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  1. not really, neither the platforms, nor the studies I would generally consider as crap. just for MY purposes at the moment.
  2. thanks for the new hint. I downloaded and tested it but unfortunately the desired channel could not be set. but it was worth a try
  3. I'm no customer yet, butI'll definitely try it out when the time comes. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Maybe someone else knows of any other platform or provider for trading data with a for me useable LRC. If thats not the case, I have no choice and will move on.
  5. This is not only my personal opinion. And regarding this special strategy, the DAS LRC is crap, but of course it maybe very useful for other strategies, no doubt about it. Everyone I heard of in Ed's chatroom and even Ed, who has been trading this stuff since many years, trying to get value and data out of the LRC from DAS for trend trading told me, this DAS-thing is crap. In live-trading, the LRC on the TOS 5DAY1HOUR-Chart has proven to be very, very useful and accurate in terms of potential support and resistance when trend-trading on the 5-minute chart. The data is the default-setting of the TOS 50 and 100 LRC on the 5d1h-chart. There is nothing more which I can say concerning data and settings. And why should I move on and accept this, as long as i haven't exhausted all the possibilities, to get this very, very useful tool maybe on any other way? So that's what I am trying here. If it turns out that i can't get to this data and no one else has any helpful advice, i can always look for alternatives and move on.
  6. Hi Peter, thanks for your answer. I already testes the LRC of DAS, but I don't get it even approximately to the values and data, the LRC of TOS has on its 5d1h chart. I played around for hours with the DAS LRC. It doesn't really work and it's impossible to find a usable default setting there, that gets at least very close to the TOS Live Data. So DAS is really crap regarding the LRC, or I am to stupid to find a good setting. There were times I thought I did it, and I managed to get to the TOS channel up to +/-10 cents. But using exactly this this setting for another stock or another day for the same stock, there suddenly was a difference again of at least 50 cents. And even if I could manage a reasonably similar setting, I don't have the time to search for the right setting everytime I change to another stock.
  7. Hi BBT Traders, my name is Alexander and I come from (and live in) Luebeck, Germany. I am totally unexperianced and decided to join the BBT fam on december 2021. After reading, studying and learning since july 2021, I opened a DAS Sim-Account and trade there since april 2022. What I really like about the trading style so far and what I've gotten along with very well are ed's strategies. Unfortunately i have to rely on the Linear Regression Channel 50/100 on the 5d1h Thinkorswim chart, to execute my favorite strategies exactly. At the moment I have access to TOS via a papermoney account with 20 minutes delayed data of the LRC. That's better than nothing, but sometimes gettin' really boring. So I tried to open a TOS Live-Account, to get access to realtime data. Stupidly it's not possible for me as a german citizen to open a TOS Live-Account, no way. I already talked to TOS-Support and they can find no way to get this. So here is my Question: Does anyone have any idea, how I can get to a real time Linear Regression Channel similar or nearly similar to the LRC on the 5d1hTOS chart? Has anyone had a similar problem or experience? I know there are dozens of trading platforms out there and chart providers, and I already had a close look on at least 10 in the last few days, but didn't find anything usable. I would be very grateful for every new idea and every tip. Thanks in advance
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