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  1. toan0820

    Day Trading and Tax Preparation

    Could someone please show me how to get tax form from IB? Been trying and havent been able to do it. Thanks in advance.
  2. toan0820

    Das App

    Hi Robert, I have had this app and been using it for a while. Suddenly, I cant log in anymore. Just wondering if it happens to anyone else.
  3. toan0820

    Das App

  4. toan0820

    Das App

    Does anyone have any problem with Das App? I haven't been about to open it for the last few days.
  5. Lee, thanks for the answer. Btw, I have 1 more :). I switch to my real acct on the montage on Das so can I trade, right. But when I enter another ticker on that montage then it automatically switch back to Demo acct. Is there any way to make it not to do that? Thanks again.
  6. toan0820

    IB Commission

    I signed up with IB and Das two days ago and they never asked me to choose what kind of commision I want. Isnt' it strange?
  7. toan0820

    DAS and IB

    Hi guys, What does STMRL stand for in DAS PRO? There's no long MARKET or LIMIT anymore. Thanks.
  8. toan0820

    Interactive Brokers

    Hi guys, what's the diff between fixed and tiered commission? I did some research but still a little confused about it.
  9. toan0820

    Interactive Brokers

    Thanks Carlos.
  10. toan0820

    Interactive Brokers

    Hi guys, Do you have to call IB to open an acct or just open online? and When u open IB acct, do you have to trade right away? I am thinking of open an acct now, deposit and finish my SIM in 2 weeks before go live. Thanks in advance. TD.
  11. Great post. I noticed the yellow price on the Y axis. How do you do it? Thanks.

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