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  1. fhaf33z

    New York Metro Meetup

    Excellent! Although I did hear we will have rain/snow on Saturday. Crazy Spring weather.
  2. fhaf33z

    New York Metro Meetup

    Any updates on the time we are meeting and area?
  3. fhaf33z

    New York Metro Meetup

    Andrew is in Canada I don't know he will be attending.
  4. fhaf33z

    New York Metro Meetup

    Do we need to figure out the timing and venue?
  5. fhaf33z

    New York Metro Meetup

    Carlos, great suggestion and thanks for posting the spreadsheet!
  6. fhaf33z

    Trading on East Coast with FT Job

    FX is a whole different animal. The highest traded volume is Europe open for Eur traded pairs to lunch time at 12 pm EST. In fact, its very difficult to measure fx volume since its decentralized. Worth a look but trades very differently from Equities. I've tried swing trading it before with no success.
  7. Hi! I was wondering if any of you guys are trading a different market due to time zone difference or a full-time job? I was able to join the chat a few times but I basically live on the east coast next to NYC and work a 8 to 5 PM type of job. Impossible for me to trade the U.S. equity market. I've considered London but would have to get up at 2:30 AM. I think Japan or Hong Kong at 7 PM and 8 PM might be reasonable but looking to see if the volume would also be there. What time zone, job, and market are you guys trading? Or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to advise.
  8. fhaf33z

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, My name is Farhan and I live in NJ. I've been dabbling in the spot FOREX markets for a few years and blown up some live accounts. Decided to take this seriously and start trading the equities market. I look forward to learning from everyone and become a trader.
  9. fhaf33z

    New York Metro Meetup

    I live in NJ near Newark Airport. Would be interested to meetup when it does get warmer out!

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