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  1. Using DAS sim currently but getting ready to go live soon. Question; when there is a stock that has shares to short, as per the icon on the DAS montage, does a broker still charge a fee to locate those, or is that fee only for findaing shares for short for stocks that don't show shares for short when you click that icon? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Alastair. I have been using the chat room Benzinga. I'll look into TraderView. I appreciate your response. Cheers
  3. Hey all, I am using the Das demo from BBT and I added a news feed window on my desktop and I linked it to my Market Viewer window. The headlines show up but the content field says: NOT PERMISSIONED FOR NEWS BODY! - is this to do with it being a demo, or is a news feed a subscription service? I appreciate any guidance on this. Thanks in advance!
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