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Discuss about day trading basics: price action, orders, candlesticks, indicators.

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    • Thanks for the reply @mhileman. Yeap I did, to which they said please hold while they investigate. 2 working days after, they replied and it was the EXACT same email as the rejection email.  // Thank you for your application to open an account with Capital Markets Elite Group. We would have liked to welcome you as a customer, however after careful review, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accept your application. Unfortunately, in the course of conducting our due diligence for on boarding of clients you did not meet our jurisdiction’s AML and KYC requirements. We thank you for your interest in Capital Markets Elite Group. Have a great day! Your team at Capital Markets Elite Group Limited. //
    • Not sure if this helps to clarify: https://www.knowyourcountry.com/singapore1111 Did you email CMEG customer support to get a reason for the failure?
    • Day 59 - April 1, 2020  25 Tickets  5  Symbols Green Day Watchlist: M - Short - 1 and 5min - VWAP Bounce and Reject Getting delisted from S$P thinking this could have a negative impact on M... Came down quick was watching for it to retrace. Rejected VWAP with 2 upper wicks, took it short as it broke back through with stop above previous wick. Took partials off as I was thinking we would fall right away, and another partial as we came to the descending tip - took final off on the huge volume spike. Improvement: Taking partials too quick. Put in my auto targets, but adjusted. Not exactly comfortable trading these low price stocks and don’t know how they move…..     CCL (1) - Long - 1min - Double Bottom Took CCL as it carved a double bottom and made tight indecision candles after a big selloff and seeming a little extended. Took it as it broke through previous high thinking we could move back up to VWAP and HOD as these things can really move. Took a partials as we moved into VWAP and MA and took some, and adjusted the rest to break of new 5min low and previous consolidation.  Note: Watching the fight on level 2, looks like sellers kept stepping down and taking out the bid.   AMD - Short - 1min - Double Top (Not on Watchlist) Not on my watchlist, heard this get called out as it was rallying. Kept an eye on it as it looked over extended on the 5. Got rejected hard a couple times off the 46.5 level and couldnt break through. Took it short on the new 2min low (Parabolic Reversal), with stop above level which kept getting stuffed, SPY was looking somewhat weak as well. ADJUSTED and took partial off once it came down to break even - too much strength, trading ab-normally compared to SPY on a regular day…… Improvement: This isn't one of my setups but I like these reversals - trying something new out. Should do more research on this before implementing.   UBER - Long - 1min - VWAP Break and Go (stop 28.09) Had UBER on watchlist watching the 25.5 level as it has been a strong support for past 4/5 trading days. Has come right down to it first hour and then back to HOD…thought same might happen here. Has strength coming off the Double bottom, and paused briefly as VWAP. Took it long as it broke through and continued. Improvement: Need to watch my stocks on my watchlist….Missed the double bottom play here - as I got excited and played AMD after it got called out in chat..Stop watching tick by tick and chasing action vs letting the plays come to me. Hotkey Mistake..   CCL (2) - Long - 1min - Reversal (Fake Breakdown) 13 c risk Haven't really played this setup before….but saw the HUGE bids piling up and get taken out at 10.65 on the descending triangle, looked like a huge fake out on the breakdown with lots of volume done and then coming right back up on strong volume so took it long (chased and cought the top) got stopped out and then watching same pattern for reversal. Took it as it made a new 1min high off the 10.5 hold on Lvl 2 (Huge bid) and sold partials into previous levels and on the way back as it broke through consolidation. Good: Entry was much better on the second play, right out of the break, rather than chasing. Improvement: Chasing this hard on the first one..need to catch the new 1min high, vs buying the top. DO MORE RESEARCH on these reversals. Aslo cant have a bias going into these - was heavily biased on CCL.   SPY - Short - 1min - Failed Pop SPY hard rejection of VWAP and started coming down, consolidated but making lower lows and lower highs. Took it short as it rejection MA's and made a new low after the bearish doji. Went my way but I panicked and covered half……instantly dropped and took another partial off, adjusted my stop to break even and got stopped out right before the 3-4$ drop…. Good: Had the right idea Improvement: Terrible trade management, got scared out of my position and covered quickly…then adjusted my stop and got top ticked right before the major move down.   Trade Review Happy about my risk management today, for the most part is was very defined and stops were decently thought out. Adjusted my stop after taking partials and got stopped out. Which seems to be an alright strategy in order not to give back profits, however losing out on a lot of profits as the play could still be intact.   Noticing I am still adjusting my profit targets a little too much. Need to place them and let the idea play out. This cutting half of the trade is a weird thing I am doing. Panicked and cut half on AMD and did the same on SPY…..if I made a wrong play I should be getting out full position and re-assessing, vs getting out for half and hoping.   Been trying to incorporate Parabolic Reversals as I really like this play, but NEED TO STICK TO MY SETUPS until I do research, and incorporate them into my playbook.   Questions to ask before jumping in: -What is the bigger picture? What is going on here? -Is this an A+ Setup? -Is this the best entry I can get, if not be patient and let the price come to me.   Daily Report Card 1. Only Take trades using risk calculated hotkey = 6/6 2. Placing trades with defined risk, and profit targets (No adjusting) = 5/6
    • Hey BT fam!   Has anyone got their application rejected by CMEG before? First time I tried, got rejected as "I did not pass their country's jurisdiction during KYC/AML", but I figured that could be because I've blanked out quite abit of details on my identification card / driver's lincense etc. Tried a second time and just went ahead producing anything they required, still got rejected for the same reason. Anyone experienced something like that before? P.s. I've never been sanctioned or penalised for anything, never been on the wrong side of law so it's impossible there's a return of any negative news. I do work in a bank though so that could be a reason why? Not too sure. Am from Singapore as well, would appreciate if there are any singaporeans out there who are able to advise on the above, or any other offshore brokers that offers DASTrader on their brokerage platform that does not require PDT rule! Last but not least, please stay safe everyone, wealth is good but health is the most important!   Best rgds,  Marcus
    • I got the same answer from CMEG!  $650 in the first 5 days!  (WTF!) . Most of my losses are from commission and opportunity loss since they rarely have stocks available to short these days.   Today CCL short is a perfect setup and gave so many short opportunities that I could have made money even the third breakdown at $10.5 breakdown, they never have share short available. I tried to short CCL, AAL since they were in play, CMEG never have shares to short available. Even today with AMD! when it broke $44.2-$44 level, no shares to short for AMD!  I'm really concern now if the market keep going down and CMEG doesn't have stocks available to short, but commission is still not cheap. 
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