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  1. Greg, I know exactly how you are going thru. I was in SIM for over a year before going live, yet I lost $8K in the first week. Went back to SIM after a month, came back lost $10K more. This is called "addicted to action". My suggestion to you is to read and put to practise Mark Douglas principle in "Trading in the zone"if you haven't read it yet. It is not completely a discipline problem because I considered myself to be very disciplined person. I played very advance electric guitar and bass. I trained many year in free style kick boxing. The kind that your couch pushed the sand bag at your face until your nose broken. You just wiped the blood and continued. I could lock myself up in a room for 4 hours straight to read technical books like Cisco or Juniper. Those books are like eating cardboard. Those skills take serious discipline. But you can see that I am not better than you when it comes to trading because of the instant gratification. However, I realized that trading is psychological in nature. How we trade is a reflection of who we are. If you're frustrated, the stock will creates event that caused you more frustrated. I am stable now for a few months. This morning I trades 2 stocks only and made $800. Most of the time, I trade just one stock and make average $500. Here my suggestions to you. 1. Don't come to the market to try to get something or to fight. Come to the market to look for opportunity. Tell yourself, I don't have to trade today if nothing good. 2. Plan your own trade by join Carlos in pre-market. FYI: Talking about lack of sleep. I left work and got home at 1am PST every day just to wake up at 5:15 to plan my trade and go back to sleep around 9:30am and again wake up at noon to go to work. So I am with you regarding lack of sleep. I've done this 1 1/2 year now. 3. Before market open, do deep breathing exercise by closing your eyes and visualize something fun and happy while taking multiple long deep breath. I ALWAYS nervous before market open. So this will help me relax and not too jumpy or anxious (FOMO). Remember, how we feel will attract the same result to us. 4. I choose "CONSISTENT" over making money. The moment I got my first win, even if it's $50, I shut DAS and my PC down and go to sleep. I don't care how many good stocks are in play. This will reinforce your inner strength because you do what you said you're going to do. It's not easy. But after 2 weeks, it becomes natural. We make habits then habits make us who we are. Be strict with your rule but flexible with you outcome. Everything else you seem to get them in control there. Hope these help. I will add more when I can recall what I did back then to stop this kind of compulsive aka addicted to action. I can tell you this, when your mind is calm and you don't try or struggle to win, the setup will come to you. For me the winning trades are obvious and easy. I see what I need to see and get in right on the money and ride it all the way. In the past I would flip my position 10 times on the same stock without even knowing that it's consilating or being choppy. I just know one thing "I got to win". That's how bad or stupid it was. Looking back I can only laugh at my dump behaviors. I wanted to win at all cost. The market thought otherwise. To me because I did so well in the SIM and when it comes to live trade it did not work, I could not let that happen. I am no where near perfect yet but I am on my way. I wish you the best !!! Johnny
  2. Thank you so much Lee. I will give it a try.
  3. Hi BBT Members, I need some suggestion or guidance. If you live in the US, how do you do tax if you have CME Group. I asked them about the tax form and they told me to download from the portal. But there is no 1099-B like US broker. They told me that they don't have country specific form. Please let me know how you work with this kind of non-standard form. I understand that you are not tax advisers but I wonder how other people are dealing with this. Thank you in advance. Johnny
  4. Hi Josh, Thanks for the info. Would you mind sending your CPA info to my email [email protected] I am interested in his service or you can give my email to him. Thanks.
  5. Hi Folks, Greentradertax is offering webinar in November if any body interested. Here is the link to sign up .https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/391948801695224066?source=eml
  6. Yes, I did click on the ask in the montage many times but it did not even say "accepting ...". With CMEG live trade, no message or error. It was just nothing happened. I am not alone though please see below and also see the email reply back from CMEG to Robbie Williams. Hey mate I finally got a reply from CMEG when I was asking why I couldn’t short during a SSR: Being an offshore broker, our clients do not have direct market access and as such, trades are executed through Capital Markets Elite Group in a principal capacity. Due to this, when stocks go SSR, the company is not willing to bear the risk that it imposes on the net market position of the company. As you have seen, we do not impose this on all SSR stocks but we do so on most. While this is not always the case, this is the stance of the company at this time.
  7. Thanks all for posting your research and fee comparison etc...But for me I am with Lulin and Kevin. I am planning to close my account with CMEG soon, My main problem with CMEG is the platform malfunction (did not cover or sell) when I was trading SSR stocks. These happened to me four times and I lost almost haft of my account. Here are the disadvantages I found after trading over two months with CMEG. 1. Platform malfunction when trading SSR stocks – THIS IS THE ACCOUNT KILLER– Losing money because we are wrong is bad enough, losing money because of platform malfunctioning is just horrible and causes us to be nervous/on edge which is difficult to focus during trade. 2. Some stocks pre market had shares to short but after the market opens, those shares were not there any more. This is so frustrated because I spent a lot of time checking and planning my trade. And then when the time came I pressed the hotkey, nothing happened? I checked the montage; the letter "S" was gone. I lost two opportunities, this stock and the other stock because I was focusing only on this one. 3. Can’t short stock if it’s SSR - CMEG told us so – this is a handicap.
  8. Questions for @Mikemix: Do you know why Center Point requires 30k to open while PDT rule only required 25K? . Does this mean that the extra 5k is like a buffer to protect your account from fluctuating before it reaches 25k in which case you need to put more money? And what is the leverage ratio they gave you? Thanks. Regarding clearing firm, please check out this site: http://www.madazmoney.com/faq
  9. Hi Folks, Just to give you an update. I just got reply back from CMEG today. Needless to say it's the same one like mhibbert posted on Aug. 17th above. In short they were saying that they warned us that this is a risk associated with trading. They even added that they are off-shore so the connection is not that reliable but this is the price to pay when we don't have 25K (not word for word but in an essence). Have you ever heard auto makers response to customers who sued them due to their faulty equipment some thing like this? "Look folks, we warned you that buying a car to drive on a freeway is risky. Any thing can go wrong with that car and we won't be held responsible for it". Oh well, at this point since I don't have 25 - 30K, I am stuck with them for a while. Just be careful folks. I will be in the SIM until I can find and add more money to my account. But next time I will be more careful not to take too big shares if a stock is on SSR.
  10. Hi Folks, I have been with CMEG since Aug this year but just went live around 3rd week of Aug. I want to share some of my experience related to this thread. I never had any broker before CMEG so could not tell if this problem is common with other brokers or not. I am grateful for Andrew who made a great deal with broker for us but so far I encountered a few problems. 1. I can't trade SSR like some of you mentioned here. 2. I got up every morning 1 to 11/2 hour before market open to prepare and make sure the stocks that I planned to short have shares. They did pre-market, but after the market opened I pressed my hotkey, nothing happened. I checked the montage the "S" is disappeared. This did not happen to all of them. Our typical (MU, TWTR, AMD and JD etc..) are OK, but some new stocks even the they have 80-100M shares they are not available for short after market opened. 3. Thursday last week, I was long a stock with 1400 shares. When I tried to sell, it did nothing. I tried hotkey, click on sell button, ESC, Shift+ESC, nothing. The stock kept falling. I never called them before so I tried the 3 numbers that in their Q&A page they sent. Finally after they transferred me to the right people. Buy then I already down close to $1000. Worst, the tech that helped me was lazy and did not sent any email to me indicated that he was helping me. I sent trade log and screenshot of the amount plus what it said on screen to brokerage and support department but never got acknowledgement that they will look into it. Their platform caused this problem but they don't want to have any thing to do with it. 4. The next day, it happened again. This time I got help quick so I only lost $20 and the tech guy sent me an email acknowledged that he did try to help me. I hoped they help refund me with my lost.
  11. Thank you Robbie for posting this question. Did you ever get answer back from CME? Would you please post their answer if and when you get it. I never thought it was CME either; I have tried so many time but I thought it was just me. I will watch to see if any error the next time I try.
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