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    I think I should give a little introduction to this. I start sharing my journal with you on the advice of Robert, and by this day I read the daily trading coach, so it's seem obvious if I want succeed in trading reaching other traders will greatly help. I'm a full time firefighter since 2009, father of 2 little girls, I started investing in markets 5 years ago, last year I read Andrew's 2 books and after became a lifetime member of the community, I did 3 months in simulator (almost honnestly) and I'm live since March 22. I really struggle, I had several Hulk days, breaking my rules, trade without real setup, chasing entry and FOMO is now my second name. I can't recognize me in this actions, I'm habitually so disciplined and calm, sometimes I ask me if I have what it takes. Today I had an Hulk day (15 trades) I traded in the first 5 minutes (against my rules), trade TSLA (the price is against my rules). I won't share all this trade, I will post my worst and my better for today, I will appreciate any type of comments and advices. P.S. I'm a french canadian, feel free to correct my english mistakes, I will improve my english at the same time as my trading. Routine: -Read 2 lessons from the daily trading coach -Be at my desk by 8:30 -Doing my watchlist with Carlos's premarket show -5 minutes meditation at 9:05 Physical state: -Feel good, I've a good night (8h) Psychological state before trading session: -I read a lot yesterday night so I felt focus -Confident -Excited Goals for the day: -Placing my stop loss cleary in my head before taking the trade -If I feel frustration concentrated to my breathing -Wait for the setup Psychological state after trading session: -Bad, really bad, my first tought was I just cant, I quit. -I disgusted myself to had another Hulk day and breaking so many rules -I was mind fuck till the afternoon were I get back to my feet and searching for growing and solution from this. What I did good: -Catch VWAP false breakout, I was pretty good at this in the last days What I learned: -I have to find my edge and stick to it -I have to internalized more my rules from my good trade and days, I must attach to them more emotions and feelings. How I felt at the moment I took the trade: -Agitated -Anxious What I told me during the trade: I cant wait to my profit taget, I lost money in the trades before I cant have the trade reverse against me and dont have any profits on it. Strategy: VWAP false breakout (short) Signals: Break the VWAP and after candlestick close below VWAP on 5min chart Entry: Just below VWAP at 130.10, but I enter in the trade 2 times before, I saw thw setup but lack of patience to wait is ready. Stop loss: A break above VWAP (R: 0.10) Profit target: Daily level 129.42 (low of pre-market I think) Risk/Reward: Almost 7:1 Exit: Way to much partials because I was nervous from my last losses and finaly hit my profit target and even more What I did good: -I'm happy recognize this pattern very well What I learned: -I should wait to let the setup get ready -I should wait for my profit target How I felt at the moment I took the trade: -Very not comfortbale beacuse the high price and I donr realy trade any strategies What I told me during the trade: -What the fuck I'm doing -Please work Strategy: -I just see the down trend and it break VWAP, so not really any strategies, all about feeling Signals: -Lower highs and lower lower -The break of VWAP Share size: -50 shares Entry: -Just below VWAP 254.55 Stop loss: -A break above VWAP +-254.90 (R: 0.35) Profit target: -Low of the day 250.55 Risk/Reward: 11:1 but I think my profit target wasnt realist Exit: Stop at 255.47 way higher than my stop loss What I did good: -Trying to learn fron this and hoppefully I took a small position it's the only positive I can see What I learned: -Higher price stock is not for me -I must respect my stop loss -Wait for a real setup with a real strategy Thats it for my first trading day sharing, I hope for your comments and advices, this day is not representative of the majority of my day, it was really a Hulk, bad and sad day. I dont trade tomorrow because I work at the firehouse. Thank and have a nice weekend guys!
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    UGH... That is all I can say. This week has been nothing but positive realized and a negative p/l. Today, I could lucky and ended about +100 after commissions. I could have had the WEEK of my trading career and missed out once again. This is another day of frustrations with myself. $GRUB.. seriously thought it was gonna reverse on me and squeeze using the moving averages as support. I took it heavy 400 shares and took profits to get something out of it just in case. Then, it dropped 4 points. I was sick to my stomach, lol. The big share size was a factor, but I was confident in my entry. Got back in there for two more shorts. Didn't trust the first one, but hit it again for a decent run. $AAL squeezed me good. Went short 300 shares and stopped out for a loss. Thought that close under VWAP/9MA 5-minute and the 9MA 1-minute was enough for a wash. Could've waited a few more seconds and recognized the squeeze forming. $INTC was a banger. Perfect entry with good scale out points. $XOM played ball for a bit then decided to take the ball and run. $MU was very disappointing. Went heavy on that thinking the push would hit quicker, but it didn't. Stopped out before the move happened. I think I'm in a good place for the trading challenge next week. $GRUB 4/26/2019 $AAL 4/26/2019 $INTC 4/26/2019 $XOM 4/26/2019 $MU 4/26/2019
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    Friday 4/26/2019 I had a well-being score of 5.5/10 this morning. Nerves were OK. Another sloppy day of trading to end a sloppy week of trading. Took one live trade with AAPL. MU and AMD were the stocks setting up in premarket. AAPL not so much, so my two large charts had MU and AMD. MU did not get the volume I expected so I started looking around and saw AAPL with large volume and a large move. AAPL had a big drop and was moving back toward VWAP where I went long at the break of VWAP (and the $204 level). Back-testing has shown AAPL is recently having good 1min ORB setups, so I was OK taking trade early. The problem was I took the wrong share size by about 1/3 too many shares for my planned S/O at $203.50. I am usually very good about share size. What I remember is I calculated the shares for the break of VWAP, then just before I took the trade I changed my mind to wait for the break of $204 level, but I did not recalculate the share size. Thus I went long with the wrong size trade. The first thought was to exit immediately, but I thought 1/3 too many shares is not that bad, let me ride it out. In hind sight I should have just sold 1/3 of my shares but I didn’t think of it at the time. The problem is that this made me nervous, so instead of waiting for the break of my planned S/O level I sold right at my stop level instead. As soon as I did the price reversed and had a really good run. If I followed my plan, that would have been a great trade. The urge to revenge trade was instant and I wanted to get go long when it broke VWAP again. Though I do allow two trades/day now, I can only take a second trade if I am in emotional control. I wasn’t. But I was going to take the trade anyway. What brought me to my senses is I remembered today is the last day of my 3 month challenge to teach myself not to go hulk. It would have been a really bad (though ironically fitting for my personality) day to go hulk. So instead of taking another trade, I quickly shutdown the platform and walked away. Live to trade another day. What I did good today: Didn’t go hulk. How did I challenge myself today? Did not take a second trade. What I did bad today: Very sloppy again. Taking the correct share size is something I am usually quite accurate with. What can I do better next week: Just saying I need to be more careful isn’t going to do much. I need to make a plan this weekend how to improve and I will implement on Monday.
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    Friday April 26th, 2019 Sleep: 8 hours. Mood: feeling nervous this morning. i'm assuming it's because i did well yesterday so i'm worried i'm going to trade bad and also i'm trading from home which is not my typical trading environment. First trade of the day was MU. it sold off beautifully without me on an ORBD. then made a double bottom that i passed on as well. once it crossed the 200 MA and then lost it to the downside i got in short. i did not mean to take full size i hit the wrong hot key. i got out half at 1R which at the time seemed like a good idea to lower my risk but had i just given it a little more time i could have got out at 2R for a good trade even though i didn't mean to. I got my typical sell half at 1R get out the rest at b/e. if i don't stop doing that with my winners, i'll never be profitable. GOOD: patient with my entry. RFI: no setup, chased the entry, didn't sell at my profit target. MOOD: ok, glad it wasn't a loser CONSISTENT: no. not following my trading plan. Tried the trade again to the short side, risking the VWAP to the LOTD. i did not wait for the signal it was going lower and got in too early and got stopped out immediately. GOOD: got out at my stop with no problem. RFI: no setup, too early on the entry, didn't get in at resistance. didn't wait to see if this was a pullback or a reversal. MOOD: fear, FOMO CONSISTENT: yes, got out at my stop. Took MU to the long side which was a great idea BUT i didn't get a good enough entry and i got stopped out. so close to making money overall on MU today and i just botched it with my entries. GOOD: right idea RFI: bad entry, stop was too close. MOOD: dissapointed i didn't have the patience for a proper entry. CONSISTENT: yes i respected my stops. Last trade of the day was in NVDA. it could not break through the VWAP and i got in on a new 5min low risking above the VWAP and a new 5min high. i'm not going to knock the trade idea, this could have went in my direction the only thing i would change is my bad entry. GOOD: trade idea made sense with a reasonable stop. RFI: chased the entry. MOOD: ok, it's a choppy day in the market. CONSISTENT: yes, respected my stop. Let my emotions get the better of me today and took all FOMO entries. What I did good today: Got out of my trades at my monetary stop loss point with little to no hesitation or emotional pain. What i did bad today: too emotional on my entries and not trading my setups. not one trade today was a good entry What can i do better tomorrow: I need to 1.) trade a setup or make sure the stock is trending then 2.) get a good entry and then finally 3.) don't sell before 2R period. Other comments for tomorrow: i'm so close to being profitable, i can feel it. just looking at my statistics, i have a win rate of around 43% which is pretty good. my problem is that my average winner is $10 and my average loser is $10 so i'm slowly losing money. or a little fast because i'm paying 20% commissions on top of both. I confident i can be a winning trader i just need to tweak my trading just a little bit and i will get my equity curve in the right direction.
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    Can I put CXL ALL infant of my hotkey commands to cancel the stops I have in place when taking a partial? Example: I have 1000 shares with stop loss order in place 0.10 below my average purchase price. I take a partial at 0.30 above my entry. But my old stop is still in my orders. If I put CXL ALL in front of my current partial HotKey, will it do what I'm hoping? Do I put it before ROUTE (CXL ALL;ROUTE......)?
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    Thursday 4/25/2019 I had a well-being score of 5/10 this morning. Nerves were actually OK. I was hoping for a really clean day of trading, since I had a rule breaking day yesterday. Though I didn’t break any rules I was quite careless with my second trade. Took two live trades both on AAPL. MU was the stock I was eyeing to trade. But it didn’t setup for the 2min ORB while AAPL did. It was a really nice “Vish” setup. Very bearish with good R/R and a good first target for taking a partial. I did have to wait a bit for the price to break the last tech level (which was the $207). Price bounced a couple of times off that level before finally breaking through. Once it did I went short. Price instantly reversed and I was quickly stopped out. But, I don’t see anything wrong with the trade, it just didn’t work out. 5min chart when I took the trade at 9:32am After that trade I went back looking at MU for an entry for the 5min ORB. It had a nice ABCD pattern. Sadly, I didn’t stay watching it as AAPL started setting up again. AAPL had 3 bullish 1min candles and engulfed the premarket’s 5min candle. So I waited to see if it would break a very strong combined TL of the HOTD, 200MA and a daily level all within pennies of each other. I thought the price made a break through all 3 levels and I went long. It instantly reversed and I was quickly stopped out. After I was S/O is when I noticed it actually didn’t break all 3 TLs, just two. I jumped the gun, very sloppy. 1min chart when I took the trade: A view of both trades: What I did good today: My first trade was fine, good setup and patiently waited for the break. How did I challenge myself today? Stopped at my 2 trade limit. I had some FOMO on MU since that was the trade I was planning to take. What I did bad today: Very sloppy to jump the gun on a trade before the break. What can I do better tomorrow: I use to have a trouble with entering a trade before the clear break. I recently got better, but today shows it is a constant struggle I must control.
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    The accidental order on another montage is going to be an issue with any hotkeys. I only execute trades from one particular montage, so I have FOCUS MONTAGENAME; set on my hotkeys, this way it will always select and execute on that one. As with most things in trading, you have to practice and learn so that you work through these kinks. Once you get used to it, it'll become second nature. I've been using for a few months and I'm practically OCD on selecting the correct montage now. And the hotkeys you set in StreamDeck are the same as you set in DAS? E.g. a hotkey on the SD set to send Ctrl+Alt+Z has a corresponding action set in DAS. What operating system and version of DAS are you using? I remember having a brief issue where the StreamDeck and DAS wouldn't play nice.
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    Guys, if you haven't yet take a look at the TX club and join. Let's try and get some good meetups together this year.
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    Sounds good, I look forward to meeting our central Texas traders!
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    Lee, thanks for the answer. Btw, I have 1 more :). I switch to my real acct on the montage on Das so can I trade, right. But when I enter another ticker on that montage then it automatically switch back to Demo acct. Is there any way to make it not to do that? Thanks again.
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    Since your hotkeys use BP %, default Share won't affect you. AON means 'All or None.' This means you intend to get the order filled completely and no partial. You rather have the order skipped when it can't be filled entirely. ANY means you don't care if the whole order is filled and partial is OK. I use ANY. Route should be SMRTL if you're with IB. Not sure what the other brokers default route is.
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    There are 3 options in the Global Order Templates: Sim, Live, Blank Whichever you select in the Global Default will be the default in your Montage (as long as that Montage has "Use Global Default" checked).
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    Marek, just to be clear, I *DID* configure my global settings and made sure the account portion is blank. This is what makes it automatically choose the TR account when I open DAS. Once I change it in the montage, it will stay on my U account all day until I exit DAS and go back in. Just wanted to make sure I was clear in what I was describing.
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    Lee, ok, that's good to know too...at least there's a rule in place so it will probably always stay that way until I change the setting globally or locally. That way, at least I know what to expect when I open the s/w. I don't usually check everything just enter tickers and shares and trade using Andrews preconfigured buttons. The random change threw me a bit off yesterday....I guess that was just one of the glitches on the way to going live...
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    Marek, that’s correct. I asked DAS about this some time ago because I wanted mine to default to blank, as well. They told me DAS won’t do that. They explained that if your global setting is left blank, the montage will default to the TR account upon opening the platform because it uses an alphabetical rule. Your IB account starts with U. T is before you U, so it shows TR until you make the change manually in the montage.
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    "To avoid this, don’t choose an account in the template. Leave it blank. When you choose it in the montage, it will stay that way until you change it again in the montage." I tried leaving the account open in global or in local montage config...I wanted to do this so it would force me to actively chose an account at the start of a session/trade so I would less likely be trading live when I didn't want to. I had that happen this morning when one of the montages had indavertently flipped to the IB account and I found myself in a live position. I only noticed that b/c I looked at my account window and my PnL. However, when I leave account unselected and then save the desktop and reopen DAS s/w it flips back to show my TR account selected in the montage. That's still better than what happened this morning but it does appear a bit random. I guess I will need to keep a closer eye on the montage selections in the future.
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    They’ve got it right, but I’ll add a little to it as I was speaking with DAS today about this. If you change the global order configuration (setup menu, order template), you have to make sure to check the “use global” box when you right click the montage and go to order template. Either way you do it, if you have an account chosen in the order template, it will always default to that account when you click a symbol, assuming you have the account set for the exchange on which that symbol is traded. So if you set the default as your U account from IB, then you change it in the montage to trade your demo account, it will switch back to the U account (the default) when you click another symbol. To avoid this, don’t choose an account in the template. Leave it blank. When you choose it in the montage, it will stay that way until you change it again in the montage.
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    Just adding on to Robert's response -- make sure when changing the account in "Setup > Order Templates" that you change it for each of the exchanges that you trade (i.e. do it for both Nasdaq and NYSE). Make sure to hit APPLY between each. It took me awhile to figure that out and I made a few trades in the wrong account before that was clear to me, so FYI.
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    Toan, try changing the Global Default Order Configuration: Go to Setup > Order Templates For Q---Nasdaq, change Account in drop down Hit Apply For N---NYSE, change Account in drop down Hit Apply If that still doesn't work, for each Montage: Right-click the order entry area > Order Template Check Use Global Default
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