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  1. Hi Guys, Anyone that is familiar with TWS IBKR, knows how to view the 'expected move'? It seems that is available in Tastytrade and ToS. Thanks, Costa
  2. Hello Sps13, 

    I am also from Cyprus and would be glad to touch base with a BBT member in Cyprus. Feel free to send me an email and take it from there. 



    [email protected]

  3. Hello Andrew003, also relatively new in day trading and based in Cyprus. Happy to connect to support each other in the journey. 

    1. Andrew003


      Hi Costa, how are you? Certainly helps to exchange ideas, problems, successes etc and support each other where needs be. Are you also trading on SIM? How are you finding it? Which strategies are your practicing?

    2. CostaCY


      Hi Andrew, sorry for the late reply. I did not see the notification. I am new in the forum. 

      I am currently trying to switch from swing trading habits to day trading. I tried the live environment with not much success. My trades in SIM are normally green whereas the live trades are normally red. 

      I am looking at trades such as ABCD pattern, double bottom reversals, Mountain pass (there was a good one today with $BABA). 

      I am quite successful in finding the direction but sometimes I need to give room with my stop losses. 

      Next steps: More practice, journaling, identifying optimal stop losses and trade management (normally I exit too early). 

      I set target until Christmas to practice and by Christmas I will set rules and add discipline. 

      Let me have your thoughts and your approach in day trading. 







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