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Ryan W

BBT Meetups - Information & Swag Instructions

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We at Bear Bull Traders highly encourage members to setup local Meet Up groups to connect with other Bear Bull Traders members, as well as other traders in general. Often times, meet ups are planned for weekends (usually Saturdays) and are often held at a bar/restaurant that can accommodate a group of 10 or more people. As long as the meet up is announced here in the forums and other Bear Bull Traders members are notified of the event, we here at Bear Bull Traders like to offer "swag" as a thank you for your support of the BBT community and bringing together people in an environment to "talk shop" and get to know each other better, as well as share strategies, experiences and of course, swap war stories.

Here is an outline of what to do, what to expect and who to contact for setting up your local BBT meetup:

  1. Determine who will be the point of contact. Naturally, if you are organizing the event, then it will be expected that you will be the "point person" to manage interactions with BBT staff as well as deciding on a date that works for everybody, as well as setting the reservation at the bar/restaurant that is selected.
  2. Create a post in this forum (Bear Bull Traders Meetups and Introductions). In your posting, please do the following:
    1. Make sure you set the location (if you are near a major metro, or a small town so that other members who live near the area can possibly attend).
    2. Propose several dates so that other members can determine what dates work best.
    3. Decide on a few physical locations (bar, restaurant, hotel, etc.)
  3. Keep track of the proposed attendees and dates (as well as location).
  4. Send an email to: Ryan@BearBullTraders.com once you have confirmed a date and you have a rough number of people.
    1. In the email to Ryan, please include the date, the time of the meetup and most importantly, how many people you are anticipating. Also be sure to include the following information for the point of contact: name, phone number and mailing address.
  5. Once you have a finalized date, please insert the BBT Meetup date in our Member's Calendar: https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/calendar/
  6. Have fun! Once all of the details have been ironed out and you have a group and location in place, the most important piece is to enjoy yourself as well as the camaraderie of other traders.

During the Meetup:

Please take LOTS OF PICS! Especially those that showcase the BBT swag. We put all images of the BBT Meet-up events on our website, so if you or somebody in the group does not wish to have their photo taken, please make sure they are excluded from any pictures as we will post the images to our site and in our newsletter.

As a special thank you for hosting a BBT meet-up event, the point of contact will be shipped a "Swag pack" that will contain ANY of the following items: BBT T-shirts (medium size ONLY), and/or a BBT pennant flag. Because of these items, it is crucial that Ryan is informed of the total number of attendees for the event so the correct amount of swag can be shipped to the point of contact.

If you are really lucky, "The Boss" himself (Andrew) may even attend your BBT Meetup!

We encourage members to swap contact information to keep in-touch from that point forward. This isn't a requirement and is at the sole-discretion of the attendees, but we do encourage this!

After the Meetup:

Please send all pictures that were taken of the event to Andrew, Ryan and Robert for inclusion on the BBT website and in the newsletter.

The goal of these events is to come together as a community and to put "Faces to names" of members in our chatroom and here on our forums.


If you have any additional questions on how this process works or how to setup a meetup, please reach out to Ryan@BearBullTraders.com

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