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  1. THANKS Robert! Really appreciated. I thought it HAD to be simple! DAS should put you on the payroll. Two clicks and it was done (contrasting with the inches of emails spent on someone at DAS who knows less than you). David
  2. Hi – Can anyone help me this (I thought) simple problem (I contacted DAS but they didn’t have a solution): I’m limited to using a laptop (so one screen) for my SIM trading at the moment. I’d like extra to space, so I wanted to open a second tab to display additional charts – so that I can click back and forth between the main screen (my positions, level 2, a couple of charts, etc., etc.) and the new tab with additional charts. The problem is that although the default DAS desktop has that tab (lower left – and clicking that provides the option to open additional tabs) on my customized desktop from BBT, it doesn’t exist. In fact the whole lower taskbar (which should include the symbol lower right to check ping rates) is missing. I moved my Windows task bar – but that isn’t covering anything. DAS suggested I minimize the desktop to reveal the tab, but although I have the minimize icon (the square) top right, and clicking it gives the double square (indicating minimization) – it doesn’t minimize. Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks – David L
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