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  1. Hey everyone, I live in Alaska and am working on coordinating the BBT meetup here. I live in Nikiski, just north of Kenai. We are looking at doing more than just a meet & greet, although that will certainly be one activity. Also looking at doing a variety of outdoor activities as a group. Hiking, fishing, rafting, flightseeing . . . whatever you're interested in. I will be available the entire week to get together. Feel free to call or text me. 907-230-4455
  2. Hey BBT guys and gals. We are trying to put together an Alaska meetup in August. We only have myself and one other man I'm aware of that are BBT members living in Alaska, but we have several folks including Andrew and Peter who are going to try to make it up. We are looking at lots of potential activities to do for this meetup, including hiking, fishing, rafting, etc. Alaska is open for business, and August is a great time to visit! Everyone is invited to join us.
  3. @Daniel Thomas - I need to get a head count for the Alaska meetup so BBT can forward the right number of t-shirts, etc. Are you and your wife going to be able to make it? Thanks, Greg
  4. Hi folks! I just got around to updating my profile and thought I would post an introduction here too. I discovered Bear Bull Traders about a year and a half ago when Andrew's book caught my eye. I previously had no background whatsoever in the world of trading or investment, other than occasionally looking at my 401k balance. "How to Day Trade for a Living" really piqued my curiosity and I enthusiastically joined BBT and began learning the art of trading with a SIM account. I went live in December of 2017. Since then, I have discovered a bit of talent for spotting trends, and a whole lot of psychological barriers to successful trading. But I've stuck with it and am managing to stay green and grow my account. I work a rotational schedule that has me away from home 2 weeks every month, so realistically, I can only trade about 10 days a month. That has been both a blessing and a curse, as I do get to pause and reflect every month, but I also feel a bit "rusty" when I dive in fresh after being away for two weeks. I live in Alaska, and along with fellow Alaskan BBT member Yung K, have recently decided to host a meetup on January 12, 2019. Hope some of you can make it!
  5. @Daniel Thomas - I only ski about once or twice a year but have found it's like riding a bike. At 54 years old I don't push it on the slopes. That would not be me in the photo. Alyeska Ski Resort has lots of different terrain for every skill level. The resort hotel is gorgeous and has indoor pool, exercise, and spa facilities, as well as places to relax by a big fire and enjoy the mountain scenery outside. January is a magical time to visit Alaska. Hope you and your wife can make it. https://www.alyeskaresort.com/hotel
  6. Hello everyone! We have set a date and place for the first Alaska BBT meetup. We are meeting January 12, 2019 at the world class ski resort Alyeska Resort. If you've ever wanted to visit Alaska, or if you love to ski, make this your excuse to go! Let me know if you have questions or need help making arrangements. Greg Kisor (907) 230-4455 [email protected] https://www.alyeskaresort.com/
  7. Hello everyone! Yung K and I would like to invite any BBT members and their families to a meetup in Alaska. We hope to swap trading stories, make new friends, and do some skiing. Meetup date is Saturday, January 12th, 2019. We will meet a the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, AK for food, fun, talking shop, and skiing the awesome slopes of Alyeska. Even if you don't live in AK, this is a great excuse to make a trip and meet new friends. Hope to see you here. Here's a link to the resort . . . https://www.alyeskaresort.com/
  8. Robert, that did the trick! I didn't know about auto upgrade. Thanks so much!
  9. What am I doing wrong? The steps couldn't be simpler, but I can't get this to work. I've tried using several different hotkeys as well as CtrlD. Is there another setting I need to enable? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I was traveling all day yesterday and will be away from my trading station for the next two weeks. I'll try playing with the window some more when I return and will let you know if I find a solution.
  11. Robert, yes all 4 boxes are checked under the Filter section of Config. Still no joy.
  12. Very cool Robert! I could have used this today in trading BABA. Sorry I don't know the answer to your question.
  13. Can anyone tell me why my Closed Positions P&L window doesn't work? It remains empty every day even though I make a dozen or more trades. I cannot find any setting to enable the window. Help?
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