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    • Hi Jason, I think ur right. You can set TI to a past date for replay  of the stocks u found in the original scan, but I don't know of "scanning" in the past. I would definitely be interested in ur scanner using Python. I'm familiar w/ Python but haven't used it for years. I too am looking for a viable alternative to TI b/c I'm not making enough to offset the cost. For the "what" to be included in the Python scanner, we ccould look at the columns of the Gappers list as a start. Oh, in my past life (10+ years ago), I was a software test engineer for about 10 years. Unfortunately never go into automated testing b/c it didn't sync with the needs of the project. But automated ttesting at the time was the way to go. I mostly did manual testing -- painful to execute and maintain. William
    • if all above is truth then it is your antivirus/security software or appliance
    • I'm guessing by you saying you tried multiple "search engines" you mean "browsers"? Search engines are Google, Bing, etc. Browsers are Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.   Anyway, I think your first step is just to try another computer in the house. That would help determine if it's an ISP issue or router issue. If another computer has no issue, then we can move onto your computer. It's definitely not that the chat room is busy.
    • 2-25-20 AIS 0800, 4 hours, 5/10 PAT: Over-trading / boredom ..... MRNA PB#7 ... 15min reversal, second 15min candle high and running through 21.25 Resistance level (old Support)... I hesitated on the partial and missed the top.... Also on the all out I accidentally reversed my position and corrected it as soon as I seen it. Even though it was looking good for a short I wanted it corrected so I do not come back and think I was a genius LOL BE CONS: I knew I was very sleepy this morning from a long night at work and should have stayed in bed for some afternoon trading Pros: I controlled myself from taking trades out of boredom PB Trade: MRNA Rs: BE
    • Hello All, I've currently been a member of BBT community for a half a year or so, and i've never had problems loading the Chat Room until recently, say about 1-2 months of issues. I've always used Google Chrome, but have recently tried Mozilla and have still come across the same issue. The Chatroom normally loads, but not consistently or quickly. Description of Problem: The Chatroom is consistently not fully loading quickly (1-5 minutes for video to load, often doesn't even load at all). The Chatroom section on the left for communicating with other traders often loads instantly and takes about 30 seconds. Audio will normally appear a minute or two before the video fully loads. Iv'e noticed that the issue becomes extreme if I login and join the chatroom late (say between 6:00 - 7:00 AM PST), hence if i sign into the chat early around 5:00-5:30 AM then all the aforementioned issues becomes less noticeable. The issue normally lightens up around 7:30is AM. No other website or streaming services (spotify, youtube, hbo, amazon prime, netflix) have any problems with loading video, audio, etc simultaneously when the "Chatroom Issue" occurs.    Setup Info:   OS: Windows 10 64bit,     CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 8 core 3.70GHz,      GPU: Radeon RX Vega,      Ram: 32 GB,       Wireless Internet:  Ping 16.00 ms ,   Download 98.00 mbps,    Upload 6.42 mbps   Trouble Shooting Steps Already Taken: [1]Tried multiple search engines. [2]Uninstalled/Reinstalled/Updated Internet Search Engines. [3] Flash Plugin enabled for BBT website in Chrome settings. [4] Refresh Chatroom when doesn't fully load in 5 minutes. [5] Made sure virus software isn't disabling BBT chat/website.    My conclusion: I have no idea. Could it be an overloaded/busy chat server being bottle necked? Any ideas from anyone to what the problem is or any solutions would be greatly appreciated???????  
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