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  1. As you may know @Andrew Aziz was invited as a speaker to Modern Traders Summit in Montreal on June 22, 2019 https://bit.ly/2G1WSkB It would be great if we can arrange a meetup the night before, friday, june 21, please let us know who is available and what venues do you suggest!
  2. Quotes > fundamental and you will get this: @Daniel Thomas
  3. Don´t miss Brian’s "Swing Trading Afternoon Session", which will be held on Monday, May 6th from 2:30-3:30 PM in our chatroom.
  4. Abiel


    Are you using the automated DAS importer? If so, are you using DAS TRADER DEMO in broker field?
  5. Abiel

    Saving chart setup?

    If you haven’t, try with a clean install, follow these steps. If this doesn’t work, email DAS support.
  6. https://finviz.com/ https://www.marketwatch.com/ https://www.benzinga.com/pre-market-outlook https://money.cnn.com/data/premarket/ http://thestockmarketwatch.com/markets/pre-market/today.aspx https://www.nasdaq.com/extended-trading/premarket-mostactive.aspx
  7. In this video AdventureDogLA shows us how to set up Risk Controls in DAS Trader Pro. Risk Controls enforce limitations such as maximum daily loss, maximum shares traded per day, etc. Risk Control Page is a safety net to keep in control our loses, either to have an external control over our behavior as traders or due to a contingency such as failures in the internet connection, electric power outages, broker failures, etc. You can find "Open Risk Control Page" in DAS Trader Pro Account window, just right-click in any row of that window and Risk Control Page will open as a popup browser window to let you update your risk control settings. Some considerations: 1. This configuration works with real accounts and simulator 2. You can deactivate settings "Risk Control Page" anytime by leaving all in blanks and clicking SUBMIT 3. When you are using DAS linked to IB, or simulator, the Risk Control settings are handled by DAS. DAS staff updates your settings manually (the form is emailed to them) anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes during business hours. 4. In LOSS fields, enter a positive number. 5. “No new order” avoids orders for the current day 6. “Pos Loss” = Position loss. 7. “Enable Auto Stop” will automatically close your positions when you hit the Max Loss / Total Loss. 8. “Max Share - Max auto stop execution share per day” = How many shares can be sold / bought by the Auto Stop mechanism. 9. “Max Auto Stop Order Size” = Maximum size per order made by the Auto Stop mechanism. 10.“Delay for next order if exceed max order size (sec)” = Time between orders if the Auto Stop needs to place multiple orders to close your positions. 11. “Stop Gain Account Net Realized PL Thresh“, “Drawdown Percent of Max Net PL“ , “Pos Stop Gain Thresh “ and “Drawdown” - Like Auto Stop but for gains. The threshold is the profit the Stop Gain is looking to hit, the Drawdown is how much it can drop from that target before your positions are closed. Example, you set a threshold of 2000 and drawdown of 20(%). When you make 2000 in P/L, the Stop Gain will trigger, and will close your positions if you drop 20% ($400) from that value, closing you out at $1600 Net P/L.
  8. Dear members, CMEG has been sending emails regularly letting clients know to be cautious with phishing attempts. Be extra careful on this and get informed about Phishing and what can you do to avoid be affected by this.
  9. Abiel

    Phishing with brokers

    Please read members comments in this thread regarding CMEG funding process, they NEVER WILL ASK YOU TO FUND YOUR ACCOUNT VIA LINK / EMAIL, it is done using CMEG own web platform.
  10. Abiel

    Saving chart setup?

    Hi Ryan. Do you defined studies for premarket high / low lines and moving averages? If they are defined in studies there is no reason to change.
  11. Thank you! Please go here for team highlights.
  12. The Hummingbird Project (2018) is a movie about a pair of high-frequency traders go up against their old boss in an effort to make millions in a fiber-optic cable deal. I still have to watch it.
  13. This is Andrew´s travel setup https://bearbulltraders.com/freedom-on-the-run-my-mobile-trading-station/
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    Swing Trading Newsletter

    Scroll down tp bottom of the page https://bearbulltraders.com/swing-trading/
  15. Abiel

    Marketable Limit order?

    In Marketable Limit Orders you sell to the bid and buy from the ask, see Andrew´s hotkes: ROUTE=SMRTL;Share=400;Price=Ask+0.05;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send ROUTE=SMRTL;Share=Pos;Price=Bid-0.05;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send
  16. @KyleK29 this is great! Thank you very much for doing this for the BBT community!
  17. CenterPoint Securities is a low-cost but powerful trading broker for U.S. and international active traders. You need to deposit at least $30,000 USD to open an account with them. [May 8, 2019 Update] We are excited to announce CenterPoint Securities is offering our members a new and exclusive commission pricing that is very competitive for active traders. In this new commission pricing, ECN is included in the Commission fee (except regulatory fees) making this an excellent improvement from the previous commission pricing. Here are the details of the new commissions pricing for BBT members: Commission: $0.005 per share (including all routing fees) except regulatory fees. Minimum per ticket is $0.35 per trade.* Free Das Pro Platform after you trade 300,000 shares a month. Das Pro Simulation included with a live account. To get this deal when opening an account with CenterPoint on their online application select "Trading Chatroom" followed by "BBT" in the chatroom field. You can also use the link below created for Bear Bull Traders, and it will automatically set you up with the above commission pricing. https://centerpointsecurities.com/register-bearbull The idea is to have simple pricing so you can focus on trading! Please visit our website Trading Tools page for more information on Centerpoint Securities and this exclusive offer for our BBT members. https://bearbulltraders.com/tradingtools/ * Commissions are at the broker’s discretion and subject to change. Check brokers commission agreement at the time of sign up.
  18. Thank you very much to all members that posted their pictures, great setups indeed! Now is time for the voting, we want to do it in a simple way, so vote for the pic(s) you like most with the reaction on the bottom right corner of the original post (use the like reaction). To 'like' a post, ensure you are logged into the site/forum, then click the heart icon ❤ in the lower right corner of the post. We are going to close the voting next friday may 31 with the winner announced mid-June.
  19. These are some of the frequently asked questions in the chatroom. Most of them are things very easy to do once you get used to BBT and DAS Trader Pro, but for newcomers very often they are like mysteries... so I put togheter this FAQ in order to help onboarding of newcomers. Also, please use the search function of the forum, it is getting better and better with lots of useful info. ====================CHAT / TECHNICAL ISSUES==================== I Can't log in Classroom / Chatroom, error: “Problem accessing webinar” Please ensure you have entered a Last Name in your Account Profile I can’t see or type in the Chat. Please try reloading the chat using the 'Refresh' icon on the top right. Can I access the Chat from a mobile device? Yes. Access the chat link from your phone. ====================MEMBERSHIP PLANS==================== How to become a member? Choose your PLAN here What's Included in the Intro Plan? The Intro Plan provides you with access to our Live Chatroom, as well as some basic lessons and learning resources. What's Included in the Pro - Monthly Plan? The Pro - Monthly Plan provides you with access to our Live Chatroom, unlimited access to advanced classes and lessons, Andrew’s Trade Ideas Scanner Settings, and his DAS hotkeys and layouts files. What's Included in the Pro - Annual Plan? The Pro Plan provides you with access to our Live Chatroom, unlimited access to advanced classes and lessons, Andrew’s Trade Ideas Scanner Settings, and his DAS hotkeys and layouts files. You will also have access to the Lifetime member webinar recordings as well as the live Lifetime member webinars. Lastly, the plan provides you with a discount on the DAS simulator (separate purchase). Is Trade Ideas included in the membership plans? Andrew shares his Trade Ideas Scanner settings with Plus and Pro members. Click here to subscribe to your own Trade Ideas Plan. Use discount code VANCOUVER15 for a 15% discount. Where can I find Andrew's Trade Ideas layout? / Where's Andrew’s Hot key File and DAS Trader Pro Layout? Education Center > Downloads How do I upgrade membership from monthly to annual? Make sure you are already logged into your account. Once you are logged in, simply go to the Membership page then click on the button for the ANNUAL plan. This will cancel your monthly membership and renew you as an annual student. How to I cancel my membership? Make sure you are logged into the site and go to My Membership Details. You will see the link to cancel your membership under the membership details section at the top. Are there other payment options besides PayPal (credit card, etc.)? Please contact the Bear Bull Traders Team directly regarding this inquiry. ====================CHAT ROOM==================== Are Andrew’s trades actionable; can I mirror or copy Andrew? Andrew calls out 90% of the trades that he takes and you can see him as he trades live. However, it’s not recommended that anybody just mirror trade what Andrew does as that can get you into trouble. Andrew discusses before the market opens his stocks in play and what levels he is looking for. Once the market opens, he will trade them accordingly, and will sometimes trade a stock that comes up on the scanner. You definitely don’t want to mirror trade without having an understanding first because you will definitely blow up your account! What is the timeline/format of the chat? What occurs every day in the chat? The Live Chatroom allows you to follow along with Andrew every morning. A typical day consists of: -Andrew’s screenshare, including Trade Ideas Scanner -9 AM EST: Watchlist build (past recordings are available on YouTube) -9:30 to 11 AM EST: Trade the Market Open with Andrew, and possibly midday -Andrew records his daily recap, and discusses his strategies and thought process on every trade--both winners and losers (also available on YouTube) -Open discussion with other chat members and traders until 4:00 PM EST -Lots of learning, and more importantly--lots of fun! Can I get access to the daily chat log? The daily chat logs are accessible in the Private Members subforum here. ====================CLASSES==================== What’s included in the Live classes, both Basic and Advanced? The live classes discuss various chart patterns as well as the technique and strategies that Andrew uses. He does discuss where you would take an entry and where your profit targets should be set based on the technical on the chart. The Advanced lessons are the classes as well as a few extra videos like how to read level 2. The basic classes just discuss how to setup your DAS platform. For free class outlines, please visit https://www.bearbulltraders.com/class/ and download the PDFs. What is the difference between live class and recordings? Live class and recording content is quite similar, but class material is constantly being updated. Since the content doesn’t change much, the recordings aren’t weekly but every few months. Attending live classes provides the added benefit of asking questions and getting answers directly from Andrew. Where can I access class recordings? Please visit the Members Area and login to your account. On the left side under ‘Premium Resources’ (you may need to scroll down a bit), you will see links to the different class videos. After clicking on a link, a page will load that has a video player on it that you can watch the full class. When is the next live class? Go to the Bear Bull Traders Home Page and scroll down to the calendar, click in the days marked in red. ====================TRADING BASICS==================== Bears, bulls, is this a zoo? No it isn't. There is a terminology every trader must understand, you can look up trading / investing terms in investopedia.com dictionary Shares outstanding vs floating stock: What's the difference? Shares outstanding and floating stock are different measures of the shares of a particular stock. Shares outstanding is the total amount of shares that are held by all its shareholders. Conversely, floating stock is the number of shares that are available for trading of a stock. When looking up in finviz.com look at Shs Float. More: Shares outstanding vs floating stock: What's the difference? What is Short Selling Restriction/SSR? Short Selling Restriction https://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/shortsalerule.asp What is the Pattern Day Trade Rule (PDT Rule)? According to a U.S Government regulation called Pattern Day Trade, the U.S. residents will need a minimum of $25,000 in their account for active day trading. Therefore, the U.S-based brokers (such as Interactive Brokers or SpeedTrader) will enforce this rule for all U.S. residents. You can read further about the “Pattern Day Trade” regulation here. I work full-time. Is day trading possible? Day Trading is a full-time career, and it is usually hard to mix it with another full-time career. I recommend do not bother if you are to busy with your current job. Day Trading really requires full attention in order to become successful. The best hours of the market are from 9:30-11 AM EST. The simulator will have live market data during the pre-market and normal market hours which end at 4 PM EST. If the market isn’t open, you won’t have anything other than historical data available in the simulator. If you are considering Day Trading, I would recommend checking out Andrew’s classes to start. If you feel you will be able to dedicate enough time, then sign up for the chatroom and the simulator. You can also view many of Andrew’s free videos on YouTube to get an idea of what we look for when the market in open. If you are stuck working full time, it may be a good idea to learn about swing trading then move over into Day Trading when you are able to dedicate enough time to it. TradingSim has market replays where you can paper trade historical data. There is an on-line Earnings Calendar? Yes, you can check Earnings Whispers Calendar HERE ====================BROKERS==================== Which broker is best for me? It depends. See Andrew's thorough write-up on brokers and visit our Day Trading Brokers subforum to see what the community is saying. ====================DAS TRADER PRO==================== What is DAS Trader Pro? Is a trading execution platform with advanced order types, charting, and multi-account management in a real-time environment. DAS Trader Pro is not a broker. You'll need a broker in order to trade with DAS Trader Pro. How do I get started in DAS? Make sure to visit our DAS Trader Pro FAQ. It is a reference list containing links to the most commonly asked questions. How can I learn DAS Trader Pro basics? Class 1: DAS OnBoarding and How to Trade in a Simulator and YouTube video from DAS TRADER PRO - DEMO Tutorial. I entered my password incorrectly too many times and am locked out of DAS. Unfortunately, we are unable to reset your account. Please contact DAS Support or email them at support@dastrader.com. My DAS keeps cutting out or I am having other technical difficulties. Please contact DAS Support or email them at support@dastrader.com. ====================DAS TRADER SIMULATOR==================== Where can I subscribe for DAS Trader Pro SIMULATOR? Get BBT PRO Membership for three months or get it from DAS in a monthly basis: DAS Trader Pro Simulator Where’s my Simulator? How do I access the DAS Simulator? If you just purchased the Pro plan, you will receive an email directly from Andrew asking you several questions about setting up your DAS simulator account. If you do not receive an email from Andrew, please let us know! Can I start my DAS Simulator at another time? You can start with the PRO plan and just delay your start-time in the simulator. When you sign up for the Pro plan (with simulator access), you will receive an email asking you when you wish to start using the simulator. With that said, you can take your time with the classes and once you feel more comfortable, you can start the simulator access. What happens after my 3 months Simulator is over and I’m not ready to do real trading? You can purchase another 3-month simulator package through Bear Bull Traders, or on a monthly basis from DAS directly . How do I use Andrew's DAS Trader Pro Layout? Upon successful installation, your software opens a default desktop screen when you log on. If you want to open a desired desktop screen after you have logged on, go to “FILE” on the menu bar, left click your mouse on “Open Desktop” from the dropdown menu, then double click on the desktop screen file you want to open it. A desktop screen file has the extension “.dsk”. Make sure to save the desktop before closing your DAS If not all the work you did creating your layout will not be saved next time. How do I use Andrew's Hot keys file in DAS Trader? Go to Setup and select Hot Key. Go to BROWSE, select the file "hotkey.htk" provided by BBT and click open. How do I login to my DAS simulator account on DAS Mobile App? For Firm ID, enter DEMO and use your regular DAS User ID and Password.
  20. Hey @KyleK29 this is for the day (today) events only?
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    Robinhood´s revenue comes from selling its customers’ orders to market makers. There is no free lunch.
  22. Abiel

    Video recording issues in DAS

    Add display audio and display capture: File > Settings > Output / audio / video Mic Filters
  23. Hey @vic! hope first day was a green one!
  24. EST, market time

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