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  1. Das with Td has been very glitchy for me. It freezes. hotkeys don't' work all the time. I called TD and they just said we are aware programmers are working on it. 

  2. I've been using TD with DAS since July no issues. If you wanted to switch to IB I would just leave your long positions open with TD and move the cash over if you plan to daytrade, this way you have two accounts one for day trading one for swing/long positions. The only benefit I've head to IB is for shorting but you can short easy to short stocks in TD just fine.
  3. My main priority is investing the money to get something dependable, I have plenty of deskspace, currently i connect my laptop to my screens so I could replace this laptop for another that has the appropriate specs. I guess Im confused on whether to go with a desktop or laptop, not much of a computers guy developed a passion for the markets and trading so Im trying to get better at the tech part, no prior experience in gaming or anything really.
  4. Seems like a lot of people go with laptops. The link you attached I believe was the Dell XPS? Would you go with a laptop over a full desktop setup? Seems to be the most recommended. Like a Dell Insperion 16gb?
  5. Ok it was only $100 difference to get the additional RAM. Do you have any recommendations as far as brand or is the Origin M Class workstation good only with less RAM? 16gb?
  6. I have been trading with a Lenovo laptop and two additional screens, the technology I started my trading with. Now with the addition of DAS trader and Trade Ideas Scanners I don't have enough memory. Looking to purchase a new desktop setup, Origin M Class Workstation 32gb RAM was recommended to me, wanted to see if anyone has had experience with these or any other recommendations? I want to make sure I invest in the technology I need and am ok with paying for performance. Thank you for any and all suggestions.
  7. Thanks for the reply, going to switch over. Glad to hear it was worth it!
  8. I'm a new member here and looking to switch over to IBKR pro from TD Ameritrade. I am familiar with DAS just had a few questions in regards to switching. Is there an easy way to transfer funds from my TD brokerage to IBKR? Also as far as using DAS trader I know IBKR charges commissions on trades, by using DAS is the $150/mo fee all associated costs? Or are they charging commissions as well? Thank you for any insight.
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