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  1. SpoTT Trader

    Orders being rejected?

    Who is the broker and are the stocks under 5$? Some Brokers will not allow margin trades on stocks under 5$. It may be best to contact both the broker and das support.
  2. SpoTT Trader

    Orders being rejected?

    Hi Bethany. Is this in SIM trading or Live account? Also are your orders in pre-market conditions?
  3. Nice work Kyle. I wish DAS had a Matrix order window. TradeStation has an amazing Matirx order window to work with which has all the ordering powers right at your finger tips. Not sure if anyone here has had the opportunity to use TS in the past?
  4. SpoTT Trader

    Importance of Daily Charts

    Hi Justin. Want to support your post up above as I personally use daily charts to find support and resistance pockets. Support and Resistance (pivots/consolidation areas) are one possible indicator for the trader to respect and monitor carefully. In addition to Support and Resistance zones I use daily trend lines everyday. Once I short list my morning watch list, I take the time to map out the major ascending and descending support lines (connection major pivot points) to provide me additional information about where support and resistance pockets may be respected. This can assist you in making decisions for your entries or exits on any time frame.
  5. Do you think one day you could do a youTube video tutorial and show how it actually works in real time? Demonstrate the usefulness of this program? That would be cool! Fantastic efforts and work here.
  6. I want to support this statement. It is very important to know that trading is about a lot of different factors combined hopefully preparing you to make the best possible decision when choosing to enter/exit. (That is why Andrew's books are a great read by the way!)
  7. SpoTT Trader

    Chart Y-axis

    Hi Lane. There is no way to do this. (unfortunately yet) I have in the past put in a suggestion to the DAS team to enable this feature (Just like https://www.tradingview.com)
  8. Right mouse click on chart ---- Configure....
  9. Here are my opinions on what Andrew saw. Aug 5th opening of MU - Pre-market conditions of MU were a continuous fade. Showing weekness. Perhaps short biast on it to begin with - SPY on the low (influence) - on open (9:30) there was attempt to break the high of the previous (pre-market) green candle. It failed to break that. - In addition, it failed to break/hold V-WAP as well as 9 and 20 EMA - Once the first minute candle closed, the price popped up just touching the V-WAP however fell easily/quickly indicating a short potential (this happens quickly remember) - with anticipation of the price continuing to fall, Andrew place his short orders anticipating the break of the previous candle body and wick - Andrew scalped his profits at multiple stages as it continued to go lower, 20-30 cent scalp range. Very nice. I'm not sure based on your screen grabs if Andrew closed his entire position on the second minute candle or if he held into the 3rd minute candle which would have rendered him another potential 30 cents on remaining balance of shares. Hope you and others agree with what I have to say above. If not, please share your ideas.
  10. SpoTT Trader

    Swing Trading Setup ( Charting & Broker ) Qs.

    Are you looking for charting tools? Then for sure I like to use; https://www.tradingview.com/ There is lag time unless you are a paid subscriber. However for swing trading, you may be very well with the free tool set. Hope this is of help.
  11. Hi Igor. Sounds interesting to say the least. Can you share some screen shots of what you are speaking of here??
  12. SpoTT Trader

    Back Trading Software

    From what I understand there is a product you can use... Its part of TD Ameritrade. Its a feature called "thinkOnDemand" https://www.td.com/ca/en/investing/direct-investing/trading/thinkorswim/ I believe this is a tutorial: https://tickertape.tdameritrade.com/tools/backtest-historical-data-thinkorswimondemand-15667
  13. Good day fellow Traders. One of the very frustrating things about using the DAS Trader platform is the fact that it does not allow the end user to place a horizontal price line audio alert. (in a simple way) Perhaps you guys can side with me on this one; In a simple world of a platform, we should be able to draw a horizontal price line and within the Configuration of that line be able to set an Audio alert with optional pop up visual alert. Two clicks and your done... Matter of fact, it would be nice to enable audio alerts on any sort of line whether it is a Trend line, Horizontal price line or ray line. In many other trading platforms, they all have SIMPLE alert capabilities... Long and short. I did speak with DAS Technical support and they have advise me to email "support@dastrader.com" with the request to have simple alert's added to future platform upgrades. Perhaps if you in particular are interested in this needed feature, you too should email "support@dastrader.com" with the request. The more requests they receive of a particular new feature, the more likely they will add it into the development cue. Thanks everyone, and perhaps send an email in support. (If you are in support of simple audio alerts! Safe trading everyone.
  14. SpoTT Trader

    Ergonomic Hotkeys Layout

    Attached here are the HOTKEY scripts. Be mindful to always test your scrips in simulator mode prior to live trading. Also take note that DAS Trader hotkey scripts may not work in pre-market conditions. scripts.pdf
  15. SpoTT Trader

    Ergonomic Hotkeys Layout

    While being on the topic of HotKeys which I use every day, here's mine! One may be amazed having this many hotkeys however the items in yellow are used religiously. DAS Hotkey Layout3.pdf

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