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    Howdy @cjames05, @DollarBill @Austin D Let's do a zoom, yall want to do a first Google Meet (I've got an account so no timelimit). DollarBill I think is saying is out until Jan 5th. How's Jan 6th Fri evening? Or Sat Jan 7th AM? Hit me up via email at [email protected] as you get this and I'll start a group email if ok? I am not always in forum. Thanks Michael (Thornton, CO)
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    Hi, Nice! only really headed out that way when going to Wilson's Prom a few times, I live on Ocean Road side of Melbourne so tend to head out that side more. Yeah people say that to mean people start and look at Andrew and he'll trade for 10 minutes and be up $5k and say he's done trading for the day, everyone loves the idea but most can't trade like Andrew. I started with BBT in July 2020 I think, short version of my story is I work in Finance and had an interest in markets. Swing traded a bunch of stuff at the bottom in 2020 when things were stupidly cheap and made a decent amount (like a years salary), no real strategy just knew people were panicking like previous crisis's and things were crazy cheap. Decided to use that money to give trading a shot because I got tired of climbing the corporate ladder and the politics of it, worst case I decided I'll come out breakeven on money from the market, put a little over PDT ($25k) in the account and started directly with IB. Heard all stories of blown up accounts so I kept a lot back and was only ever going to let it get down to the $25k so I was able to top up my account a number of times if I needed to. Traded too big at the start but then really scaled back to $20 risk per trade to make sure the amount I set aside would last and give me the time I needed. A lot of time in replay and a couple of failed tradebook attempts later I have my style that I like and works for me, I still tweak it here and there to nail it down for the success % + Risk : Reward I want then I'll move onto maintaining that while scaling up. Yeah no problem, just reach out if you have questions. I'm on here everyday working on trading.
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    Hello BBT crew, I'm heading into my second year of trading and am reading Thor's amazing book now. Miah. I imported the think script you made for Thor's pivot points. Thanks so much for creating that! Do I have to do anything else to utilize the data? When I imported the script the candles got very small. Is that to be expected? I'm so grateful to be part of the BBT community and I learn so much from our chatroom. Thanks again folks, Tony M
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    Heh Miah!, Thanks for sharing these hotkeys I've just been trying these Hotkeys out today and they're great for my strategy! Just noticed that the Short Script wasn't working so I've had a play around and I think I've managed to get something that works Short 10c: Share=100/.1;ROUTE=LIMIT;Price=bid-.05 ;SELL=send;TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:RANGE LowPrice:AvgCost2-.2HighPrice:AvgCost2+0.1ACT:BUY QTY:POS*.50 TIF:DAY+;TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:MARKET STOPPRICE:AvgCost+.50 ACT:BUY QTY:POS*.50 TIF:DAY+ I hope that helps, Alex, UK.
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    Hi @greg g ... I agree with some of the comments that you already got ... screen space is the only concern to be explored before getting a laptop for trading. As @peterB mentioned, those specs are above requirements and you won't have troubles with any software platform (DAS or TWS) however you have to take into considerations some caveats : laptops expansion posts (USB, HDMI, etc) are fixed and limited and you wanna add some more screens in the future for a triple screen setup which is very common you might have very limited options via extension ports. On the other hand, a laptop will get you a trading station that can be used everywhere if you travel a lot. Thinks I'd take into consideration going all-in with a portable trading station : a good base, USB keyboard and USB mouse for best ergonomics Super cheat ikea base: https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/braeda-laptop-support-black-60150176/ Screens : I've got 3x 24" Dell u2500 series (res 1920x1200) and I totally regret my decision. Now, after 3 years, I'd better get 3x 27" FHD 1920x1080 which are pretty inexpensive and common. Check this one as an example : HP 27 Inch FHD 1080p IPS LED Anti-Glare Monitor : https://www.amazon.ca/New_HP-1080p-Anti-Glare-Monitor-FreeSync/dp/B097SMZBSN/ref=sr_1_5 Extra Connections : you will need to expand your ports if you want to connect more than 1 external screen via expansion ports or expansion panels. Check this ones : USB-C to dual HDMI Adapter : https://www.amazon.ca/Adapter-Thunderbolt-DisplayPort-Compatible-Pixelbook/dp/B0899HYCR3/ref=sr_1_15 Portable Monitor : https://www.amazon.ca/PTVDISPLAY-Portable-Extender-External-Speakers/dp/B09BJX5CDR/ref=sr_1_6 I'd choose the adapter + 2 extra 27" FHD monitors side-by-side with the main laptop screen + base + keyboard + mouse
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    Here are some calculations and charts for comparing Tiered vs Fixed for IBKR Pro. The difference isn't going to make or break your career as a retail day trader as far as I can tell, but I'd like to know more if anyone uses Fixed pricing. Is it really just $0.005/share + SEC + FINRA? Also, for you guys with IBKR Pro Tiered accounts, what is your average ECN fee? Is $0.0025/share a good average over the course of a month? Tiered Vs Fixed (low volume): Tiered Vs Fixed, Medium Volume (300K-3M)
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    Hi Zack This is a B/E stop market order: ALLSYMB;Route=Stop;Price=AvgCost;StopType=MARKET;STOPPRICE=AvgCost;StopPrice=Round2;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;Send=Reverse;ROUTE=SMRTL I guess you just need o change StopType to LIMIT ALLSYMB;Route=Stop;Price=AvgCost;StopType=MARKET;LIMIT=AvgCost;StopPrice=Round2;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;Send=Reverse;ROUTE=SMRTL Not sure if you can use Price=AvgCost+.05 maybe you can test this in the sim and let us know if it worked for you.
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    Hey Casey, Right click on your chart > Configure > Check "Right click and move in price area to zoom in/out vertically" Now if you right click, hold and drag up and down on the price area, it will zoom your chart.
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    I just started the Van Tharp Institute Peak Performance Course for traders (home study edition). I really need to improve issues with my trading (fear, self-sabotage, over-trading, etc.). I think this course could really help. To place some accountability on myself to finish the course I plan to post my reading notes and assignments online. Hopefully, the info provided will help others as well. Van Tharp Institute Peak Performance Course Vol 1: How to use Risk Preface: The three stages of growth for a trader. 1) They think they can make easy money from trading. They think the most important thing to investing/trading is picking the right stock. 2) A substantial change has to occur where the trader begins to asks, “how should I trade to make money.” Thus, they start looking for a trading system that fits them. 3) The trader realizes that trading success does not come from external control, but from internal control. Controlling risk, profit/loss>1 and position sizing all comes from internal control. Chapter 1 Commitment means congruency. It means the whole person is working together for a common purpose. No internal conflicts. When committed, trading is no longer just a hobby. The moment one definitely commits one’s self, then Providence moves too. I translate that as: when you are committed to work hard, luck will be on your side. To develop commitment first you must determine your obstacles. Second, and more difficult, you need to determine how those obstacles reflect what is going on within you. The last step is deal with them. Make peace with the obstacles by making them unimportant. Below I created my personal obstacle table: Obstacle Internal reflection Make them unimportant Fear 1) Fear of being wrong 2) Fear of missing my stop 3) Fear the loss will affect my trading and mood. 4) Fear the little success I’ve had is due to an accommodating market. Once the market changes I will fail and quit. 1) Your supposed to be wrong at least 50% of the time. If you are wrong less than 50% you are scalping too much. 2) You are working the mental muscle, it will get easier. I do have risk controls, if I miss my stop I can’t lose too much. 3) If you learn something from the trade, it was still worth while taking it. 4) Have faith in yourself that you will learn and adapt. Self sabotage 1) Every streak of good trading is ended with catastrophic failure. 2) I take way too many partials hurting my win/loss ratio. 1) You will wind down your streaks with smaller share size and SIM trading. So it will end with a whimper not a roar. 2) With more trades, more data will be available for analysis to determine proper partialing. Data is stronger than my nerves. The math will prevail. Over trading 1) If you only take one trade the whole day, but it had a poor setup, you already overtraded. 1) I am having slow progress, but I do see progress. My trades are slowly getting better. I have the time to learn. I am in no hurry. As long as I have progress there is no issue. Health 1) Not enough sleep and exercise 1) My family is slowly becoming more accommodating. It is taking time but they will come through for me. In the last 6 months my average sleep has increased from 4.8 hrs to 5.7 hours a night. Still a far cry from 8 hours but again as long as there is improvement.
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