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Marketable Limit order?

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From the book, when Andrew says "Marketable Limit order".. are you setting up a Hotkey with a LIMIT (+.05), or a MRKT (+.05)? Are you using the same thing for buying Long then selling the long.. and vice versa for Shorts? Or are people using MRKT for selling a position? 

I understand the difference between a MRKT and LIMIT but marketable limit is confusing. I understand the concept of what the objective is  but not sure which type of order exactly to use in the DAS sim. Right now in SIM mine are set on LIMIT + .05 and it seems I almost always get a horrible fill at the +.04 to .05 in the wrong direction or no fill at all in high volume medium to large floats that aren't moving very fast which doesn't seem right? Almost always starting off in a 4-5 cent hole. Connection is fast, using a hotkey, not sure what is going on. 



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In Marketable Limit Orders you sell to the bid and buy from the ask, see Andrew´s hotkes:




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