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  1. Hello BBTs, i am still very new to trading and currently in the state of understanding the fundamentals of it. So i got stuck with the following questions : How exactly does the price move? I learned that the price makes an uptick when a transaction is made on the "ask" (aggresive buyer) and a downtick when a transaction is made on the "bid" (aggresive seller). But when I watch the Level 2 and the Time and Sales within DAS I sometimes see that there are transactions made wheather at/above the ask/bid or inside and the price doesnt move. Happens very often in the premarket and a shares traded <100 (Lot-size 0) How can a transaction be performed inside of a spread when there are only the possibilities to wheather set a price and wait that someone accepts it (limit order) or to accept a price yourself (market order) wheather on the bid or ask side? Sometimes I see on the top of Level 2 a bid and an ask and they are just 0.01 apart from each other but the spread on Level 1 shows a wider spread. How does this come? I am really looking forward to your answers and would be more than happy if you could help me with these questions. Have a nice day Lukas
  2. Hey there, im Lukas and i am new to the community and daytrading. I downloaded the free trail of DAS Trader Pro and got to know the features a little bit for now. My question is: I got an Asus Laptop with Intel® Core™ i3 Prozessor, 8 GB RAM. I know thats not the recommended power but is it enough for the beginning to try out some strategies and learn the DAS TraderPro Platform a littler bit more? Or should i invest in a new computer to have and have a decent one right from the beginning? I mean the technology is developing very fast so im kind of afraight to buy another one when i go live Im looking forward for your answer and im happy to be part of the community Greets Lukas
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