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  1. I'm planning on going live and this would be really useful
  2. Hi Kendrick, I had a similar issue yesterday when I wanted a partial but it covered all. Andrew also said he pressed his partial hotkey but it covered all... odd day
  3. Hi Justin, firstly - really liked your trading station video, a really nice clean work space! I’ve finished the videos, which were fantastic, but I just want to make sure I haven’t missed out any other insightful nuggets
  4. Hey fellow BBTs! Im from the UK and recently joined as a lifetime member and today was my first day in sim - loved it! i know there’s a weekly onboarding session every Monday for new starters but it’s 1am UK time, could we record one of the sessions so us Europeans?
  5. Hi everyone! After plenty of research and reading Andrew's books, I have signed up as a lifetime member. I'm from the UK, Liverpool, and known by my surname 'Drew'. Andrew, his books, and this community feel like the perfect fit for how I want to trade. There's a long road of education and practise ahead of me but I am committed and it looks like I'll get the right support here. Look forward to getting to know a lot of you here. Drew
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