have to worry about it. NOTE: Thoroughly test in SIM to make sure it's doing what you expect it to do. Choose: Download the ZIP file and unzip to where you want. On "Setup & Instructions" configure your settings. Account Leverage (default for DAS is 4), this is the margin your broker gives you. Some off-shores give 6. It needs to match what is configured in DAS for proper calculations. Max Account Risk %. This is the maximum percent of equity you're willing to risk on every trade (default is 1%). You can always risk lower (more on that later). % of Total Buying Power. If you don't want to calculate based on the total buying power of 100%, you can set this to a lower percentage (example: 100,000 buying power with 60% here equals $60,000 maximum position size) Route. LIMIT, MARKET, SMRTL. Default is LIMIT. Order Bid/Ask Offset. This is the offset you use when you send the price for order, e.g. "Ask + 0.05" (meaning fill me up to 5 cents above ask) Time in Force. Default: Day+ Default Shares. This is the amount of shares you want to set as the DEFAULT SHARES for all trades (e.g. when you click a Symbol and it loads, this is the share total). You can see why this is here in the technical breakdown section below. Minimum Stop Buffer. This is an offset to the stop distance. If you set this to 0.05, it'll add 5 cents to the stop distance calculation (so if your stop distance is 0.05, it'll be calculated on 0.10). Switch to the "Hotkeys" tab. Choose your preferred style. % Risk of Equity (Dynamic) or Fixed Price (e.g. $150 risk). %Equity Risk: Use the drop down to select what you want the value to be % equity. NOTE: This is a modifier AFTER your account risk maximum %. So if you have 1% account risk, and set this to 50%, your effective account risk is 0.005 --> 0.5%. $ Fixed: Use the drop down to select what you want the value to be for dollar risk. Select "long" or "short" to flip the script's direction. Click the cell that contains the start of the command (E column) and Ctrl + C (copy). Paste it into DAS. It should look like a sample command below. Instructions for Usage: First, you must have "Double Click to Trade" turned on in Chart, Right-Click --> Configure --> Settings --> Double-click to trade. Double click the chart where you want to set a mental stop (it does not place a stop order, you can always put one in after). Hit your configured hotkey. Sample Scripts: LONG: DefShare=BP*0.98; Share=DefShare*0.25* Price * 0.01; Price = Ask - Price + 0.02;SShare = Share / Price; Share = DefShare - SShare; DefShare = DefShare + SShare; SShare = Share; SShare = DefShare - SShare; Share = 0.5 * SShare; TogSShare; ROUTE =LIMIT; Price = Ask + 0.05; TIF=DAY+; BUY=Send; DefShare = 500; SHORT: DefShare=BP*0.98; Share=DefShare*0.25* Price * 0.01; Price = Price - Bid + 0.02;SShare = Share / Price; Share = DefShare - SShare; DefShare = DefShare + SShare; SShare = Share; SShare = DefShare - SShare; Share = 0.5 * SShare; TogSShare; ROUTE =LIMIT; Price = Bid - 0.05; TIF=DAY+; SELL=Send; DefShare = 500; Technical Breakdown: DAS has basic scripting. Montage commands have access to very few read/write variables, basic operations, and only operators of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. To do this calculation we need additional operators (min function, and absolute function) and more memory for storage of variables. This command gets around these limitations by using user-writeable areas of memory in the program. Since DAS is written in the C++ language (from what I can tell), it's strict on what can be done in these existing memory locations. The hotkey uses the following items (plus the usual Price -- FLOAT): (Assumptions on Datatypes) DefShare -- INT (Used as a temporary variable for storage) SShare -- Unsigned INT (Behaves like an Unsigned INT in certain situations. Used as a temporary variable for storage) Share -- INT (Used as a temporary variable for storage) With the 3 INT variables, objects are moved around in memory so that we can calculate and compare with our variable limitation (be much easier if we could assign our own). To facilitate the ABS() function, we use a trick --> When a negative value is placed into an Unsigned INT it loses it's sign (thus, it becomes a POSITIVE value in memory). A more detailed technical breakdown (step by step) is located in the Configuration spreadsheet up above. Future Enhancements: If need be, I can make a step-by-step video of this entire process. I have a version that uses an AutoHotKey macro to drop a line at the stop location, I can upload that as well if people want it. ^^ Update, I discontinued this as it was too cumbersome. You had to have two sets of hotkeys for each command. I may someday revisit it if I can build out a configuration tool for it. TLDR: It does the math for you so you can risk a known amount (% or $) based on your per-trade risk position (stop distance). And yes, I'm a bit of a tech nerd. Also, longest post .. ever. Would not read again, 0/5 stars. --- KNOWN ISSUES: %Account Risk gets smaller and smaller when subsequent open positions Reason: No Equity variable, we reverse calculate equity using Buying Power. On subsequent positions, the % (e.g. 1%) calculation will be based on the available buying power and NOT the account equity. Workaround: Precalculate the %risk and use it for the $risk versions. So 1% of $25,000 equity equals $250. SSR rejection on LONG position when scaling out; rejection message (e.g. "Short marketable limit order disable due to SSR!") if using the automatic STOP trigger. Reason: DAS calculates that the position will drop below the open stop order position and reject as this can cause the position to "flip" if it was triggered. Workaround: Have a hotkey to clear the open orders (CXL ALLSYMB), clear it, scale the position (e.g. 25%). Either replace the stop or switch to a mental stop. Alternatively, you can add "CXL ALLSYMB;" to the front of the scale-out hotkeys. You just have to be cognizant to replace the stop order. Equated position size if very small (e.g. 4 or 5 shares when expected is hundreds). Reason: Wrong side was used for the order. E.g. a long hotkey is used when trying to go short. -or- Stop Distance was calculated to be a negative value (clicked too close to current price). Workaround: Be cognizant of the hotkeys used and the stop distance clicked. Clicking too close (a really tight stop) can be very dangerous if you do it inadvertently. TriggerOrder for automatic STOP placement not being sent (no stop order placed). Reason: Montage is not set to a style that doesn't allow TriggerOrder input. Styles not compatible are: Default [DAS's, if you changed it], Basic, OCO, Option, Full Fix: Use a style that is compatible, they are: Stop Order, Detail, Trigger -- I recommended using the "Stop Order" montage style. To change this, right click the montage area around where you'd enter a price and select Style --> Your Choice. --- UPDATES: 10/17/2018 - Added v.1.1 link, you'd need to use the new version to change anything. - General cleanup of the script. Added instructions for the IB issue (discussed in this thread) - NEW FEATURE: Added a new section to the Hotkeys sheet, it will now create a set up for Dynamic Scale-In hotkey commands. You'd use these by setting a scale value (say you want an additional 50% of your current position size). The hotkey will calculate the maximum share you can afford (how much you can afford at the moment) and the scale value, choosing to take the least amount. So if your current position is 1500 shares (@ $50.00) and you want to scale in at 50% your current position, it'd check if you can afford an additional 750 shares, if you can't, it'll buy the maximum you can afford. For this example, you can't afford it (if Buying Power is 100k), so it'd buy roughly $25k worth (500 shares). - CLEANUP: Cleaned up the $Dollar Risk version and removed unnecessary steps. Don't really need to replace yours if they exist, but worth noting. 10/30/2018 - Added @Michael P's suggested fixes for Excel. Configuration tool should now work in both Sheets and Excel. - NOTICE: This was a configuration tool change, no changes were made to the hotkey scripts, so no need to change any existing hotkeys. 11/19/2018 - Shortened some of the commands so we don't hit any hotkey character limit, makes them less readable, but shorter. Couldn't get them low enough to fit the montage buttons though (although removing the portions for the buying power rejection protection would likely do it). - Added a section for SELL/COVER buttons for people who just need to create those. E.g. "Sell 25% position" or "Sell 33% position". - Added @Robert H's stop suggestion. New fields on the setup page for enabling physical stops. If enabled, it'll place a MARKET or LIMIT (settings included) trigger order to go into the market once the initial order is fulfilled, these are placed at the location you double-clicked on the chart. 11/20/2018 - Added a stop-order setting to set an additional buffer for the stop price (for those that want to include or exclude the double-clicked price). - Added conditional formatting to subdue the stop settings that aren't required if you disable sending a physical stop into the market. 12/10/2018 - Added a known issues section to this post and the spreadsheet (for when a new version goes up). 12/12/2018 - Updated known issues section to include the "Montage Style" issue for TriggerOrders. 12/13/2018 - Updated to new version 1.46. Fixed a bug in the Trigger Order script which could cause it to not be interpreted by DAS's command parser on certain user settings. - Added "modifier" extra hotkeys. See instructions next to these on how to use them. - - - Set Stop to Breakeven - Long or Short - Stop Limit or Stop Market (cancels any pending orders for SYMB) - - - Set Stop to Breakeven - Bidirectional - Stop Market (cancels any pending orders for SYMB) - - - Stop - Update Price - Long or Short - Stop Limit or Stop Market (cancels pending orders, double click chart where you want stop before firing hotkey) - - - Stop - Update Price - Bidirectional - Stop Market (cancels pending orders, double click chart where you want stop before firing hotkey) - - - Stop - Update Position - Long or Short - Stop Limit or Stop Market - Replace (requires you double-click the original stop in the Orders window) - - - Stop - Update Position - Bidirectional - Stop Market Orders Only - Replace (requires you double-click the original stop in the Orders window). 8/8/2019 - New version 2.0, download the .zip file and unzip it. - Fixed an issue with some hotkey configurations that may have caused them to be inaccurate in vary rare situations. Recommend recreating your hotkeys in this new version, just to be sure. - Added Profit Target hotkeys. - Added % Scale-In Hotkeys - Added $ Risk Scale-In Hotkeys - Added Short-SSR to Long/Short dropdown for SSR hotkeys (DAS Simulator) - Added Range Order hotkeys - Added Y-Margin Scale Increase hotkey, Y-Margin Decrease, and Y-Margin Reset - Added new sheet "Example - Equity%" and "Example - $Risk" to give a more workflow outlook on what is happening. - Included a ScaleOut worksheet to manually simulate what different scale percentages / scenarios look like (instructions will be in the video). ALSO: Video is done and rendering, I think it comes in at 45minutes with 3.4gigs (4k), so it'll need to be optimized before I upload it to YouTube. Will try to do it today and will update this when done. 9/10/2019 - New version 2.1 released. Just general clean up (UI) and bug fixes. - FIXED: Issue with the Scale-In $Risk hotkeys. - FIXED: Issue with the Stop Update Price long and short hotkeys> ^^ If you use either of those, please regenerate them and replace in your DAS to avoid issues. UPDATES: The majority of this side project is completed and besides a few requests I have in with DAS developers to optimize a few things, out of any major bugs or improved scripting features, I'd say this is about done. I'll provide any edge-case support as need, but I want to move on to other BBT-community projects. So what do I have cookin' for you guys, gals, and cat? You'll see a glimpse in the video of an early prototype (buggy! I programmed that in a few hours, so bugs are expected) of a DAS calculator side program. The newer version (need to finish the UI) will incorporate a lot more in ways of tools for you, including automatically calculating changes without a hotkey intervention. It also allows you to mass-process trade log .csv files you may have exported and compile it into Excel or .CSV for import into other programs. Configuration is drag/drop friendly, so rearranging your columns is as easy as click and holding. I'm also going to shift my attention to finishing my ORB-strategy research. Right now, my datapool encompasses 15000 news article, gaplists for 2011-2019, and 1second data for stocks in that range. It's a data store of roughly 80 gigs. The idea is to test for hidden signals we may not see that can indicate a potential direction of an ORB strategy (if no rare outside influence occurs, like a terrorist attack) by leveraging a consortium of machine learning algorithms to give us a higher probability of success for each day. Depending how the research works out, the end product would likely be a probability predictor for each day. I'll share the research results with the community and may incorporate some other tests as well. VIDEO: Ok, so I may have gone down an editing rabbit hole and that took longer than expected. The videos are up, came in quite long so I chunked it down. Sorry it's a tad scattered and not one-linear cohesive unit, but I tried to mark it up as best as possible. Part 1 - Config / Math - https://youtu.be/YrRrydwGyRY Part 2 - Setup, Quick Examples, Tips - https://youtu.be/pXLlWF7T6hw Part 3 - Sim Trade Example - https://youtu.be/SO9UhJh4dTc Bonus 1 - Scale/Price Excel Calc - https://youtu.be/KTr_iJ2p0TU Bonus Tips - https://youtu.be/sNHXFMoia7A
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    2021-04-07 UPDATE : added few changes to fix tickers column on bezinga news tab with bullet points and a better line jump management >> ending in better reading ... This feature was suggested by @Justin and @Alastair ... hope it helps many people !! PS : download files from first post in this thread...... @Andrew Aziz @Thor @Aiman
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    This project is coming along nicely. I'm pretty sure this will be replacing both DAS and TI as one package that will be superior to both and cost less money. I've been writing bits of code, for which there is lots of help and documentation. For instance, here's a scanner that looks for 3 day inner Camarilla relationship:
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    this is not true man. do not focus on the win rate so much. see my win rate for this month. still +8R
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    After listening to the Mastering Trading Psychology Audiobook by Andrew and Mike, I'm proud to say I've taken some very positive steps in my lifestyle choices. I got myself an Exercise Bike in February and have been doing a daily workout where I never really exercised at all (unless you count running around after 3 kids exercise). 3 Weeks ago, I was having beer almost daily, and from 2 weeks ago, now only having some at the weekend instead. And from today, I've cut out coffee during the week. Along with missing breakfast most mornings, I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and make my own fruit smoothies - I get my breakfast, and my morning drink. Feel good about the changes I'm making and it's thanks to listening to that audiobook - Thanks Guys.
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    Maybe you just need better focus on the mistakes you struggle most with. I am still not consistent too but last year my trading improved so much just by properly journaling.
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    1) yes you just need to link the DAS to your IB account https://bearbulltraders.com/request-special-das-package-for-ib-traders/ 2) not really but if you set it up it is easier to trade with DAS as it supports so much more automation 3) it will come, try to watch the room later on the day for a lower tempo 4) any strategy you like from the book which you seem to understand easily, more will come later 5) yes 6) have a plan for each week/month, have realistic expectations, do not try to shoot too far, have a lot of questions, have a trading buddy, journal your trades
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    Hello everyone! Me and the team usually get a lot of e-mails asking for the hotkeys we're using or for some simple hotkeys; Therefore, we created a list of the most frequently used/asked for hotkeys. This is just a beta and short version, and we will keep adding to it depending on your request. This list will be worked on not only by us moderators, but by you as well if you wish! Please share in the comments some of the hotkeys you use a lot which aren't in the list and we will definitely update it, you can also ask for any hotkey you think you miss, and if any member replies with it in the comment it'll be also added to the list! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zLMOpPymZfydidPuu_e0HXjvMjHCUbUoaWgVWab5DO8/edit?usp=sharing The hotkeys have been tested in DAS trader DEMO account and DAS/IB, still make sure to test them in simulator before trying them live! Thanks all.
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    IB gives you paper account for free so you will just switch the accounts between live account and paper account in DAS. the market data payment is only once for both.
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    if you were in a position the whole day you will need to close it. market does not care your/their reasons to exit/entry
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    @Paul aka Aurbano - My man! Just making the world a little bit better one piece of code at a time Look at this original formatting of the tickers and how they get cut off: And now look at Paul's version:
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    I hear the frustration in ur above comment. @Justin and @KyleK29 are resident experts on DAS and orders types/scripts, they will respond soon I hope. i know just enough to confused myself. Jus hang in until they see have time to respond.
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    I just switched to DAS with TDA. I was with IB before. So far, I haven't noticed any major problems with fills. I have had a couple instances of bad slippage, but might have happened anyway regardless of the broker because I got stopped on a breakout. I am trading small size and doing lots of scalps, so the savings in commissions is definitely worth it. When I start increasing my trade size and profits, I will probably switch back to IB. In my first couple weeks, these are the differences I noticed: Need to change all my hotkeys to LIMIT and MARKET instead of SMRTL and SMRTM. No problem. Otherwise, it was really easy to switch from DAS IB to DAS TDA It seems TDA will not allow me to close my position or close part of my position if I have a stop in place. I don't like this because I like to partial and then edit my stop after. Keeping the old stop keeps the little order marker on my the chart showing me visually where my stop was and I can click on my order and just replace my share quantity without redoing the stop. This is not a huge issue, but it is more work for me. I think TDA might be trying to protect people from accidentally forgetting they have a stop order and then get filled the opposite direction without knowing. Personally, I like that IB gives you the freedom to do anything you want even if it might not make sense for most people. When I click to buy/sell, there is a delay in DAS showing my order in the platform...less than one second, but for those milliseconds I wonder if I was filled and what price I was filled. I think it's just the delay in the data showing the platform and not the actual price filled. So for example, if I was going long, I hit buy...the price keeps moving up and after a slight delay I see the trade triangle where I was filled and it is usually better than where the price is currently trading. The delay is a little annoying since I like quick scalps, but it looks like I get filled where I expected. TD free commissions does not apply to every ticker or instrument. Honestly, I haven't figured out which stocks have commission or not, maybe the OTC ones (?). I will research this later since I just got started here. There were also some names I can trade on IB, but not on DAS TD, like JUVAF. Again, I am not sure why (not short locate problem because I was long). Perhaps it was foreign - I don't know. Hope this helps!
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    Honestly I have not had any issues at all, but what really sucks is TD's short list. As long as their shortlist doesn't bother you then I think you are golden. Now I will say this, I have not had a position more than 500 shares yet. According to TD they are saying 96.9% of orders get price improvement using 1-1,999 shares. I still wish Schwab connected with DAS. Their short list is way better and they have HTB locates at reasonable rates.
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    Hi guys, Kyle’s Tech Webinars are available here.
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    Hello, What I have done and continue to do at times is go to the main bear bull traders page and scroll down to the bottom. You will see an area that says “site links” and click on simulator. When that page loads you will be able to find moderators watchlists from many weeks ago. They generally have only stocks in play for those days/weeks. I hope this helps Shelby.
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    I see multiple issues with this strategy 1) ORBs are so volatile that a 1 cent stop loss will likely be stop you out before ANY move in a positive direction 2) Your losing trades will not only be exposed to a 1 cent loss per share but also an additional 1 cent lost to round trip commission if you are using IBKR 3) A sharp move downward may fill a market order 3-5 cents below your avg cost, meaning $400-$600 loss on a single losing trade including commission
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    If you're just buying a computer to run a trading platform, especially DAS, you don't need to go over the top with a computer. DAS in particular is very lite on the system. You might want to check out the discord server if you haven't signed up already. There's a swing channel there. https://bearbulltraders.com/go/discord/
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    Wow great job shutting it off after you hit your max number of trades losable. That's tough after a green streak. I was scared for that on Friday lol!
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    so great solutions here. both
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    Got an early start at 04:25 market time. Will trade at the open later. That puts me at 693.49 on the week, which is basically 14R. I might just trade small this morning. Date March 26, 2021 Status (Live/Sim) Live Net P&L $370.30 Quality of Life (Kept Short) Bedtime: 2:00 a.m. / 5:45 a.m. Direct Questions What did I do well? I kept my directional bias in mind and didn't let myself get into trades (after getting messed up short at the open against my will) until I had a confirmation they were bidding over a particular price. AKA I wasn't entering early (after the emotionally difficult open) I got out at HOD basically because of the classic cycle through that happens on T&S when pullbacks happen. I also correctly mentioned the area where one should consider taking a significant portion of their position (where a lower high was made) and then add back on through HOD if it ends up working. I didn't get re-involved after making it past goal amount. What could I have done better? I could have not have my buying power restricted to 1/4!! AHHHHHHH Is the performance pressure I feel increasing or decreasing? Decreasing, today went well. I am going to make sure that I stay on top of my stock selection going into the next week. Increasing pickiness with the 60 minute range breaks. I need to be careful not to bet on reversals from LOD too much because that is an amazing quality of stocks at All time highs and Hype stocks. Stick to the regular range break strategy etc.. Is the current way I am trading going to lead to long term success? Yes, need to get better sleep and I need to get more buying power! ** As a separate note I am very fortunate to have the ability to talk to people while I am trading. ** ** It really keeps my brain turned on regardless of the pressure to perform. ** Weekly Review RISK MANAGEMENT Risk per trade (RPT): $50 Daily Goal: $250 Max Loss : $250 Ratio: 50 : 250 : 250 or 1 : 5 : 5
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    I'm sharing my spreadsheet that I have developed to help me track my TradeBooks and visually show me what I might be doing wrong. I am no excel expert, I'm actually terrible at it, but I have been working on this for awhile. I'm sharing for anyone else to use as their own. Make adjustments that suit you, or use them the same as I do. TradeBookTracker.xlsx This is an example of what it looks like once you start putting trades in. I have a tab for each TradeBook I have, long and short separated. I use the Sharpe,Accuracy,Rs tab for all trades for the day. So if I had 4 Mountain Passes and 2 Parabolics, the first tab would have all of them added together. Below is the template I use for each individual trade review. I actually print every trade and put it in a 3 ring binder. I have a binder for each TradeBook with a long and short tab in each. Templates - Microsoft OneNote Online (live.com) Here is a screenshot of my OneNote review page, again, each TradeBook has it's own tab. Like I said, I'm terrible with this stuff, so I hope I shared this properly for all to be able to use. Feel free to ask any questions, or let me know what you have changed. I would like charts added like running P&L, but I couldn't figure it out. I would also like the top line to scroll down when I move down the page so I know what the columns are. You can just delete the indicators and put in the ones you use with your TradeBook. All feedback is appreciated and welcomed. EDIT, I updated with a link that is not editable, you will need to save a copy to use it.
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    -3R for a month is nothing to be frustrated about. it is basically around break even. maybe you expected more but you need to accept small profits and small losses the same way. i was all about the profits too now i am getting better when i set my mind that 1R day is not worst 2R is OK 3R is good 4R is great and anything above is super. you cant aim for 20R profits every day. Just work on the no strategy trades and analyze your ABCDs for mistakes properly and work on them. It will come. The success rate of the strategies can fluctuate even without making mistakes - see mine. ABCD with mistakes and without mistakes if you are 1 day of trading from making the month profitable you are on the good path
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    You sound frustrated Milos. Unfortunately trading is a very, VERY personal thing. You need to find your own style. Some people are scalpers, some trade reversals, some are really really good at ABCDs over 2 hour trades. The only guidance anyone can give you is find your style that suits your personality, patience and risk tolerance. I'm still very much doing this.
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    Much to my frustration I only started seriously tracking in February. I was making consistent losses until the end of 2020, then worked on discipline. Fixed risk hot keys changed my game, helped me manage risk and position size correctly. I now simply never lose more than 1R on a trade, and often I'll come off earlier if the position degrades. The link below is to a post where I go through my February stats in a little bit of detail. March was also profitable until.... Well, until it wasn't! This was entirely my fault. I'm currently about -3R for March, I think.
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    I also want to hear from someone who day trade for living. I have been trading for 1.5 and so far I only break even of with small profit.
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    i can see a great value in this tool especially in the fact that it shows you that statistically you can have a drawdown for many days like this but even with a 60% red days you would eventually go up long term if you stick to your max daily loss
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    Hello BBT'ers, My name is David ("RunnerJones" in BBT). I'm from the UK, I'm a filmmaker (well a videographer, but filmmaker sounds much cooler). I work from home when I'm editing, so that gives me the chance to trade the open of the markets, if I'm efficient with my time. I'm also a keen runner (hence the forum handle), and I'm usually training for one event or another, next up is Manchester marathon. I've dabbled on and off in trading/investing since buying some Bitcoin back in 2013. I actually bought a few coins for $500 a piece back then, and almost instantly they crashed to $50, so that was my first big lesson in the markets, and I've had a few more lessons since then. I've found myself pulled towards day trading, and after joining BBT last week, I'm now slowly working my way through the education on the site, and thoroughly enjoying the process. If anyone else is at a similar stage in their BBT journey, and want some company along the way then please do drop me a line as I'd love to hear from you. Happy trading everyone, David
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    yes you can. not at the same time on 2 devices though
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    Hi BBT, My name's Kevin, ("Gator" in BBT). Joined BBT 6 months ago after doing some trading and reading Andrew's book. I have market experience as a former analyst. I've been in Sim for several months and just began trading live a month ago. Looking for others to chat about anything Trading related. I live on Long Island for those NY metro traders. Who knows, we might be able to get together soon. Thanks, Kevin
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    Greetings everybody from here in the UK. My name is Kyle Spiller and I am right at the beginning of my journey to learn how to become successful at day trading. My day job is in the field of Construction dispute resolution which developed from my primary trade of Quantity Surveying (not sure what you would call this profession in the US?). Luckily I work for myself so I have the flexibility to perform my day role around US trading hours. This looks like a really vibrant community and I'm looking forward to learning with you all. It would be great to hear from anyone else who is UK based and understanding how you manage the time difference. Best Regards Kyle
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    Hi guys, just an update on my new CMEG account status. I originally sent this email to clientservices@cmelitegroup.com: "Hello, My name is Juan Suanzes and I just got approved an account with you at CMEG. I am a member of the trading community BearBullTraders and I understand that I can get commissions discount with you by using the code BearBullCMEG2018. I am interested in using DAS platform for my trading. (I currently use DAS Simulator). Please let me know how to proceed to set it all up. Thanks for your help, Juan" I just got a call from customer service saying that they received my email. So what I have to do next is just fund my account. Once done, I have to send an email to the same address with a copy of the receipt. Next I will get a link on their website to download DAS trader platform and the discount would be automatically activated. A few minutes after the call I got this two emails from them: #1. Hi Juan, It was a pleasure assisting you on the telephone. As per our conversation your promo code has been received and forwarded to the relevant department for processing. You would receive notification via email when this process has been completed. Thank you for being our client and have a great day. If you have any questions, please contact us at 833-445-9086 or send an email to clientservices@cmelitegroup.com Regards, Your team here at Capital Markets Elite Group LTD. and #2 ten minutes after #1. Hi Juan, Please be advised your promo code BearBullCMEG2018 has been added to your account. If you have any questions, please contact us at 833-445-9086 or send an email to clientservices@cmelitegroup.com Regards, Your team here at Capital Markets Elite Group LTD. So it seems that everything is going smoothly so far and I am quite happy about their service. Hope this is helpful for other members. Have a great day!
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    Thanks for your answer @JasonH I have indeed found the code in the BBT website. I leave it here for others: https://bearbulltraders.com/brokers/#CMEG and the code is BearBullCMEG2018. I just emailed CMEG customer service. I'll let you all know how it went. Cheers, Juan
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    Ever wanted to swap line styles on the fly and make a rainbow on your chart? You can do that in The hotkey isn't the easiest to understand, so I very quickly made a web utility for you (link below). How to Use: Go to URL: http://kaelmedia.com/projects/das-line-config/ Select a Line Type, default is HorzLine Select a Line Style, default is SolidLine Select a Color, default is Barney Select a Width, default is 1 Hit "Generate" Glance at the preview window and see if it is what you wanted. If it is, hit the "Copy" button and it'll be placed in your computers Clipboard. If you wish to share you creation, press the "Share" button and a special link will be placed on your clipboard to post in the forums. Example: http://kaelmedia.com/projects/das-line-config/?hotkey=ConfigTrendLine horzline dotline:035aab:1; Paste the copied hotkey (looks like: ConfigTrendLine horzline dotline:035aab:1; ) into your DAS Hotkey Configuration. Optionally, bookmark or save the line so you can edit it in the future (it adds the settings to the browsers URI/URL). How the Hotkey Works: The hotkey as designed will swap the DEFAULT config for the Line Type chosen, each type has one default stored for the user. So if trigger a hotkey with a horizontal line with a blue color, your very next (and all following lines) horizontal line you trigger on the chart will be that configuration (blue). Because of this, I have a "default line" hotkey and a series of colored hotkeys, this allows me to toggle back and fourth. Advanced Uses: Go HERE.
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    Since this subforum is by far the most active, we've stickied this FAQ which contains links to individual posts. This post will be updated regularly. [Last updated: Jun. 18, 2020] DAS Trader Downloads DAS Trader Pro Production Releases for Interactive Brokers DAS Trader Pro Production Releases for CMEG BBT DAS Simulator Production Release (ONLY IF YOU GOT DAS SIM THOUGH BBT) When doing an install of a new version, it is always a good idea to back up your settings! DAS Trader Pro references, education and support OFFICIAL: DAS INC DAS TRADER PRO - DEMO Tutorial - How to Correctly Use DAS Trader Pro User Guide and Manuals DAS Trader Official YouTube Channel DAS Weekly Free Q&A Webinar DAS Trader Pro Knowledge Base DAS Trader Pro Risk Control explained in Knowledge Base. Common DAS Trader errors No More Order Server to Connect’ error message ‘Wrong Trader’ error message “Lost Connection to Quote Server” error message General Where can I subscribe for DAS Trader Pro live account for Interactive Brokers? How to Change Your Equity and Buying Power in Simulator How to Switch Between Live and Demo Accounts Update/Upgrade DAS To Latest Version Understanding the DAS Account Report DAS Deluxe Package - Switching Options L2 for ARCA Book DAS Trader on MAC OS also see DAS Trader FAQ > 5. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS How to link symbol selection in Trade Ideas to DAS How to set a price alert in DAS How to add Audio Alerts in DAS How to Configure DAS Mobile for Android or iPhone Definition of Time and Sales Flags How to use the DAS Risk Control Page List of Index tickers (SPY, DJIA, NASDAQ, RUSSELL, etc.) How to Make a Pre-Market Scanner in DAS DAS Trader Videos Playlists in YouTube DAS Trader Tutorials (basic DAS Trader configuration) DAS Trader Pro Instructional Videos (Advanced DAS Trader Features) Market Replay Mode How to use new DAS Trader Market replay feature Montage, Windows, and Layouts How to Make Your Custom Layout Load as Default on Startup How to link Montage to Time&Sales and Charts? How To Setup Multiple Monitors in DAS How to Duplicate a Montage, Chart or Other Window Montage / Level 2 color and shade settings How to Quickly Add Rows to Watchlist (Market Viewer) How to Change Order Button Colours (BUY, SELL, SHRT, CXL, RPL) Select Active Montage to Trade Definition for each of the Level 1 (L1) fields at top of Montage How to select the montage before placing a trade Charts [VIDEO] How to configure charts in DAS Trader Pro: Education Center How to Add Index Tickers for SPY, DOW, NASDAQ DAS Trader Tutorial – Make Your Chart Look Like Andrew's How to Add Average Line to Volume Study How to Drag and Drop Horizontal Lines How to Transfer Price Levels to Another Chart Drawing Support and Resistance Lines in DAS How to add previous day close (PCL), high of day (HOD) & low of day (LOD) How to Prevent Chart from Zooming out When Switching Symbols How to Add/Remove Trade Icons on the Chart Show trade info on chart (triangle click) How to Increase Y-Axis Scale to See More Price Levels / This can now be done with the newer versions ( of DAS using hotkeys Change Default Number of Candles How to add Relative Strength Index (RSI) to Chart How to Draw a Diagonal or Sloping Line How to Change font size in Chart How to add separator line for Pre-Market (Open) and After-Hours (Close) How to correct short/small candlesticks by excluding Studies from Y-Axis Scale (Y LOW, YY HIGH, etc). How to Zoom in on Specific Area of Chart Why is VWAP sometimes different between 1-minute chart, 5-minute chart, and/or Montage? How to add vertical lines on 1-minute chart to show each 5-minute period How to add Average True Range (ATR) to DAS Daily Chart How to add and use Volume by Price study How to add bid & ask to your charts How to add RVOL in DAS? Order Entry Advanced Lesson: Stop Loss in Your DAS Trading Platform Trailing Stops How to Lock Your Montage Placing Both Stop Loss and Profit Target in DAS How to set a Bracket aka Range aka OCO order (includes hotkeys) Hotkeys and Hotkey Buttons - Always test your Hotkeys in simulator Most frequently used hotkeys Terminology Clarification: Hotkeys vs Hotkey Buttons Programming hot key for stop loss Buy/Sell Hotkeys for Automatic Stop Loss How to Create HotKey Buttons on the DAS Montage Level 2 Window Hotkeys for Flipping Position Hotkey for buying based on a percentage of Buying Power How to Adjust Montage Hotkeys Button Size What does the Panic hot key do? How to set up hotkeys for trailing stops Hotkeys for adjusting share size How to create hotkey which launches Finviz page for a selected stock Hotkey for automatic share size based on max dollar loss Hotkey for automatic share size based on % loss of account How to short stocks in SSR: see here and here Thor´s Freeroll Hotkey DAS Trader Pro Support Live Chat Support Das Trader contact page to send messages DAs Trader Support Email DAS Hotkey Line Style Configuration tool.
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    Hello guys, This is a paper trading account, still first week papertrading This was yesterday, March 20. Stocked gapped up, in the premarket it was showing some weakness. I decided to take the ORB break down, but got squuezed out I guess, within 2 seconds the stock was 2 USD higher. Was it a good trade and good entry, and/or what other considerations should I have taken before taking this ORB breakdown? Many thanks and kind regards,
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    If you haven't already, it seems you need to request ETF trading permissions And if that's not working they have articles on why it still may be rejected: https://www.interactivebrokers.eu/lib/cstools/faq/#/content/faq%3A%2F%2FpageId%3D35791095?articleId=41555180
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    ZM is difficult to trade, very fast moves and big spreads. Like Peter said above, it would be better to wait for a pullback. Also you have two possible resistance lines on your chart where you entered short. I made this mistake a lot. Aiman always says in trade review class. Don’t short at the support. Previous Day Close and the other red line there make that price level a possible support level. Thanks for sharing.
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    This exists now. In case anybody finds the above instructions confusing, here is the step-by-step on how to set up "click and add" price alerts. Steps: 1) Right click on a chart > Chart Area > Config Area. Check the box in the bottom-right that says "Enable placing alert on chart". 2) Next, you must create a hotkey (Setup > Hot Key > Add New Item). I have simple scripts for when price crosses above or below my alert price. I'll share them: Price crosses ABOVE alert price: AlertName=newalert;AlertType=LastPrice;AlertOperator=>=;AddAlert Price crosses BELOW alert price: AlertName=newalert;AlertType=LastPrice;AlertOperator=<=;AddAlert 3) Open the Alerts window (Tools > Alert & Trigger). This window NEEDS to be open for the hotkeys to work, so I now just have it permanently fixed in my Desktop layout. 4) Now, when you press your hotkey, an arrow with an "A" next to it will show up on the chart, and you simply click the price where you'd like the alert to be placed. (NOTE: The first time you click, you'll get an error message that says "Placing alert failed". Just click again and it will work. This is a bug and I've reported it to DAS already.
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    Skip this post if you don't have a StreamDeck and / or aren't comfortable doing custom macros in your SD config. Advanced Uses: If you're adventurous and own a StreamDeck, you can do the swap automatically (so place once and then return to your default). In this example, I have the following DAS Config: Default Line: ALT+D (this is: HorizontalLine, DotLine, Black, 1px) Green Line: ALT+G (this is: HorizontalLine, DotLine, Green, 2px) Horizontal Line Tool: CTRL+ALT+L Using a StreamDeck extension "SuperMacro" (by BarRaider), I setup a "Super Macro" (type) hotkey in Stream Deck with this script in the Short-Press Macro box: {{CTRL}{ALT}{L}} {{ALT}{G}} {{LBUTTON}} {{ALT}{D}} Now, when I'm on the chart, I hover my mouse pointer over where I want to place a special line (like Moving Averages on the Daily Chart), I can simply hit my GREEN-LINE Button and it'll: Trigger the Line Tool --> { {CTRL}}{ALT}{L} } Set Line Config to Green --> { {ALT}{G} } Send the Left Mouse Button --> { {LBUTTON} } Set Line Config back to my Default Line { {ALT}{D} } Thus, it's a one key operation to place the special color line.
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    Okay so roll with me on this one here. If you've been around BBT for any length of time you know what a 1-min ORB is. And if you've tried it, I bet you've also noticed that it isn't as easy as 2nd minute makes a newer high than the previous minute close and vice versa and have gotten your pee-pee slapped. I've noticed lately that a lot of 1/5 ORBs dont work out. Especially the 1 min. They pump it up just enough for you to FOMO in the beginning for the second minute. Then damp it. (Link here for the uninitiated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV5QlSgq7lg So... My thought process is to get in to a stock at somewhere like 9:30:40, let it come up and allow for the start of the new minute to print higher to wreck people getting in and get out for a base hit. Whatever it may be in this case like 10-20cent scalp profit and get out at like 9:31:05 or so. Could even in to see if it runs. Thoughts? Ill be practicing this strategy in the future. Obviously if L2 is positive then let 'er run.
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    This is a great question. I had the same experience of doing well early and then having more problems later. I am a very curious person and I am a trier. Once I know something can be done I will never give up. This sounds great for trading right? It is, but also it means that I just keep trying things when I should give up and focus on one thing! So I tried opening range brakes, I tried reversals, I tried momentum trading, I tried trend trading, I tried scalping, I tried it all! I tried going live after 6 months in the simulator and it was a total disaster. I reacted emotionally after a big loss and tried to make all my money back on the next trade and lost twice as much. So I went back into the simulator and then I tried going live again a few months later and it was better but still not good. Then I mostly traded in the sim and sometimes when things were going well I did some live trades but I knew that I wasn't there yet. I finally got to the point where I had come full circle. I had tried all the different things I was going to try and I was starting to look back at what had worked best for me and came up with what I really wanted to stick to. For me it was a matter of keeping things very simple and doing very few trades. I decided to do one five-minute ORB. No trading in the first 5 minutes! Had to wait for that first 5-minute candle that close and then look for an entry. Then I would do one VWAP break, usually after 9:45 or so, and only enter on volume. I would not do any trading after 10 am. Working this plan really helped me in a few ways. First, if I had a down day it would be a small down day. Things can only go so badly when you just do two trades. Also, this kept the fees down. So once I could do that consistently and I was getting decent results and, most importantly, it just felt like a normal thing everyday, I went live again and have been live since then. That point of going live was after a year and a half of trading the open before my job of running my small business every day so it took a while! I track my 10 and 20 day averages, focusing on R multiples not money, increasing my risk when my 20 day average is above .5R and now sometimes do another one or two trades and sometimes trade a bit after 10am. So anyway, finally deciding on two simple trades to focus on was what did it for me. And doing just one ORB and then waiting for a volume entry on the 2 min. chart for a VWAP break kept me from making entries based on reactions instead of rules.
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    The latest version of DAS now does this automatically. ===== A lot of traders build their Watchlist every morning in a "main" chart. This is where price levels (HoriztonalLine) are added based on support/resistance levels from the pre-market, daily chart, etc. After the Watchlist is built, you can "transfer" the user-added price levels to other charts by doing the following: Add your manual price levels Right-click chart Click Save Settings Click Save Click Yes when asked to replace Add symbol to the other chart Right-click new chart Click Load Settings Select the .cst file you saved earlier Click Open Price levels are now added to the new chart Though a very manual process, it only needs to be done once every morning. The good news is that price levels for ALL symbols are saved in the file, so you can load the same settings file to all your other stations.
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    This is a problem all traders face--beginner and advanced. Even Andrew and Brian mentioned this in the Lifetime Webinar. We go into a trade looking for 2:1 risk/reward, and end up coming out with 1:1 after scaling out. Our losers are almost always -1:1, if not greater. This means that with 50% accuracy, we break-even over the long-term despite claiming to take trades with a minimum of 2:1 risk/reward! My journal tracks some key stats to see how well I'm taking profit compared to the risk I take. The required variables are: Number of shares Entry price Stop price Target price Max loss = (Stop - Entry) x Shares R-Target, aka Target Risk-Reward = (Entry - Target)/(Stop - Entry) R-Real, aka Realized Risk-Reward = P&L/Max loss Let's use my $CAG trade from June 27 as an example of a good outcome. I entered the trade looking for a 4:1 risk/reward (R-Target). Based on how I scaled out (in 6 steps), I managed to come out with an R-Real of 2.9. This is the type of patient profit taking you want to see over the long-term. Entry 36.52 Shares 800 Stop 36.7 Target 35.75 R-Target 4.3 Max loss 144.00 P&L 412.78 R-Real 2.9 Now here is an example of a winning trade where the R-Real is less than half of the R-Target. Despite being a winner, the realized risk/reward was actually less than 1. Statistically, taking trades like this over the long term would result in losing money. Entry 42.87 Shares 100 Stop 44 Target 40 R-Target 2.5 Max loss 113.00 P&L 97.34 R-Real 0.9 I've been consciously trying to improve my long term average R-Real by taking profit more patiently. Similar to Carlos' advice above: (1) take first partial after a 0.30-0.40 (2) patiently take profit at original targets (3) keep the last 10-20% for as long as possible. This has helped bump up my R-Real, but it is nowhere near 2.0. As of right now, it is a mere 1.1 after 450+ live trades. My losing R-Real is -0.9. Both numbers are improving, but it takes a lot of practice. Improving accuracy of winning trades is another solution to this problem. If you can be right 65-70% of the time, then you can afford to have an R-Real of 1.0 and still be profitable.
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    It's very much possible. Here's how you do it: In your hotkey screen, add the following hot key and it will work like a charm! https://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=%SYMB% One other question, am I allowed to upload an image. Was trying to but got a privilege type error. Thanks, Michael
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    Link to my Elgato icons and hotkey file: I built my computer specifically for day trading (and gaming!). I share a home office with my photographer girlfriend so I wanted to make sure I kept everything quiet and contained. My corner of the office is a standing workbench I custom designed and built myself to contain the tools, electronics, and gadgets I use to build "stuff". My 3d printer is also pictured. I built a Core i7 based PC on an Asus ROG Maximus IX motherboard, 32gb of RAM, and a Vega 64 graphics card. I have a Noctua CPU cooler that operates almost silently, and the machine itself is down in the corner so it's near silent. The iMac on our desk behind is actually louder. I installed an Ergotron arm to mount the monitors (a 34 inch wide screen and a very old 24inch monitor) to my standing work bench. I have gaming mouse and keyboard because I like the feel and I'm left handed so having an ambidextrous mouse is great when I switch to right-handed to game. The last part of my setup is a Stream Deck, a customizable keypad with LCD screens on each key which I've set up to trigger hotkeys for long and short positions. Each icon is custom color-coded so I can't mistakenly short a long position when I'm trying to sell, or something similarly boneheaded.
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