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    Two computers with eight monitors. My primary unit has six monitors and the laptop has two screens. I usually watch 8 stocks that are in play and six secondary possible continuation stocks on the overhead 2K 37" screen. I have three montages. One screen for watching the $SPY, market clock, and network connectivity to DAS. The outermost right Dell monitor is for the chat room. The laptop is my hot backup with CNBC and other news feeds. I have a Bluetooth headset and a wireless mouse. I custom built this workstation. It is basically a gaming machine. Here are the hardware spec: Intel i-7 6700K @ 4.00Ghz 64 GB of DDR4 3200 RAM 500 GB SSD NVIDIA GTX 970 with two additional USB to VGA ASUS Maximus VIII Hero ATX motherboard Intel 10/100 NIC TV stand:: Amazon ASIN: B07581Z9SM Two monitor stand:: Amazon ASIN: B07MC9YX63 I believe Andrew Aziz is a very rare person because at his core he is a teacher first, daytrader second. He is passionate about changing people's lives for those who would apply his knowledge and instructions. He is the second person I have met in person that operates his business at an incredible level of integrity. The other person with strong integrity is Dave Ramsey. Every morning, when Andrew is not summiting a mountain, he shares transparently over 15 years of knowledge only gained from an unforgiving market that does not hesitate to trap money from an unsuspecting new trader. I have watched for over two years, an excess of 500 videos of Andrew and his team's trade recaps. Andrew and his team's success is that they trade the same set of strategies that are described clearly in his book. You can be suspicious of a strategy if only one person is successful at it. You could still be suspicious of his team that trades the same strategy. If you want, you still can be suspicious when members are successful using Andrew's strategy. However, when you combine the number of trades taken by all the traders over time, the evidence is demonstrating counter to your belief. Bruce Lee said, "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
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    I read "How to Day Trade for a Living" over a year and a half ago, I join the chatroom while I was still reading the book. The chatroom has been an invaluable resource for learning not only good trading habits, but the psychology of trading as well. After a year of trading my husband joined me and now we trade together everyday. Thanks to the BBT community!! Michelle and Nathan
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    This is an amazing setup!!! Love it! Nice touch with the clocks up top, I also have that same Classic Chart Patterns! Now, who is the better trader?? Just kidding Best of luck to you both!
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    Wednesday June 29th, 2019 Sleep: 7 hours. Mood: good, ready to trade. feels good to take a couple days away from the markets and recharge. First trade was a 5min ORBD in GOOS. good entry, but i only got partially filled because i was afraid of a pullback and never got a chance to add to my position. i didn't think to add to it on the way down which would have been the smarter move. sold half when it moved 80 cents in my favor and then the rest when i thought it was hitting the bottom. turned out it kept falling all the way to my original profit target. GOOD: good setup and entry RFI: sold too early and didn't have enough shares MOOD: good CONSISTENT: no, didn't follow the plan. then i tried to take what i thought was a double bottom in GOOS and got in long on a new 5min high. it couldnt get through the MAs and just kept slowly falling all morning. GOOD: got out at stop loss RFI: not a true double bottom, labeling this "no setup" MOOD: good CONSISTENT: yes, followed the plan last trade of the day is my newest setup that i'm calling bottom (or top) fishing. what i do is put in a limit order 5 cents above the LOTD and hope for the price to test the low but then head back higher. with the limit order is a market stop 10 cents from my entry. Once i'm in the trade i switch to a range order of 3:1 risk reward to replace my original stop. my thinking is that i'm always trying to guess the trend change and double tops and bottoms are major reversal signals so i should in theory get some really good entries with this method. I tried it out today on AMD and it unfortunately did not work. i'm going to do more forward testing on this because i think it has a lot of potential to be a good setup i just need better parameters. had i done the double top in AMD today at 10:28 it would have worked beautifully. GOOD: entry and setup and stop all mechanical RFI: need to make better parameters (ie. maybe look for double tops and bottoms on the 2min not the 5min) MOOD: good. CONSISTENT: yes What i did good today: took all setups, kept emotions in check What i did bad today: second guessed my ORBD and cut a winner short for a losing trade. What can i do better tomorrow: don't sell the first half of a trade too early that's going in your direction. only trade valid setups.
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    It's not much but it does the job.
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    Hi Andrew, I am really benefiting from the community you and your team have established. I like the morning chat room and the educational videos. Keep up the excellent work. -Devin
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    Traders from Venus: Loses are fact with no escape. One said " When you know what not to do in order to not to lose money then you will begin what to do in order to win" so trade smart with no fear! Money will follow you Above is my laptop work desk converted into trade station. Had it setup this week! Went with basics what was recommended in the BBT community site which is good enough to get the job done:)
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    Just started to day trade in January this year. Got to say, Andrew’s books are like a torch that clarifies the world of daytrading for me. Along with all the videos made by members and contributors of BBT. Thank you so much for being so open about sharing your knowledge! God bless! Here is my VERY humble trade station. There isn’t enough time to juggle a day job, trading and workout when US market opens at 830pm local time. Hopefully the only thing I’ll be losing is the extra pounds.
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    I've been a member of Bearbulltraders since October 2018. I read Andrews first and second books in September along with a few other ones and I am really glad I did, his books are well written and well thought out and really gives you the tools and basics and most importantly rules and setups. I then wanted to join the community and see what real trading was like, I didn't even have a platform or setup yet, it took me about a week to realize this was not fake or a money making scheme. I then knew it was going to be something for the long haul and so it made sense to get the lifetime membership and so I did and I have not regretted it since. This is definitely not a get rich quick type of deal, it takes hard work day in and day out, but the people in this community are there to help and make it easier and they have! There is so many people I want to thank from Norm, William H, Robert H, Carlos, Brian, Abiel, I'm sure I'm forgetting people and of course Andrew who of course without him, none of this would be possible. Thank you guys so much! -Seth Aldrich
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    Joined BBT community in September 2017 after day trading 9 months on my own. Wish I had found Andrew’s book and the community earlier, but since then the knowledge gained and support of BBT has been amazing!
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    I had been interested in day trading for a number of years, but never knew how exactly to start. That all changed when a friend recommended Andrew's first book. It gave me a solid roadmap and understanding of what it means to day trade, and also introduced me to the amazing BBT community. I feel like Andrew is in a league of his own in terms of his authenticity, transparency, and honesty in an industry full of self proclaimed "gurus." I have been slowly learning in the simulator for about a year while of course watching Andrew trade every morning, and I couldn't imagine a better way to learn. I'm excited for where my day trading journey takes me. Thanks Andrew!
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    Risk and uncertainty is part of trading the markets; however, I am certain that deciding to become a Bear Bull Traders Lifetime Member was the smartest investment I've ever made. As a new or inconsistent trader, joining the Bear Bull Traders community will too be the best investment you make for your trading career.
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    Converted a typical closet into a trade station. I added a 'peel n stick' wood wall paneling and installed a 3 pot-light lamp above with dimmer switch.
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    Hey All, Check out my really rough video on how I currently use the Stream Deck and a simple grid print-out to manage risk and share size. Polished version coming soon! Let me know if this is any help. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Jzd8pXp0afvFEFZhG8d7mcCiwIF38li8
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    New Deck keys.txt Hey Kevin, please see the attached, sorry it's a little late, hopefully you can still reference the file! *I would of attached my icons but apparently the Windows Disk cleanup program cleared my download folder (i bet some windows update had that auto selected) so I have to remake them all at some point.
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