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  1. This whole ARM thing seems more geared towards the mobile / 'tablet you can use as a laptop' market to me at the moment. Microsoft tried it with the Surface Pro X, in theory it should be possible to run a X86 32bit version of DAS in the emulator in Win 10 ARM but I wouldn’t trust it. IMHO Microsoft are notorious for selling / releasing buggy stuff as Release versions and refusing to admit any problems till they’ve replaced or patched it: Win ME, IE6, DCOM, Windows Vista, windows 8 etc etc Apple will do a much better job of making sure it does what it says on the tin than MSFT, but at the moment they're only talking about possibilities with graphics , multi monitor support and raw processing power Etc no-details at all, their Pro range is still Going to be based on Intel X86 for the foreseeable future and they are still developing OSX for X86. ARM processors will allow lighter, slimmer,, cooler, more battery efficient laptops that will work better with 5G/LTE than A mobile X86 Intel but they are nowhere near replacing it yet. Apple said the iPad Pro was A laptop replacement in 2014 but IOS and the processors were too limiting for this to be true. My advice is not to buy Anything ARM, windows or OS X, for running desktop trading software for a few years yet, it will need to be established patched and Developers will need to have specific releases for the platform. If you want to pay a premium for the latest hype and or want a tablet that can Be used as a laptop and are happy running mobile platforms then by all means go for it. Long term it’s good news If it works, Intel have had it too easy for too long; it may force them to be a bit more innovative with their architecture rather than release minor improvements as new at premium prices.
  2. For anything holding overnight or longer My strategies are all Long. Intraday I’ve no real bias the strategies I use work both ways. I think that’s primarily because I was using the markets to grow my savings from 2009 onwards as the banks were paying effectively 0 interest. My strategies were dividend, buy and hold and selling premium (writing covered calls at the start the options month) sector etf’s , blue chips etc. All very hands off whilst working, most of the time away from home. My plan is to start swing trading properly over the next 6 months or so. I definitely wouldn’t be comfortable holding short positions overnight at the moment, mainly because of the uncertainty and I’ve never done it before
  3. Welcome Cindy and Bautista, you'll find it's a pretty friendly and helpful community on here. crippling Student debt is one of the great scandals of our time in my opinion. when I went to uni in the 1980's the Govt, paid the the tuition fees and gave me a grant to live on (without needing a scholarship or the like). I had soon paid them back in taxes, when I started work - now you have to pay taxes and debt.
  4. If your using the $300 3 month BBT / DAS Sim you don't have much choice you only get full depth on the NASDAQ that's the max (or it was when I was using it). For me that was good enough for the first few months - for the strategies I was practicing. (most of the ones in Andrews book and a few others) this was good enough at the start. I only really started getting into level 2 about 1 month before I went live and it still looks like gibberish to me most of the time! If your pretty advanced in practicing in Sim, journaling etc and you have quantified that the full depth of book is needed for your strategy (Arcabook, Totalview, IEX) you can purchase the DAS for IB $150 per month package from BBT (https://www.learningdaytrading.com/partnership/bearbull) - this comes with a Sim account so you don't need an IB account to use it or you can check with DAS direct for different Sim packages. But they are going to be as if not more expensive. If your still formulating strategies, developing your trading plan etc I would say that the basic BBT Sim package is fine
  5. Deleted - missed Justins post on saving as Default
  6. I do a bit, but now I'm 50 falling off hurts too much and I don't like being burnt off by precocious little millennial types then becoming the slow old fart plastered all over instagram. I sold my SC Nomad in 2016 before I went working overseas again. It's more adventure touring / bike packing I do but I still ride and enjoy single track, but that's limited in Singapore couple of OK spots but malaysia and indonesia are pretty close and they have plenty - I''ve still got my custom Surly Karate Monkey, RockShox SIDS, Rohloff speed hub, Son 28 Dynohub, Revelate bags, etc. At the moments it's used more as a Raleigh Shopper than riding single track unfortunately. That maybe counts as 2 1/2 now
  7. Wired all the way - I use my backup machine to connect to the chat room, email etc during trading - that has a wireless keyboard and mouse but not my main PC. I've had wireless stuff disconnect on me enough times to not use them for anything critical, I had a mouse go down during a counter strike clan final match years ago and we lost!. plus 2 to 3 second delay to reconnect is enough to cost $ at the open if you trade like Andrew. I'm not OCD about it, I route everything behind the monitors, under the desk or behind the shelf that the computer sits on, I can live with keyboard, mic, streamdeck,, mouse leads on the desk. I do keep all cables neat and I do label both ends, primarily so it's not a massive undertaking and detangling session to replace something Ethernet cabling can be especially painful if it's not labelled. A few bucks on some cable ties is all you need and perhaps a cable track under the desk job done. You could even drill some holes in your desk so you can't see the wires..... lol
  8. @Marek Liyanage The way I solved this was to create separate desktops in DAS - depending on which monitor conifg I am using. The way to do this is as follows: Back Up Your Default desktop in the DAS Trader Pro Directory just in case (I keep a copy in Dropbox as well as in the local DAS directory) File>Save Desktop - give it a name (I preffix with a date stamp) - defaultBAK.dsk but as long as it is changed from default that's good enough DAS will always load Default.dsk on start up. Plug in your alternative screen arrangement - move all windows, montages etc about around until your happy with the set up - I keep the DAS window in the Laptop main screen, with orders accounts etc but all charts, Montages, T&S are popped out as Justin described) Click File>Save Desktop - give your new desktop unique name say MOBILE1.dsk after you open DAS with the second monitor config all you need to do is click File>Open Desktop>Mobile1.dsk and it will automatically load the config for that monitor set up You can set up as many desktops as you want depending on how many configs you have
  9. I agree with Justin, I ran DAS on an old 2012 MacMini as a backup PC, Booting windows direct via bootcamp (instead of a virtual machine) was much faster and more stable than using a virtual machine. Running, OSX, Parallels and Windows takes forever to load and eats up memory, I ended up with a load of windows swap files which slowed program execution down to HDD speeds and depending on the application stability issues. All Bootcamp does is partition the HDD and update / manage the machines Master Boot Table, it's not an OS or virtual machine. Drawbacks are that you can't run OSX and any of its apps whilst booted in windows and you have permanently assign some of the HDD space to a windows installation. If at all possible I would go with a wired network connection, I never tried using wifi on a MAC / Windows virtual machine, but I imagine it would be managed by OSX Air Port and shared with the windows VM, more potential for lost packets and stuff to go wrong. Booting in windows direct the wifi adapter and connection will be managed by windows.
  10. Bootcamp is a Mac OSX Boot program - what it does is partitions the physical SSD/HDD allowing windows to run from what is effectively a separate HDD without loading OSX then parallels then windows as a virtual machine. The Macbook is effectively a windows machine. When you switch the machine on you can select windows boot or OSX boot but not both simultaneously. Limitations are additional disk space (although it's minimal in some ways as you still need diskspace for parallels and windows) plus you can't run OSX or its apps whilst booted in windows. If you buy a high end Macbook Pro with plenty of RAM and a big SSD you should have no issue running parallels / windows. Older machines with limited RAM bootcamp is the way to go. IMHO. Main thing with trading software is internet connection speed not raw processing or graphics power (unless you want to mine bitcoins). DAS barely registers on Windows task Manager CPU and Memory Load even with 30 charts open - its all windows and chrome processes.
  11. I was using an Old 2012 MacMini as a backup PC for a while. I found using bootcamp and booting windows 10 from its own partition gave much better performance than running windows from any flavour of virtual machine in OSX (If you have the diskspace.) Without a budget its difficult to give advice, but the major limiting factors / compromise with any laptop are upgrading and multi monitor support (unless you have unlimited $ (for a super dooper pooper scooper Alienware / Razor Blade 17" GTX2080, ). if you can use your old macbook whilst travelling you can pick up a good desktop and a couple of monitors for 1/3 the price of a decent laptop. Unless you're absolutely sure of the monitor setup you want I wouldn't go dropping $2K+ on a laptop. The XPS is good, another option is a Surface Book 2 (MSFT had a 30% discount plus free docking station recently, but it is a little out of date so I wouldn't pay full price for one). If you want to use more than 1 external monitor you will need to buy a docking station for most laptops, they are an additional $200 to $400.
  12. If it's like other brokers you need to quote the withdrawal amount in the currency of the broker account, otherwise this happens. My (Singapore) bank is very competitive on Exchange rates and has zero charges for conversions from to USD but many are not, you can always use something like a Transferwise account which is much cheaper than most banks to transfer between USD and your home currency.
  13. Hi Fabio, Sorry about the delayed response, I'll check it out, may have saved me some time and effort if i'd checked this post earlier. My app is Access / Excel / VBA but does something pretty similar and uses a Powershell / Gnunix script to parse the DAS log files and upload the relevant changes into the database tables (using an ADO command). The AutoHotKey script was very useful - thanks.
  14. Thanks Justin, I tried searching the forums before posting but couldn't find anything. I have not used AutoHotKey for about 15 years, I'd completely forgotten about it. Should be able to cobble something ugly together - programming wise I know enough to be dangerous.
  15. Hi All, I've put my playbook / journal in an MS Access database - I was wondering if anyone has a way of automating getting the account, positions and daily market viewer out of DAS. The only way I can find to do this is by clicking export on each window separately and then typing in a name and it saves them in the das directory as .csv files. The access db automatically queries the .csv files, uploads the data then deletes them but I can't find any hotkey or automatic process for creating them, its not really a big deal but sometimes I forget to do it. Does anyone have a VBA, Python, C# etc script that will allow access or excel to pull them directly from DAS or a means of getting DAS to automatically generate the .csv files they care to share - if not I'll speak to DAS support.
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