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  1. As you may know @Andrew Aziz was invited as a speaker to Modern Traders Summit in Montreal on June 22, 2019 https://bit.ly/2G1WSkB It would be great if we can arrange a meetup the night before, friday, june 21, please let us know who is available and what venues do you suggest!
  2. Abiel

    Podcast "Trained" by Nike

    This is the podcast Andrew recommended today in the chatroom, TRAINED By Nike. # 6 is about sleep. https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/trained/id1414073313?mt=2#
  3. Traders in Singapore! @Andrew Aziz will be there Feb 15, Friday in the pm, who is in for a meetup?
  4. No, IB and DAS Trader Pro are different companies.
  5. Abiel

    Singapore meetup

    Guys, Andrew is confirmed, Feb 15, 8:00 pm in the place suggested by @ken139928. Please confirm (again) in this post! (sorry you can't make it @adrian)
  6. Abiel

    Singapore meetup

    Thank you guys, have you chosen a place for this meetup?
  7. Abiel

    Singapore meetup

    A bar, restaurant, hotel, etc.will be fine @adrianlim1988...
  8. Abiel

    Singapore meetup

    Thank you guys. Please let me know the place for the meetup Feb 15, 8:00 pm.
  9. Abiel

    Phoenix AZ Meet Up

    Hi guys, please read this post:
  10. Abiel

    Santa Fe, NM Meetup

    Hi Steve, please read and follow this post: BBT Meetups - Information & Swag Instructions
  11. Hi @TJ, thank you for organizing the Toronto meetup. Please make sure to read and follow the BBT Meetups - Information & Swag Instructions
  12. Abiel


    Thank you Karl! We need someone in Montreal to coordinate this Meetup, who please will read and follow the BBT Meetups - Information & Swag Instructions Thx!
  13. Abiel

    LOS ANGELES - Meet Up

    Nice guys! Please don't break Andrew´s trading account with drinks!!
  14. In celebration of MLK Day, TI is offering 20% off Trade Ideas Scanners! https://tradeideas.lpages.co/mlk-day-sale-012019-thank-you/
  15. Hi guys... as you may know, every day new members start their simulator training stage. What advice would you give them after having been in this stage of your training?
  16. In DAS free trial market data is real-time ONLY for Nasdaq Exchange (Q) stocks but delayed for all other exchanges.
  17. Hi Kevin, What version of DAS are you using?
  18. In this video, Robert shows how to configure charts in DAS Trader Pro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtQubfnKdl4 https://bearbulltraders.com/lessons/how-to-configure-charts-in-das-trader-pro/
  19. Abiel

    Zoom selected areas in DAS

    Please email andrew@bearbulltraders.com
  20. Abiel

    Zoom selected areas in DAS

    @TommyK667... That version is for DAS+IB, if you are getting sim from BBT it wont work.
  21. Abiel

    Zoom selected areas in DAS

    I had this issue using DAS .31, its was a bug.
  22. In order to start using Clubs, once created you should add the TOPICS feature: click on MANAGE CLUB, then click on TOPICS. Then in the pop up window add a Name instead of topics (conversations, forum, etc.) and fill the description field. The new feature will appear in the tabs of the Club header. This will allow to use the Forum feature to the clubs, posting topics in the club to start the conversation!
  23. Just added a TOPICS tab to all clubs, now you can start creating topics in your Club.
  24. Club Owners, by now you should have the TOPICS feature enabled, please confirm.
  25. Thank you. We´re fixing that...

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