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  1. @KurtLoeblich Just to let the folks know, if everyone's schedule works for August or September dates, please proceed will try best to join! If not able to make it, will find some other time to meet the group. Just don't want to hold it back
  2. I am in..but mid October or later might work for me as I am travelling out of country during above months..
  3. Average 20ms is ok, 17ms is better but 16ms is best :)) watching it..
  4. @Ed_EI am in a process of transition from TOS to DAS. I started trading with TOS since I had an account with TD and TOS is their free platform offered to their customers. Now I have experienced LIVE day trading on both the platforms, I can compare and definitely prefer DAS for the type of intra-day trading we do for faster executions and not limited to scalps and also being able to easily customize not only the hot keys also the charts, look and feel etc... When I was using only TOS, I was never able to match with Andrew's DAS's level2 from the trade room and yes the comparison was between LIVE accounts. Yes there is monthly fee for DAS which is negligible compared with advantages and the profits that we see. Below is my DAS Live which I made it similar with look and feel since I am used to TOS screens, but now with better executions and customization. Again its an individual's preference, I like both the platforms but for different purposes..
  5. This topic gives an opportunity to share our experiences or may be even expectations for any new additions to be considered for trade room. Waiting to read more on this! As I have not been with any other trading communities before, so I can't compare. Can share my experience with BBT Trade Room, though it’s been only 2 months with BBT-Lifetime in my 3 months of day trading experience which started by reading Andrew's both the books(these are not just words in the air as we hear it a lot) I started trading LIVE directly by just reading those books alone, applying the strategies explained and observing the patterns. Not going for any other day trading books till I expertise in those strategies and techniques explained in those books. Consistency is very important for me as I am planning to extend day trading for living. Andrew always say- you don’t need to know each and every strategy, where there are hundreds or thousands of those (which may take full life time to experiment and gain expertise in all those, so no more time left for living lol). Once you find the strategies you understand well (as it differs from person to person, depending on their analytical background) and feel comfortable applying those successfully on a smaller share size and later increase as you build your psychology. Later you may try new strategies or trading approaches etc… Trade Room- I feel it is in a very structured manner based on how the day trading flows in a day and meet everyone’s trading related needs and support. I personally felt overwhelming the first month after joining BBT with all the information, different trading styles etc….Just finding your spot is all needed. Below is how I look at the structure which starts with: Carlo's Pre-Market Show- Finding range of stocks that are gaped up/down and are in play for that day and setting up support/resistance levels and quick news highlights. With the range of stocks starting from low, mid to higher price range to support all different levels of groups in the community. Andrew’s Golden Hour Show- With all his positive energy and his quick trades sharing live and being open to share his P/L(result of the process he goes thru), wakes up everyone in the AM.( Caffeine free lol..) Norm's Golf Trading Show- With his high price stock trading style, supporting those groups is amazing. Peter's Mid-Day Show- As he balances between mid to higher price range with mid-day reversal strategies till closing of the market, which supports those groups is fascinating. Brian's Swing Trades Discussion on Mondays- With his great knowledge and experience on trading, It not only supports ST group, also gives others a perspective of general understanding on stocks from different sectors play with variations and etc… William's Trade reviews (everyone’s favorite) and Robert’s outstanding support with his type of trends/wedges strategies and his support on DAS platform thru the forums is amazing. Besides all those the member’s sharing trade reviews on YouTube are great learning. Outside of the day trading there could be more to explore/expand on Swing, Options puts/calls etc…which is beyond the scope of my knowledge.
  6. Traders from Venus: Loses are fact with no escape. One said " When you know what not to do in order to not to lose money then you will begin what to do in order to win" so trade smart with no fear! Money will follow you Above is my laptop work desk converted into trade station. Had it setup this week! Went with basics what was recommended in the BBT community site which is good enough to get the job done:)
  7. Vikram.Aditya, Adding to your comments, below is what I see. I took this trade today along with the most of us in the group. I have 1min/2/5 and 15 which I don't use much. But 1/2/5 are being very helpful so far. From below, 1Min chart it has 2nd(31 Min) and 4th(33 Min) are very bullish candles confirming with the bullish volume on pushing the price higher. After that it got into consolidation and got into bit choppy. That is when I look into 2 min chart, if that does not support then wait for 5 min chart to form and look for better confirmation. From below In 2Min chart I see the second candle(32 and 33 min) is making higher highs and higher lows with bigger bullish bodies and wicks at the bottom which confirms the price action is pushing higher. And later it formed little pullbacks for entry if missed at the second candle on 2min chart. But did not thought the price action would extend that far. It was good trade today, stay green
  8. @vic, I am new trader and lot to learn. Wish you Good Luck with your challenge...
  9. @Vikram.Aditya, Thank You for sharing your trading journal. I am under PDT with TD and limited with 3 trades only. I try to save those for best but it does not always work. If I get 2 trades green then 3rd one has to be red LOL. As I found myself when I get into trade in haste with out knowing basic dynamics of the stock in play for that day is when I am turned into red and giving away what I made in those 2 green days. Keep posting...
  10. Hello All, I am Sheela and I live in Central US with my adorable family. I am working as Consulting Software Engineer. Have Master’s degree in Information Systems (Majors on Advanced Database Management Systems). I have started with swing trading just 3 months ago (mostly based on catalysts). During that time and having little flexibility with the work timing schedules, I came across with very good reviews on Andrew’s books. I bought those and read both. Those books gave a very good foundation of basic understanding on stocks observing with patterns and play with strategies. I tried 2 weeks membership to give it a try (which ends tomorrow) and here I am with LT membership. Such a great team(each moderator have unique talent) to work with and prompt support is right at the corner. -Sheela
  11. @Rob C Thank you for the support! I can see the intensity and depth in your comments. I totally agree as its internal process which takes time but reduce the impact of risk during that process is very important. Will research on Risk Controls! Have decided to have one small green day (candle stick) everyday to cover the big red day (drop of red candle stick from yesterday) going for couple more days/weeks. Its like Andrew saying, you study Med for all those years and you perform anatomy on dead bodies to learn (like learning on sim in our case) but when its time to perform surgery on a living person, its up to that surgeon sending that patient home happily or somewhere else. We learn all the theory about the stocks all the studies and understand and analyze those strategies very well and we know when to get in and out Etc.... but when we trade live the psychology plays major role and dominates everything else including all the studies and strategies that you very well know- just like surgeon in the OR with his patient right in front of him:)
  12. @buckgrad04 Thank You for the support. I need to correct few of my habits like not being able to take small losses and end up with bigger ones like this.
  13. @WilliamH, Thank You for the insight and support and making feel that I am not alone. Risk Controls- in general terms those are 'Duration' (time in the stock), 'Volume' (position size- which I am working on to reduce and go smaller ). Will research on any specific tech Risk Controls that we can set up on DAS in specific (other than SL) - I use TOS for trading. Its like no kid can learn bike riding with out falling or scraping their knees or elbows including my little one will keep going. After all "Greens" are mine and "Reds" are to my husband LOL
  14. Same here, with my couple of weeks trading experience, today I lost $1200. Have habit of starting with big volume and kept adding as the price drop and ended up with that big loss. Lesson learned with big price pay:), during first 5 mins after opening, never expect to buy stock with bottom or lowest price when the stock is violently shooting up! which is what I did today and did not get filled on time. Should had let go! but I did not and resubmitted and ended up filled with bigger price:).
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