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  1. @Christopher Smitley @Glenn Budde please send video files to [email protected] (use google drive) to post your videos in BBT youtube channel.
  2. This is a very common question when starting using DAS Trader Pro and it is so easy so follow these steps:
  3. If you followed the 3 steps above, try this: Clear your browser caché, Open command prompt as Admin and type: ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter Then type netsh winsock reset and hit enter Then restart your computer. Hopefully this will solve your browser issues.
  4. Just tested on sim, working fine on my side!
  5. Hi guys, we are looking for ideas for Success Webinars, what would be great content/topics you wish to see in upcoming Success Webinars? Below is a list of topics that we are already working on, share your ideas! Come Into My Trading Room Series (Mods go over their trading setup in detail) Day Trading Options Extreme Reversals Strategy How to use Stop Losses Intro to Futures Trading Journaling (Psychology & Trades) Money Management Risk Management and Risk to Reward Analysis Strategy Backtesting Trade Managment (Stoploss, Profit, Adding, Target) Trading Leveraged ETFs: TVIX, NUGT DUST etc
  6. @Stephane Courchesne did you read this post?
  7. Please take lots of pics and send to [email protected] !
  8. Justin, you have the option to create a "Club" here in BBT forums. Please see this forum post:
  9. For sim trading you don't need a brokerage account, in fact DAS sim can´t be linked to a broker. You can get DAS sim from BBT at a discounted price with Market Replay included, please go here ($300 x 3 months, with DAS Inc. it is $150 / month without market replay). If you open an account with a broker like IB or CMEG and choose DAS Trader as platform, you will have also a paper trading account beside your brokerage account.
  10. I'm using chrome with hardware accel off and I don't see any difference using it. It's my main browser.
  11. We have setup a feedback form to collect your feedback for us. All of your responses will be completely anonymous and confidential. Please fill out this survey as it will really help us in building better content for our Success Webinars and for Bear Bull Traders as a whole. You can fill out the survey here. We appreciate your feedback on our Success Webinars and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow in the webinar.
  12. Make sure you have the latest sim version: https://www.dastrader.com/download/DEMO.html
  13. As many of you know, DAS Trader has released a very important learning tool, especially for those who cannot trade in real time during market hours. The new tool "replays" the price action of any stock, so traders can now practice their chart reading skills anytime that’s convenient. Like in real time, you can use your hotkeys, levels, and other indicators to improve your trading performance. If you would like to know more, watch these videos on our YouTube channel here. How much does it cost? This add-on feature costs $15 per month, but is included free of charge to all BBT traders who purchase their DEMO simulator from the BBT website ($300 for a three month simulator account). This is another great benefit of membership with BBT: the simulator is now $100 per month with the three month package versus the regular $165 per month ($150+$15). If you are already a BBT sim user you can download latest DAS Sim (production) with market Replay or beta version here. If you have questions about this feature please read this forum post. For traders who already have a live account, this feature is only available to customers of Interactive Brokers (IBCO) and, as explained above, costs $15 per month. If you are already using DAS for your IB account, please go to the DAS Trader website and select the Add-on Fundamental Data/Market Replay Level 1 package for it here. Unfortunately, this feature is not currently available for other broker dealers (such as CMEG, CenterPoint, Speedtrader, etc.). Also, Level 2 replay is not yet ready, but we have requested this additional feature from DAS Trader. We hope they implement this feature as soon as possible, since we know reading Level 2 can provide great trading and scalping opportunities for active traders. If you try the new replay tool and enjoy it, please feel welcome to send DAS Trader a thank-you note or give them a shout out on social media. They have been a great technology provider for active traders for decades, and we look forward to using their future innovations to further benefit our trading performance.
  14. I guess after a couple of months trading live you´ll be able to define a realistic profit target.
  15. If you want to test the beta version of DAS Simulator with Replay Feature please see this forum post http://bit.ly/2Qrajxk
  16. Hi Debbie. Sim is a habit builder, good and bad habits. So trade in sim as you would in real. Don´t get fomo because you are not trading, an important part of the learning process is your reflection and review of your trades (journaling) so your learning daily sesion should have the trading stage and the journaling stage.
  17. Welcome Warren! Yes we have some traders from Australia!
  18. Hey everybody, we are looking to hold our next NYC meetup on Friday, February 21st. We are looking for an approximate head-count before we determine the venue. The venue will most likely be in or near midtown Manhattan, but again, we will adjust depending on the interest. We won't be having a speaker like last time, however, all are welcome. Ryan, Andrew, Carlos, Peter, Norm and Mike B will all be in attendance! Update Please reply to this post letting us know if you will be in attendance and if you will be bringing any +1's. We will be holding the Meetup at Pioneer's Bar: http://pioneersbar.com/ 138 W 29th St. New York New York The meetup will start at roughly 7:00PM ET When you walk in, walk to the back and if you are stopped, mention you are here for the Bear Bull Traders Meetup event.
  19. As far as I know the only option is right click -> delete. You can select all rows with your mouse and then delete all at once.
  20. CMEG Download link for ETFA Release date January 31, 2020. https://dastrader.com/download/ETFA.html
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