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  1. ROUTE=ARCAL;Price=AvgCost+0.10;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send; This will send a limit order 0.10 above your entry.
  2. Here you go: https://bearbulltraders.com/lessons/how-to-create-hotkey-buttons-on-the-das-montage-level-2-window/
  3. You must be holding a position into the close that exceeds the Overnight BP threshold. Triple check that it is in simulator account and don't worry about it. Try closing the position if you don't want to hold
  4. @Igor Incredible work! A few suggestions based on the parameters I track (more like feature requests lol): -Ability to tag trades (by strategy, etc.). I see you have this in the planned already -Time of day trade was taken. I divide the session into: Pre-Market, Open, Late Morning, Lunch, Midday, Close -Risk Multiple Trading. You may be familiar with the term "R" and all the amazing performance metrics that can be calculated based of it such as payoff ratio, etc. Thank you for taking the time to develop this. Subscribed.
  5. Decided to make a video on this topic. Enjoy!
  6. Switch to tiered structure. It is cheaper under 99% of circumstances.
  7. Per the YouTube video here, we will be posting one infographic each day. #1 - July 9, 2019 #2 - July 10, 2019 #3 - July 11, 2019 #4 - July 12, 2019 #5 - July 13, 2019 #6 - July 14, 2019 #7 - July 15, 2019 Poster (Download Full Size Here)
  8. BierCraft Bistro Saturday July 6 @ 3 PM 3305 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W6 See you all there!
  9. Finalizing venue and time now. Will either be Tap and Barrel Olympic Village or Bier Craft on Cambie. Aiming for 5pm. Please stay tuned.
  10. Check your studies ConfigEx. It looks likes that PriceMarker level at 41.75 is included in scale.
  11. @Kinga Maurer You mean this? Right-click chart, Configure, top right disable "don't show tip window upon clicking."
  12. Let's meetup Saturday July 6th. Andrew will be in town. Please sign up using attendance sheet below. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OaSvkl2G8GTBpaKSrFPukaA8R7C2ZkKi91safLqMLYw Event Details: BierCraft Bistro Saturday July 6 @ 3 PM 3305 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W6 See you all there!
  13. Let's meetup Saturday July 6th. Andrew will be in town. Please sign up using attendance sheet in original post. Open to location suggestions. Last year we did Tap and Barrel in Olympic Village and it was a great atmosphere.
  14. The Day Trading Reality Checklist discussed in this YouTube video. Download link: Checklist.pdf
  15. I believe pivots are available. I don't use them personally. Here is the hotkey command for switching tabs: SwitchTab tabname I assume if you omit tabname, it just cycles through. If you specify tabname, it jumps directly to that tab. Please test for yourself.
  16. The Day Trading Plan discussed in this YouTube video is now available for download here. Supplementary resources: Sample Playbook Template.
  17. https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/2-show-us-your-set-up/?do=findComment&comment=66
  18. If you are consistently red, it makes no sense to be live. Don't think of it like you are missing out on good trades; you are saving yourself from further losses. My tips based on your journal: 1. Don't focus so much on the 1-min chart. It takes many years of experience to play price action. Beginners should stick to patterns and setups off the 5-minute chart. 2. Try using the 2-min as your smaller timeframe. Here's an example of where the ABCD was much more clear. 3. Overtrading and impulse trades. Read "The Daily Trading Coach" by Dr. Brett Steenbarger to kick bad habits. 4. Trading pre-market involves low liquidity, bad spreads, and unexpected moves. Stay away unless you have a working strategy. 5. Setups and patterns: define them in your playbook. Know what you are looking for everyday. This will help with the impulse trades. If it doesn't meet your setup: don't take the trade. 6. Prove you can trade consistently in simulator before going back live. Good luck.
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