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  1. there are plenty of strategies that does not use L2 and relies on market profiles, patterns, trend lines, levels, moving average configuration, engulfing pattern, divergences, price action on multiple time frames, and other combinations of market internals.
  2. Angela, you can trade sim in DAS. Usually, at least for me, the account starts with TR*
  3. it is delayed. DAS + arca book data package is the way to go if you trade with L2.
  4. there isn't in the plan. i can do coffee over zoom. i am usually in susan's book club on thursday. we are taking break until Jan 5, 2023.
  5. When we are closed to ideas, what we hear is criticism. When we are open to criticism, what we get is advice. ~Simon Sinek
  6. HI Jesse, welcome to the Denver BBT club.

  7. I am thinking we should retest 3930 and make a new measured low below 3345 breaking the 50% March 2020 50% retracement, everyone becomes super negative, short squeeze above 4000 for the next waterfall. We got the Nov 2, FOMC meeting at 2pm. that is coming.
  8. after using cheddar flow for a year i have not been able to find an edge.
  9. i don't believe DAS has a feature to turn your chart upside down. however, TOS you can add a minus sign in front of any ticker, TOS will invert it. for example -TSLA
  10. I was wondering anyone like to meet up for coffee somewhere in Denver.
  11. Hi Greg, welcome to the Colorado Group.

    1. Greg M

      Greg M

      Hi,  and thank you, I look forward to getting to know you and others in the group.


  12. love to get together. text me. 970.396.7888
  13. MY name is David and I live in Colorado. I am married with four boys. I have been trading for full time live two years. I trade stocks, options, and dipping my toes in trading futures. We have two other active traders in our Slack group. Just us three guys! Looking to keep the group small between 3-5 people. If this interests you, please inquire. Cheers, DH
  14. Interesting shake out before trend reversal on two different stocks and different days.
  15. Gald you joined the Denver group. I trade along side five active Coloradoians traders during the day.
  16. Hello Hyon.  Welcome to BBT Denver traders.  If you have any questions Nik, Marcel or myself will be happy to help you with your day trading journey.

  17. Connor proves delayed market order execution from TD for one share of $TSLA at the market open. IB and DAS is the answer for day traders.
  18. I am up north and I can better meet in Denver after 11pm from Monday to Saturday. I think three or more is good group size to start.
  19. Can you help me out? I posted my trading desk on the BBT page. Would you all please go and "like" my trading setup? My rig post is on the second page about halfway down. Here is the direct link and what my rig looked like. Thank you! I'd love to have another computer to add to my gear.
  20. What time were you thinking? do you want to meet at a bar or Starbucks?
  21. you can use sim to learn but remember still are in sim. i traded 500K shares of $aapl at a time and profited 200K and that is the problem. my trade was 3x bigger than the actual one minute volume. my trade should have affected the price of the stock but it didn't. also watching me getting stopped out for -50K was gut-wrenching. i really understand what John F. Carter is saying per "Mastering the Trade."
  22. Two computers with eight monitors. My primary unit has six monitors and the laptop has two screens. I usually watch 8 stocks that are in play and six secondary possible continuation stocks on the overhead 2K 37" screen. I have three montages. One screen for watching the $SPY, market clock, and network connectivity to DAS. The outermost right Dell monitor is for the chat room. The laptop is my hot backup with CNBC and other news feeds. I have a Bluetooth headset and a wireless mouse. I custom built this workstation. It is basically a gaming machine. Here are the hardware spec: Intel i-7 6700K @ 4.00Ghz 64 GB of DDR4 3200 RAM 500 GB SSD NVIDIA GTX 970 with two additional USB to VGA ASUS Maximus VIII Hero ATX motherboard Intel 10/100 NIC TV stand:: Amazon ASIN: B07581Z9SM Two monitor stand:: Amazon ASIN: B07MC9YX63 I believe Andrew Aziz is a very rare person because at his core he is a teacher first, daytrader second. He is passionate about changing people's lives for those who would apply his knowledge and instructions. He is the second person I have met in person that operates his business at an incredible level of integrity. The other person with strong integrity is Dave Ramsey. Every morning, when Andrew is not summiting a mountain, he shares transparently over 15 years of knowledge only gained from an unforgiving market that does not hesitate to trap money from an unsuspecting new trader. I have watched for over two years, an excess of 500 videos of Andrew and his team's trade recaps. Andrew and his team's success is that they trade the same set of strategies that are described clearly in his book. You can be suspicious of a strategy if only one person is successful at it. You could still be suspicious of his team that trades the same strategy. If you want, you still can be suspicious when members are successful using Andrew's strategy. However, when you combine the number of trades taken by all the traders over time, the evidence is demonstrating counter to your belief. Bruce Lee said, "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
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