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  1. Hello everyone! I'm 97.34% sure that I'm going to apply to the next PCT Bootcamp cohort. I heard that it should start at the end of April/ beginning of May. I always like to be a prepared panda. Do you all have any recommendations on how to prepare over the next two months? Cheers, Wayne
  2. I haven't used EZ Trading Computers before. But after a quick check of their site, the prices look a little inflated for what they're providing. Check out Gaming PC & Desktop Computers | iBUYPOWER® and use their filters to select the specs that you need. The pricing should be better. Also, their support and customer service is top-notch. For example, this setup from iBuyPower, Intel-Z490-mATX-Daily-Deal: iBUYPOWER®, is getting you more RAM (very important) and more SSD space, for a better price than the EZ Trading unit with the same processor (i5-10400).
  3. You know what, I think I will hit you up! While I'll probably be okay building up my workspace from scratch, I've been thinking about finding someone to actually talk trading-shop with. And of course, if you have any questions about getting the from software, I love talking about that game.
  4. I'm curious if anyone has played around with automated backtesting with Trade-Ideas' Odds Maker? It looks like a pretty powerful tool to quickly see if an idea as edge. And then you can squeeze out more edge with proper trade and money management. Intro to Trade-Ideas: Back tester - YouTube
  5. @Justin, this hotkey would be perfect for how I'm trading right now. Even though it isn't rubber-stamped yet, are you able to share?
  6. Nice! Putting in the work. I'm building up my confidence to start one of these video journals in the next month. I had a couple of thoughts while watching your vid: I like how you quickly set up your levels of interest (the purple lines). And the color choice is A+, as they're easy to spot on your charts. In lieu of getting another screen, have you tried using the virtual desktop feature? On windows, you can create one by pressing [win + ctrl + D]. And then you can quickly toggle between them using [wing + ctrl + left/right arrows] How exactly do you use the ATR(1) and ATR(14)? I really like your hotkeys. I've got to sit down and configure my hotkeys/scripts. Thanks for the inspiration!
  7. Are you able to share these automated R-level, take-profit scripts?
  8. Hi @hailchaser2, I'm considering hoping in the next PCT Bootcamp cohort. Though I notice that the topics covered could be stitched together from the amazing set of educational webinars and resources on BBT. What was the value add of the Bootcamp for you? For me, I can see it being a structured curriculum. But I suspect there's more!
  9. @Travis Weirich, the stop-limit order is what you're looking for. https://tickertape.tdameritrade.com/trading/trading-basics-advanced-stock-order-types-17852
  10. @FFClm, hey there. Did you use a script to compile the watchlists? If you did, can you share?
  11. I came across this set of trading drills a while ago: https://www.pricesquawk.com/prop-trading-drills-automated-trading/ While they're geared towards trading futures off the DOM, I think there are some interesting ideas that can be pulled over into any style of day trading.
  12. That's pretty awesome! Thanks for all the details. I also work full-time, so it's great to hear that even with a full-time gig, you're getting value out of the courses.
  13. @ecadaret Were you able to receive individualized coaching and support between those two SMB course? How would you rate those aspects of the courses?
  14. @Lee W, it does look like SMB Capital has a funded trader program. https://www.smbtraining.com/blog/smb-equities-tryout. Though, it does has a high sticker price, at $295/mo. And per their evaluation rules, you need to trade for 3 months to quality. However, I have a hunch (hope) that the website price is just a starting point for negotiation. Because you'll need to go through their DNA and Winning Trader programs, I think you'll be pitched better deals if there's fit. They also have an solid marketing video here: https://www.smbtraining.com/blog/tryout.
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