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  1. Hi everyone, thought I'd share my experience with the CME group, as I feel I need to share my experience so that others can make a informed decision in regards to opening an account. I deposited $450 in my CME account to gain live data to use for 3 months in the sim, and after that I was going to fund my account. First of all, when you fund the account, please be aware that there is an approximately $15 bank fee which is charged by the bank in Trinidad Tobago before hitting your brokerage account. I deposited the money into my account on the 28th of July. I was immediately charged $150 for July's data, and then a couple of days later $150 for August' data. I traded in the sim, and then at the end of August, I received an email saying my account has been suspended as it had fallen below the minimum balance. At this stage, due the fact that I had received generic responses to my email queries and the fact that in my situation, it was impossible to enter or exit a position once SSR had been employed on any stock, I decided to withdraw my money. Taking out the $60 wire fee, I was left with about $135. I submitted the paperwork and was told the remainder of my money would hit my American bank account within 5 days and my account would be closed. After 3 weeks, I decided to check the money had hit my account and lo and behold it hadn't. I send another email to CME as was sent another generic email saying, we received your request, and that the money would hit my account within 5 days. I replied and was then emailed saying that because I hadn't suspended my account (even though they sent me an email a few weeks earlier saying they had suspended it themselves) they had taken out another $150 worth of level 2 data, and my account balance was now below the minimum I couldn't withdraw the remaining money. So all in all, I spend $450 to receive exactly 34 days of live level 2 data. In my situation, I would say that I received generic emails to every query I had, and only once I replied again would I receive a real response. I also found that it was impossible to enter or exit any position on any stock that went into SSR. (ie: if you were long on a position, and wanted to exit because the stock had gone into SSR, you couldn't. If you wanted to short a stock on SSR, you couldn't even on an uptick). This was my experience - everyone's mileage may vary, however the key takeaway is please be careful if you do decide to deposit your hard earned money, either for a live or simulated account. Cheers
  2. Hey mate I finally got a reply from CMEG when I was asking why I couldn’t short during a SSR: Being an offshore broker, our clients do not have direct market access and as such, trades are executed through Capital Markets Elite Group in a principal capacity. Due to this, when stocks go SSR, the company is not willing to bear the risk that it imposes on the net market position of the company. As you have seen, we do not impose this on all SSR stocks but we do so on most. While this is not always the case, this is the stance of the company at this time.
  3. Hmm, I will have to check with CME then. I have pressed the short button about 50 times in a row but nothing is happening!
  4. Thanks mate, shorting on the bid is prohibited during SSR - my hotkey has a marketable limit order to -$0.10 If anyone could post their code for a working hotkey that would be awesome.
  5. Hi everyone, Wondering if someone can help me. When I was in the DAS demo, I was able to short any stock regardless of whether it was on SSR or not. Now that I'm using the CME Demo, it won't let me short at all on SSR. My question is this - when I go to short say 100 shares of a stock when its on SSR, I won't get filled. Does DAS or CME keep your short in the system UNTIL an uptick happens and then fills OR, do you need to press the SHORT button as soon as you see an uptick? For the life of me, I cannot get stock any short on SSR in the CME demo, regardless of whether its ticking up, I do a market order, limit order etc. If it s on a SSR, I cannot short any stock. Just wondering if its operator error (AKA me) or whether I need to speak to CME about it. If someone could also post their code for their short hotkey that works that I can compare mine to that would be great Cheers
  6. I live in Australia so the market opens at 11:30pm my time. It's even more painful when you switch to daylight savings as it then becomes 12:30. In regards to trading a different market such as London or Asia, I'm not sure if the same strategies apply as you need traders to be actively looking for the same patterns to be successful/self fulfilling. Does anyone have any idea if other international markets work the same as the NYSE and NASDAQ?
  7. ORB + ABCD + DOUBLE TOP MU | 18th June I took 3 trades on MU today. The first was a ORB identified on the 5 minute chart above VWAP, with an ABCD confirmation on the 1 minute chart. When the volume came in, I went long and sold for a 2:1 profit ratio (no identified profit levels to try and sell to). The second trade was an ABCD pattern (A @ 09:40, B @ 09:45, C @ 09:47). Unfortunately the ABCD pattern did not eventuate despite a confirmation on volume and I got out for a small loss. As soon as I exited the second trade, I noticed a double top on the 1 minute chart and after the stock couldn't break above the MA on the 1 minute chart and struggled to move higher again, I went short with a target of VWAP. Even though I made profit on the third trade, selling most at the VWAP, the profit ratio was just over 1:1 and I should not have taken the trade.
  8. Hey everyone sorry I won't be able to make this one. I need to be at LAX to fly back to Australia at 9pm. Hope you all have a great night :)
  9. Hi Andrew - I'm still in the simulator at the moment unfortunately. Happy to make heaps of videos for the community once I'm live though :)
  10. ANF Double Bottom | 1st June ANF opened weak at the open. I wasn't able to capitalise on an ORB however the stock put in a low of the day at 09:58AM at $21.36. The stock squeezed up and found support, slightly higher at about $21.70 where it sat for 5 minutes. At 10:12AM, the stock then moved back down to that level and couldn't go any lower. Seeing a double bottom on the 1 minute chart, as well as the fact that the double bottom was higher than the low of the day reaffirmed that it was a good long. My initial target was VWAP, taking profit along the way. I scaled out of the trade, capitalising on a 50 cent move back to VWAP, with a 10 cent stop.
  11. CIEN | 31st May CIEN was on the scannners around 09:15 pre-market. I decided to keep it on my watchlist. It gave me a few good trades. At the open, I noticed an opening range breakdown on the 5 minute chart after 10 minutes so I went short just below VWAP. I covered at my target of $23.74 identified pre-market and the 200 SMA on the 1 minute chart. The stock dropped and I covered most of my position at my target. I held some through the pullback but when it made higher highs on the 1 minute chart I got out the remainder of my position. The second trade I took was an ABCD pattern at 09:56 AM. Unfortunately the trade didn't eventuate so I got out as the stock fell. I then noticed that the stock was weak, with an engulfing pattern on the 5 minute chart so I went short again at the VWAP, with a profit target of low of the day (profit ratio of 2:1). The stock spiked up and I didn't like the price action, so you'll see that I covered half my shares at breakeven in the third black box, around 10:03 AM to limit my risk/exposure. The stock then eventually did what I wanted and I covered. The fourth trade was a reversal. I was hoping to wait for the close of the 5 minute candle to confirm however with a double bottom on the 1 minute chart, I went long with a stop just below the double bottom and a profit target of VWAP (profit ration of 2:10). I then covered towards the VWAP, and with the short squeeze was able to cover the rest above VWAP. Overall a couple of good trades, the first trade being the only trade I possibly shouldn't have taken due to the profit ratio.
  12. 6/9 works for me. Let's see if it works for most :)
  13. AMAT ORB | 22nd May 2018 One good trade I made today was on AMAT. It looked bullish on the 5 minute chart and I went long at 09:34am at $50.82. My stop loss was the low of the consolidation at $50.67 with a profit target of $51.32 - giving a profit ratio of 3:1 (assuming I didn't scale out). I scaled out of the trade in stages. The last remaining 10% of shares I held but sold when the stock made two bearish candles on the 1 minute chart (which I seem to have accidentally cut off from the screenshot of the 1 minute chart).
  14. Hi Marek - I use this website to upload my trading images and embed into my posts --> https://imgbb.com (free and you don't need to sign up for an account) Once you've uploaded your image, it gives you a HTML code which you can just paste into the body of your post where you want it displayed :)
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