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    Hello I have been slowly burned by the market for 1.5 years now. It's really time to put up a journal to track my own trades. I am too poor to afford to pay for monthly fees. Please help me review my trading journal on Google Sheet to see if there is any data that you think I should track. If you are also interested in using my template, go ahead to download the Google Sheet into your Google drive for use. Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10dgCFdvouhnoF4YbNMIxYCqxuNkv9X6kh_YmPH8ifzk/edit?usp=sharing Thank you Jason
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    I made a small application to review my trades and make some statistics about the results of each strategy. I wrote it because I needed some tools to speed up my journaling and to help me reviewing my trades and didn’t find something out there that was exactly personalizable for my style of trading and my way of journaling... Thought that sharing it with you guys would be a way to give back some of the great help that I received from this community! Features The application imports automatically from the DAS logs your trades and displays: The results for each trade and trading day All the entries and exits If you use hard stops based on trigger orders, the risk of the order/trade The risk/reward of the trade, based on the S.L. orders or on a fixed $ amount You can create trading strategies and associate to each trade additional information: The strategy used Whether the setup was valid or not according to the strategy, and if your execution of the strategy was good The theoretical maximum target that could be reached -> based on that the app calculates the maximum result of the trade if you closed your whole position at the max target If the trade is a “playbook trade”, i.e. if you want to add it to the list of your “ideal” trades for this particular strategy You can associate custom tags to the trade You can choose to exclude the trade from the calculations of the daily results and of the statistics You can attach a screenshot from the clipboard, or import it from a file You can add quick comments as well as a detailed review of the trade Based on that, the tool calculates some statistics: Number of trades and global result of the trades in each strategy Number of winners/loosers, percent winners/loosers and average winner/looser in the strategy Average result and average max result of the trades in the strategy Average risk/reward and max risk/reward of the trades in the strategy You can filter the trades for which you want the statistics: Start date/end date Time of day Strategy Direction (long/short) Whether the setup is valid, and whether the execution was good You can select the playbook trades only You can filter the trades by tags You can select only the winner or the looser trades You can filter by trading account You can visualise the equity curve of your trades: You can filter the trades used to calculate the equity curve The equity curve is synchronized with the statistics Screenshots Download Setup: Download and run the installer inside the zip. Once installed, just select the DAS Trader directory and the application will automatically start loading your trades. If you already installed a previous version of the program, the installer will automatically import all your data. In any case you can transfer/backup your data through the Import/Export functions from the File menu. Download link: TradeReview 1.3.1 Setup New in 1.3.0: Equity curve visualization, synchronized with the filters of the Statistics tab Possibility to edit the trade details directly from the table + added context menu for trade exclusion/details Joined the Trades and Analysis tabs (can be reverted through settings) Possibility to filter the trades also by long/short direction Possibility to add some brief comments about the trading day Possibility to import the last DAS screenshot Possibility to visualize more fields in the trades tables Bug fixing New in 1.3.1: Possibility to filter the trades by time of day Trades executed in replay mode are discarded Bug fixing
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    You should 100% look into Kyle's hotkeys. It will automatically calculate how many shares to take based on your equity and how much you want to risk, it will enter a position and it will place a stop loss all with one hotkey. It will make your life a lot easier.
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    Ah, because the instructions I posted are only for setting a stop loss. It's for if you are already long in a position. If you're already long, and you bought 100 shares of stock xyz, and you want to set a stop loss. You need that stop loss to sell those 100 shares back to get out of your position. Although, are you actually asking how to set up a stop loss at the same as going long or short?
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    In this video Andrew explains how to setup a stop loss in DAS Trader https://bearbulltraders.com/lessons/how-to-place-stop-loss-in-das/
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    Hey Nathaniel, First step is to make sure your Montage is in the Stop Order style: Right click montage at the bottom > Style > Stop Order Your Montage Trade section will look like this: Lets say you are long 100 shares on a stock at $50.00. And you want a stop loss at $49.80. Simply put 100 shares into the Share field Change the Route to STOP Change the Stop Type to Market Put 49.80 in the Trigger Price Click SHRT
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    Hi Guys, I wanted to share a hotkey command / script I got from @Robert H that I find very useful. Let me tell you a short story about my frustrations in covering a position. There were times that I'm in a stock just right at the open and it shoots super fast and in favor of my direction. Ofcourse your initial reaction is in shock for few milliseconds. And Instead of covering my LONG/SHORT position, I always end up adding half or full at your target. Imagine how stressful that was! So I've always been curious if there's a magic hotkey to cover either a LONG or SHORT position without worrying which side you are in. And believe or not, @Robert H has the answer! Not sure if some of the guys in our BBT forum has this command already but Let me share it anyways and see if we can tweak it for our favor. ROUTE=SMRTM;Share=Pos*0.5;TIF=DAY+;SEND=REVERSE (for half position Long/Short) ROUTE=SMRTM;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;SEND=REVERSE (for full position Long/Short) The only issue I think with this I guess is, it's set as Market order. Meaning, you can get filled at any price (blank cheque) and this is bad if you are trading non liquid stocks or stocks that has huge spreads. This is probably only suitable for smaller trade sizes or with liquid stocks that has tight spreads. If someone has an idea to convert this into a LIMIT order to Hit the Ask when you're LONG and Hit the Bid when you're SHORT that would be great! Hope you find this hotkey useful somehow. Cheers, Ryan (ryan_pdt)
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