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  1. I have IB and CMEG account but never see any share available for low float...i heard tradezero is good but my application got rejected without reason
  2. Hello guys, i got some issue to find share available for shorting low float stock, does anybody know which broker always has share available for short sell low float? and hard to borrow stock? thanks in advance jo i am using IB now but almost never has share available to short low float
  3. Hello guys, Just want to know if someone know why a candle can be bullish when the sell volume are higher than buy volume? I found out that there is indicator to display the split between volume Up and Down, but i d'ont understand the point above thanks for support jo
  4. hello all, just want to know if someone has experience day trade asian market (especially Japan or Hong Kong market which have most liquidity) is there any issue to day trade those market, is it possible? johan
  5. i think i checked before and i found out that Speedtrader does not provide fixed pricing structure if i remember. However, IB is cheaper than ST if you use their tiered structure. https://speedtrader.com/commission-fees/ https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/index.php?f=1590&p=stocks2
  6. thanks a lot for your reply guys @Jean-Pierre Poulin I risk max 1% of capital by trade (here 500$), never more than 4,000 shares by entry (number of share is set based on my SL), no low float, only stock > 10$ and daily target is 1,000$ (2% capital) For my day cycle, it depend a lot of the stock in play and their volatility, i usually try to make max 4-5 trades per day Example for AMD or MU , i often enter 4,000 share because the stock has low volatility, my SL is 0.05$-0.10$ - which cost me higher fee but if i trade TSLA for example, my SL is often 0.90$-1.25$, so it equal to 500-400 share, which cost me lower fee So some day i spend 50$ fee, some i spend 200$, depend of the stock traded *be really careful with volume traded, cause me some pain before If i should make advice, i will say its better to trade less (max 5 trade per day), set your TP at min 2:1 RR (this is most important point i think) and stop trade once you achieve your daily target - it could be done with 1 trade. here nice video from Robert about share sizing and RR: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDC5TQC13-s&t=2s thanks @Robert H i will try tiered fee from today and see if it improve my fee
  7. Hello guys, i just want to ask about the commission fee that you guys pay, in average by month, i dont feel i overtrade but my commission fee is around 5% of my capital every month (50k usd), do you think is quite normal or its too much? I used interactive broker and my commission scheme is fixed amount Thanks for support johan
  8. Hello i am living in Bali indonesia, using Das trader since 1 month, but my ping is always around 300ms does anybody know if its possible to get a ping lower than 200ms from Asia location Im not sure if even i change my supplier interet or upgrade my package it will change something i already asked Das trader support they dont have server in Asia jo
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