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  1. Hey - I can't answer your question (sorry!) but I'm curious...you're using DAS with TD? I'm assuming you have to pay the monthly fee for DAS right? But TD's still not charging commissions using DAS?
  2. Holy cow...OMG, the commission calculator spreadsheet - my inner math geek is about to take over and my afternoon is shot now! Thank you Abiel and BBT (and make sure to tell William thanks for a GREAT video and spreadsheet resource!)
  3. Abiel - Awesome - well not really, but you're awesome answering all these questions so quickly - thank you!
  4. Do you pay more commissions/fees (DAS/IB) if you partial out a lot, or is it computed strictly on the amount of shares traded?
  5. This is AMAZING! @KyleK29 Thank you so much for all the work you (and others) put in to this! I've been trading/learning to trade for a little over a year now and am finally switching myself over to DAS/IB - and I can't even tell you how amazing I think this all is! Provides such an edge for trading! Ok, I'll stop with all the exclamation marks I've been practicing with these in SIM for the past week and it makes things so much easier. This was probably the deepest thinking I've done in years trying to catch up with your mind and make this all work - but obviously not anything near the amount of work you put in making all this work and putting the "instructions" together for everyone to use. Thank you!
  6. And all the ones you might have missed before. I became LT member in February and there have been a lot of great webinars since then!
  7. Oh yea, spend the money on the LT membership instead of the TI subscription - the webinars are SO awesome!
  8. This is really interesting info - thanks for sharing!
  9. Digging around the forum today looking for information on ORB strategies - GREAT, informative post here! Thank you!
  10. I 3rd the Pullback vs Reversals suggestion. Also, would love one on what levels to keep marked on your charts and how far back to look to ID them. I always mark previous day/premarket highs and lows on my charts, but I'm not sure I understand what other levels are most important and how far back to look to find them. Of course this webinar would have to be titled "High and Lows Gotcha Covered" ;0)
  11. I just found out about this a week or so ago and love it!
  12. I think you did fine. Sometimes I sit through consolidation to see which way it’s gonna break, other times I get bored of waiting and I just exit out and take my profit.
  13. keen246 - Since I'm relatively new to BBT, I'm making my way through all the videos on the site. There's a really good one that addresses some of this under Success Webinars, it's "Week 6: Carlos - Trading in Probabilities."
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