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  1. Abiel

    Journal software

    Thank you for creating this Michael! I will test it for sure!
  2. Abiel

    DAS trader pro DEMO

    You´re welcome Drapoli. We can't pop out Tabs
  3. Abiel

    DAS trader pro DEMO

    Hi Drapoli. 1) DAS is working in a feature to simulate trades with past data. One avaliable option is https://tradingsim.com 2) You need to save your desktop. Click file > save desktop and everytime you close DAS click yes to save it 3) Seems like DAS implemented CMEG commision structure into simulator, I hope other mods can confirm this
  4. Abiel

    Denver December Meetup

    Hi Joe, please make sure to read these important instructions when organizing meetups!
  5. Abiel


    Hey Bryan! Welcome to BBT! You are in the right trading community! -Abiel
  6. Epic Pen (Free) it´s the Screen Marker and Desktop Annotation tool used by Andrew in his classses and video recaps! https://epic-pen.com/
  7. Abiel

    Marketable Limit order?

    Hi Buck, you can test this for yourself, just take some trades, open your trade log: Trade > Trade Log and see the times for SENDING, ACCEPT & EXECUTE (You will see that the 3 steps take 1 second)
  8. In this video AdventureDogLA shows us how to set up Risk Controls in DAS Trader Pro. Risk Controls enforce limitations such as maximum daily loss, maximum shares traded per day, etc. Risk Control Page is a safety net to keep in control our loses, either to have an external control over our behavior as traders or due to a contingency such as failures in the internet connection, electric power outages, broker failures, etc. You can find "Open Risk Control Page" in DAS Trader Pro Account window, just right-click in any row of that window and Risk Control Page will open as a popup browser window to let you update your risk control settings. Some considerations: 1. This configuration works with real accounts and simulator 2. You can deactivate settings "Risk Control Page" anytime by leaving all in blanks and clicking SUBMIT 3. When you are using DAS linked to IB, or simulator, the Risk Control settings are handled by DAS. DAS staff updates your settings manually (the form is emailed to them) anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes during business hours. 4. In LOSS fields, enter a positive number. 5. “No new order” avoids orders for the current day 6. “Pos Loss” = Position loss. 7. “Enable Auto Stop” will automatically close your positions when you hit the Max Loss / Total Loss. 8. “Max Share - Max auto stop execution share per day” = How many shares can be sold / bought by the Auto Stop mechanism. 9. “Max Auto Stop Order Size” = Maximum size per order made by the Auto Stop mechanism. 10.“Delay for next order if exceed max order size (sec)” = Time between orders if the Auto Stop needs to place multiple orders to close your positions. 11. “Stop Gain Account Net Realized PL Thresh“, “Drawdown Percent of Max Net PL“ , “Pos Stop Gain Thresh “ and “Drawdown” - Like Auto Stop but for gains. The threshold is the profit the Stop Gain is looking to hit, the Drawdown is how much it can drop from that target before your positions are closed. Example, you set a threshold of 2000 and drawdown of 20(%). When you make 2000 in P/L, the Stop Gain will trigger, and will close your positions if you drop 20% ($400) from that value, closing you out at $1600 Net P/L.
  9. If you are a Monthly or Lifetime Member and need to extend your simulator time with BBT, you can get 3-months of DAS simulator time for $100 per month ($150 per month Regular Price by DAS Inc). Please go to this page to purchase your subscription. After your purchase completes, you will receive an email from Andrew asking you when do you want to start your sim time. After you respond, within 24-48 hours, you will get another email with your username and password (you will get a new login). Best, Abiel
  10. Hi Nader, this is correct, when subscribed to DAS they will provide your real time data feed.
  11. Abiel

    Venting plus big loss

    I got an email from IB about Micro E-mini Futures, check it out here: https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/index.php?f=43700
  12. Thank you for pointing out the typo.
  13. Abiel

    Zurich Meetup - August 18th

    Venue: Frascati, Bellerivestrasse 2, Zürich, 8008, Switzerland Time: 7:00 PM https://www.facebook.com/events/414264585862495/
  14. Abiel

    Zurich Meetup - August 18th

    Hi Tom, we have someone from Basel interested in attend this meetup, asking for specific place / time. Could you please provide input?
  15. Damn I watched the "Cat tries to eat dog" video instead of the hotkeys video LOL! Thx @KyleK29!!
  16. Hi Cindy, for your hotkeys use ROUTE=SMRTL Like this: ROUTE=SMRTL;Share=50;Price=Bid-0.05;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send
  17. Now it's working for me.
  18. Hi Kinga, same thing here, please email support@dastrader.com for DAS support to fix this early monday
  19. Yo Brendon welcome back!
  20. Hi... I guess this is an issue on your end with your browser. BBT Members sessions usually last about 3-4 days which is what the session expiry is set for. Please check your browser settings and let us know how it goes. -Abiel
  21. You need to get a regular DAS subscription (not simulator), use $150 one, here.
  22. Abiel

    What is the difference in data packages with IB?

    Level 2 the service that provides real-time access to the order book with price quotes from market makers. It shows the bid prices and sizes on the left side and ask prices and sizes on the right side. Level 2 is explained in Class 3 and this is a youtube playlist were Andrew show how to use L2 to get bullish and bearish signals.
  23. Abiel

    What is the difference in data packages with IB?

    Hi Cindy, I would highly recommend getting the sim with L2 so you get used to using it from the beginning. Get deluxe $150 and ask for this switch
  24. CenterPoint Securities is a low-cost but powerful trading broker for U.S. and international active traders. You need to deposit at least $30,000 USD to open an account with them. [May 8, 2019 Update] We are excited to announce CenterPoint Securities is offering our members a new and exclusive commission pricing that is very competitive for active traders. In this new commission pricing, ECN is included in the Commission fee (except regulatory fees) making this an excellent improvement from the previous commission pricing. Here are the details of the new commissions pricing for BBT members: Commission: $0.005 per share (including all routing fees) except regulatory fees. Minimum per ticket is $0.35 per trade.* Free Das Pro Platform after you trade 300,000 shares a month. Das Pro Simulation included with a live account. To get this deal when opening an account with CenterPoint on their online application select "Trading Chatroom" followed by "BBT" in the chatroom field. You can also use the link below created for Bear Bull Traders, and it will automatically set you up with the above commission pricing. https://centerpointsecurities.com/register-bearbull The idea is to have simple pricing so you can focus on trading! Please visit our website Trading Tools page for more information on Centerpoint Securities and this exclusive offer for our BBT members. https://bearbulltraders.com/tradingtools/ * Commissions are at the broker’s discretion and subject to change. Check brokers commission agreement at the time of sign up.

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