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  1. One more! Good timing (for me) -- making a comeback in 2020 after taking most of 2019 off of day trading. Looking forward to meeting you all!
  2. Let's make a PNW meetup happen! I'm in Seattle-Tacoma area as well and could travel North or South to either Vancouver (or Seattle is a good midway point for both).
  3. Saw the inverse of this today with the example below -- long wicks above the candle, indicating selling pressure. Sure enough, price dropped shortly after. Glad I got out!
  4. I'm in the Seattle/Tacoma area and would consider driving up as well (or carpooling with the PDX traders!), but can't make it that soon as I'm tied up for the next several weekends. I'll follow the thread though and see if it works and if not will try for any follow-up gatherings that take place.
  5. Afraid I'm "Sverige" by name only (don't even know how to say Swedish, only Sweden).
  6. Just adding on to Robert's response -- make sure when changing the account in "Setup > Order Templates" that you change it for each of the exchanges that you trade (i.e. do it for both Nasdaq and NYSE). Make sure to hit APPLY between each. It took me awhile to figure that out and I made a few trades in the wrong account before that was clear to me, so FYI.
  7. I just treat them like an ORB trade (long) at the open after the first 5min candle. I also go small shares and a tight stop. They usually pop at the open from what I've seen so far, so this has worked for me a few times. Worked okay today on ARMO for a quick profit. After that I'm done with them for the day.
  8. Wesley -- the moving averages are calculated values for the specific chart you are looking at. So, the 9 period exponential moving average on the 5min chart will be a different calculated value than the 9 period exponential moving average on the 1 min chart, and so forth. It is calculating the moving average for the last 9 periods (whether 1min, 5min, etc). As for which to rely on (1min or 5min) as a better indicator of support/resistance, I don't have an answer for you (that's up to the trader and their strategies). The exception to the the above is with VWAP -- this is a calculation of all shares traded for the entire day regardless of timeframe, so that technical level should appear as the same value on all charts, regardless of timeframe. Hope it helps and that I didn't confuse you more. Also I'm no expert on any of this (yet!) so hopefully the information is correct! Anders
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