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  1. Hi there, are there regular meetups in Singapore? I joined BBT last April but have been working in KL on an offshore oil and gas contract, since june so been sticking to Swing trading and other longer term stuff. Having just turned 50 I've Finally had enough of the chaos and stress of the Offshore marine contracting game and going to go full time trading will be back in Singapore mid January. I like working from home, but being part of an active community and regular face to face meets to discuss and share ideas, wins and losses, strategies, things i did well, things i totally screwed up etc really helps keep the spirits and motivation up. I fly drones, ride bikes and like to head out to the hills to climb mountains when i can. Most weekday mornings I will be riding my bike down at East Coast for Kopi O and breakfast then flying drones for a while either at the barrage or angsana green. if anyone wants to join in for a casual ride and breakfast chit chat and even have a go at drone racing give me a shout.
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