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  1. Hi Paul! I share a couple of example log files from DAS, that can be used as an input for TradeReview. You just have to save them in a folder named "Log" and set the "DAS Folder" in the tool to the parent directory of the Log folder. 200707Log.txt 200708Log.txt
  2. Hi Paul, I was thinking that you needed something like exporting the same data included in the statistics, or the list of selected trades with their data. That would have been feasible with reasonable amount of work... In order to export other kind of data, that has to be included first in the program. I had the idea to add some basic weekly/monthly statistics (mostly to see which weeks/months were green/red), but didn't have time yet. When I will include that in the program it will be potentially exportable too.
  3. Hi Paul, thanks and welcome! What kind of data would you like to export to the .csv? As @Justin said, you can export the database and extract the information it contains, but if you need something more specific, like the statistics or the list of selected trades I can evaluate to add this function to the new release...
  4. Hi Alastair, I updated the scripts in the meanwhile, I will attach the new version in the original post. It includes the possibility to add/remove the date in the file name with a parameter (I also had the necessity to keep the history of my trades ), plus a few new functions. About the market viewer dirty after importing the list, I use the "delete all rows" function before importing the list. I guess that the delete all rows and import scripts can be joined actually, I will give it a try. I didn't use the add symbol to market viewer key for a long time, I think it can be transformed to a function that takes the actual windows coordinates as parameters, in order to be more flexible. I will try to write the function when I have some free time...
  5. I just uploaded a new version of the program. It includes some new features and some improvements suggested by @Justin: It is now possible to visualize the equity curve of your trades. The function is accessible from the menu of from the button in the Statistics tabs, and it is synchronized with the statistics (i.e. you can use the filters to show the equity curve based on a subset of your trades) The Trades and Analysis tabs have been joined because they were redundant. There is a setting to show both the tabs if you prefer It is possible to edit the trades directly from the tables in the Analysis tab and Trade details window, by just clicking on the table In the Statistics tab, you can now filter your trades also by long/short direction You can add some comments to the trading day You can import the last screenshot that you took from DAS (if you press the button the program imports from the Screenshots folder of DAS the last file generated) In the settings, you can choose more fields to be visualized in the trades tables Some bug fixing
  6. Didn't upload the new version yet, still adding the last features and performing some tests. I will update the link today I guess...
  7. Hi Justin, I already implemented the function to import the last screenshot from DAS, it was not difficult Also joined the Trades and Analysis tabs: you were true, it's much more usable now I updated the version of the .NET Framework to a newer version, I was using an older one to grant more portability but with the installer the portability is not an issue any more I guess... Maybe that will help with the scaling problem, but I'm not sure. About the missing trade, the first thought that I have is that the program considers only the closed trades, i.e. when the sum of buy and sell orders is equal to 0: did you hold part of your position overnight, or closed it outside DAS? If not it can be a bug, you can PM me attaching the DAS log file of the day of the trade (you can find/replace the account number with another string for privacy...), and let me know the details of the trade (symbol and times of the orders).
  8. I also have a 3840 x 2160 monitor on my laptop, tried to set it to 225% but wasn't able to replicate the issue. About the lagging when changing the tab, especially if you switch to the Statistics tab, it's because the program has to recalculate the strategies etc. that may have changed meanwhile. The grid views are the Microsoft standard ones, maybe there are more some sophisticated controls that are faster but it would require a lot of work to rewrite the code... I think that I tried that in the past, but there were some sync/handlers problems; I will try to do that in the Trade details to begin, and let you know if it works without problems. Yes, the 1st tab is redundant now, it is there because on the beginning the program was meant to be able to work with only the data retrieved from DAS, without strategies, etc., and also because the grids were larger at the beginning so there was not enough space for all the data in the same tab. But the 1st tab can definitely be removed now, I will work on that. This is because when you change a field in the trade analysis the table is automatically updated, and it looses the current row selection. Therefore the row has to be selected again, and that causes the current trade to be at the bottom. I'm afraid there's not much to do here... I never used this hotkey, I'm currently using a hotkey that copies a portion of the screen to the clipboard instead... but I will check it, think that something can be done in this direction.
  9. Hi Justin, I didn't experience this issue on my PC, everything appears as in the screenshots... My integrated laptop screen is 4k and the external monitors are 1080p and the appearance/resizing are ok on all of them, so I don't know if it's related to the resolution. Do you have any other particular settings for your screens? Did it happen also in the previous version?
  10. I uploaded to the 1st post an updated version with these new features: I added a window displaying a detailed view of the trades, that you can open from the menu or by double clicking the tables containing the trading days, the trades and the statistics. Depending on where you click, the list of trades loaded in the trade details is populated accordingly: if you click on a trading day/trade in the Trades/Analysis tabs, the list contains the trades taken during the day if you click on a strategy in the Statistics tab, the list is populated with the trades associated to that strategy, given the selection filters if you click on the selected trades in the Statistics tab, the list contains all the trades selected according to the filters You can associate a screenshot to each trade. The screenshot can be pasted from the clipboard or can be imported from a file You can add a detailed review of the trade. The trade review consists in formattable text, and a template for the review can be saved in order to use it as default for the new trades. I added a few tooltips to highlighting the content of each area of the windows for the new users. You can disable them from Settings->Tooltips.
  11. Think that I found the cause of the bug, fixed it in the new version, and also improved the auto-size mechanism, that sometimes was using more space than needed. I will post the new version as soon as I complete the screenshots attachment feature...
  12. Hi, if the SQLite format is ok for you this application: reads the DAS logs and saves them in a SQLite DB, which you could use to get the information about the orders and join them with the watchlist info. In the DB for each order you would find this info: If you want to integrate this in a script I don't see any problems in making the DB creation available from command line.
  13. I uploaded a new version with some new features: You can import and export trades data and settings The tool calculates the Risk/Reward of the trades. You can choose between 3 methods to calculate the risk: Based on the sum of the risks associated to the S.L. orders in the trade Based on the maximum risk associated to the S.L. orders in the trade Based on a fixed $ amount You can associate tags to the trades, and use them to filter the trades in the statistics I made an installer You can download the new version from the main post.
  14. I wasn't able to replicate the issue, maybe because I have times without AM/PM... Let me know if it happens again on other fields, and I will check.
  15. Great! To edit the fields you have to select the Analysis tab and then select the fields in the highlighted area. To add strategies just select <Edit strategies> in the Strategy drop-down list (always in the red area). The columns are set to fit the content, but no problem to add a setting to allow you to resize them in the next release... PS: glad that you liked my post about hot keys! Yes, I like to automate things too, trading is already complicated in itself so I try to simplify what I can...
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