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  1. Hey everyone, Does anyone know if there is a way to invert charts directly from DAS? I know I could screenshot it and take it to another software but I was wondering if there is a way to do it on DAS. Thank you, TylerTradez
  2. Hey guys, I use fixed risk hot buttons and have a question. Say I am building into a $10 position and I want to use two separate $5 risk entries to get in. Say the first entry gets me 10 shares so the stop order would be 10 shares. For the second entry I use the same $5 risk hot button but the stop is 20 shares (the whole position). How can I make it so that the first entry stop is 10 shares and the 2nd entries stop is 10 shares as well, almost like they are 2 completely different positions? Here is my long and short script for long and short. Long StopPrice=Price-0;DefShare=BP*0.925;Price=Ask-Price+0.00;SShare=5/Price;Share=DefShare-SShare;DefShare=DefShare+SShare;SShare=Share;Sshare=DefShare-SShare;Share=0.5*SShare;TogSShare;ROUTE=SMRTL;Price= Ask+0.05;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send;DefShare=200;TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:MARKET PX:StopPrice-0.05 ACT:SELL STOPPRICE:StopPrice QTY:Pos TIF:DAY+; Short StopPrice=Price+0;DefShare=BP*0.925;Price=Price-Bid+0.00;SShare=5/Price;Share=DefShare-SShare;DefShare=DefShare+SShare;SShare=Share;Sshare=DefShare-SShare;Share=0.5*SShare;TogSShare;ROUTE=MARKET;Price=Bid-0.01;TIF=DAY;SELL=Send;DefShare=50;TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:MARKET PX:StopPrice+0.05 ACT:BUY STOPPRICE:StopPrice QTY:Pos TIF:DAY+;
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