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    • I have updated some initialization stuff.  Its posted still at github.   How to run Structjour: Start the program.  Go to file->file settings Select a Journal Directory Select the next four buttons to set up default stuff.  Press disciplined and navigate to the file Disciplined.xlsx. I recommend placing it in your Journal directory. For the 'structjour database' and 'trades database' make up a name ending in .db or .sqlite. They can be the same file. I recommend placing it in your Journal Directory. For create dirs, Create at least one month by selecting 2019, September (current year/month)  and clicking create dirs. Go to file->chart settings and that should initialize everything. Make changes if you like Go to file->stock api (optional to setup automatic chart generation)    (Going to leave off the IBAPI setup from this post to avoid complication.) Get the barchart apikey here https://www.barchart.com/ondemand/free-market-data-api (Same link if you right click in the dialog on Barchart free api) Do the registration and copy the apikey into the box Get the Alphavantage apikey here https://www.alphavantage.co/support/#api-key (Same link if you right click in the dialog on Alphavantage free api) After getting keys, click on the check box for Barchart and Alphavntage In the Edit box at the bottom, place 'bc',  'av' or 'av,  'bc' in your order of preference Uploading data from DAS (Optional if you use IB statements) Export your trades window from DAS Trader Pro into the folder for the correct date underneath your Journal Dir. Call the file trades.csv (the default name you selected earlier) Include the columns [time, symb, side, price, qty, account, cloid, P / L]  If you are don't have any subdirectories- go back to file->filesettings and run create dirs Export a positions window from DAS Trader Pro into the same directory. Call it positions.csv Select the 'DAS Import' radio box on the front Select the date in the date widget. Click Read File,   Add your charts, comments, target, stop loss. Then select Database  radio check box and click Save User Data button Uploading data from IB (optional if you use DAS exports) Go to the Interactive Brokers web site  and log in Go to Menu->Reports->Statements     Create a CSV Daily or Monthly Activity statement that includes Account Information, Open Positions and Trades Set it up to receive it by email. Place it in the the directory that matches the latest date (date will be in the file name) The file name should include 'Activity' (as you setup in the default names in file->file settings dialog) Click IB Import and adjust the date  Click Read File, Enter your data for target, stop, analysis etc and click Save User Data Or create a flex statement: Login to Interactive Brokers Go to menu->Reports->Flex Queries Use the Activity Flex Template to create a new Flex Query Use the word 'Activity' in the file name Include Trades, Account Information and Open Positions For each table type, it will be easiest to select all fields instead of picking out the required ones Don't worry about overlapping dates. If you choose to receive 'Last 5 days' every day, its not a problem Add your newly created trade to the 'Flex Queries Delivery    
    • Hi Kyle, Just wanted to let you know that in both v2.0 and v2.1 (only versions I've tried) selecting SSR in the drop down box under the DOLLAR RISK section on the Hot Keys tab doesn't update the formula. Selecting SSR for all the other sections in the tab works fine, just the DOLLAR RISK section is not working properly.
    • This.  I get it.  It's Sunday night, and I've not been working all weekend.  Not in legal, but slowly transitioning out of web development and instruction.  You will be amazed at how much time you have back in your life.  Welcome!! --nono/nonoruns
    • $CNQ - Canadian Energy name, nice bull flag, looking for continuation up..., check volume, respect stops - resistance at $27.88. formed nice support at base of breakout candle, has potential. A break below could lead to 200MA and Gap fill in the short term.  

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