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  1. Das with Td has been very glitchy for me. It freezes. hotkeys don't' work all the time. I called TD and they just said we are aware programmers are working on it. 

  2. Hola como estan todos. soy nuevo aqui... aunque el ingles es mi primer lenguaje mis padres hablan solo espanol y mi espanol hablado es fluido. Si hay un grupo en espanol me gustaria participar con ustedes.
  3. Hi there new here too. I am too gonna switch over to IB eventually. Problem is i need to transfer my account over and long shares from td to IB. Anyone know how long the process of transferring accounts over takes? and is it smooth?
  4. Hello Everyone. New here . Have been dabbling with trading for 2 years. some successfully some not. Noticed i needed more training and discipline to do this full time. So i am here. would appreciate any guidance and help in my journey to become a better trader.
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