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  1. Digging around the forum today looking for information on ORB strategies - GREAT, informative post here! Thank you!
  2. I 3rd the Pullback vs Reversals suggestion. Also, would love one on what levels to keep marked on your charts and how far back to look to ID them. I always mark previous day/premarket highs and lows on my charts, but I'm not sure I understand what other levels are most important and how far back to look to find them. Of course this webinar would have to be titled "High and Lows Gotcha Covered" ;0)
  3. I just found out about this a week or so ago and love it!
  4. I think you did fine. Sometimes I sit through consolidation to see which way it’s gonna break, other times I get bored of waiting and I just exit out and take my profit.
  5. keen246 - Since I'm relatively new to BBT, I'm making my way through all the videos on the site. There's a really good one that addresses some of this under Success Webinars, it's "Week 6: Carlos - Trading in Probabilities."
  6. Skye - Thanks for the input. I've been trading for a year or so. I've been telling myself I need to do that, maybe trade the afternoon instead. Maybe I actually will try it now! Thanks
  7. Since this is killing me day after day, maybe a webinar on trading different time frames in the day besides the first 1/2 hour. I can't seem to pull myself away from that time frame even though I'm not successful in it.
  8. Good suggestions in all posts above. I'd like to see one on how to trade stocks with wider spreads ($DIS, $BA, $ZM, ...)
  9. Really good suggestions above. Definitely keep the main one focused on the "Don't trade alone, Why trade alone, Trade with the power of a community" aspect. I joined a week or two ago and one of my biggest problems after a year was I felt alone doing this by myself everyday and I wanted a community to help me learn.
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