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    • the streamdeck emulates any combination of keys you press on the keyboard so you need to start with the hotkey setup in tradestation like you had no streamdeck you start the streamdeck app and rightclick on the key you want to edit and select the appropriate menu and press the key combination you are using in tradestation then you can choose the custom text or icon for the key so it is easier to find
    • TradeStation doesn't have a function or indicator that plots S & R lines across multiple charts like DAS does. TS does have an OHLC indicator based on the previous day's Open, High, Low, and Close, but it has to be set on each chart. There is nothing that plots S & R lines from a Daily chart. I have OHLC set up on a 1min chart along with a HotList, Matrix, and 5min chart. I have a Daily chart with some S & R lines plotted but have to manually refer to it on a different monitor. I do plot premarket Highs and Lows. How do others who use TradeStation address this problem? Thanks, William L
    • Anybody set up TradeStation v9.5 using the Elgato Stream Deck? I have a rather large set of hotkeys for trading but don't know how to translate them to the Stream Deck. Their User Manual unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired. If you used TradeStation, you know that hotkeys aren't set up the way they are in DAS. DAS is actually more comprehensive and flexible IMO. So, I've created various hotkeys for Buying, Selling, Selling Short, and Covering. Can't do things like "sell 1/4 shares" as you can in DAS. Must calculate in your head what 1/4 shares would be and then sell that amount via the Matrix or Order Bar. So I've opted to just  create hotkeys to sell by shares, like Sell 100, Sell 200, etc. Also have hotkeys for selling All shares of course, including a Bailout hotkey when you absolutely must get out of the position. I document my hotkeys in OneNote, then print out for convenience. I'm pretty familiar with the hotkeys, but would like a Stream Deck version to increase physical accuracy and decrease mental load. As you can guess, I have on occasion made a mistake with hotkeys in the heat of the moment. I have the XL version of Stream Deck. It has 32 keys. I envision all Buys and Sells to be on the first screen, and (somehow) have the Shorts and Covers on a second screen. Unfortunately, my hotkeys would take up all 32 keys. I see that there are "multi action" and "multi action switch" keys and wonder whether one could be used to switch between screens, instead of using a folder. Can anybody offer any suggestions on how to start? If someone could show me how to do ONE key, I can probably complete the rest (at least I think so). I envision separating the keys into two sets: one for narrow spreads, and one for wide spreads. With wide spreads it doesn't seem to make sense to Buy at Ask+.05. I'd rather buy at Bid+a couple of cents. I've already tried this setup on TradeStation and it works well. I usually get filled earlier (cheaper price). If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts, please let me know. Thanks, William
    • Hi Jason, I think ur right. You can set TI to a past date for replay  of the stocks u found in the original scan, but I don't know of "scanning" in the past. I would definitely be interested in ur scanner using Python. I'm familiar w/ Python but haven't used it for years. I too am looking for a viable alternative to TI b/c I'm not making enough to offset the cost. For the "what" to be included in the Python scanner, we ccould look at the columns of the Gappers list as a start. Oh, in my past life (10+ years ago), I was a software test engineer for about 10 years. Unfortunately never go into automated testing b/c it didn't sync with the needs of the project. But automated ttesting at the time was the way to go. I mostly did manual testing -- painful to execute and maintain. William
    • if all above is truth then it is your antivirus/security software or appliance
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