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  1. Well darn, looks like I joined BBT just a week or two too late. Hope the meetup was a success! if anyone is still in Alaska(Kenai Peninsula) and wants to get together with a newbie to share some knowledge let me know!
  2. Hello BearBull Traders, My name is Gradey(Gr80 in chatrooms) I am 30 an live in Soldotna AK. After 14 years in the oil and gas industry I walked away from my job and started looking for something new. Found trading and have been hooked ever since. I am still and expect to always been in the learning phase working on getting 1% better everyday. I was part of a few other trading courses and groups for awhile but just felt like it was so difficult to either get questions answered or get to know fellow traders. After listening to Mastering Trading Psychology I started to look into BBT and finally convinced myself to try it out..... so far I'm ecstatic with what all I've gotten out of the course just in a short time. I'm excited to get to know the group better and see how much I improve my trading through the group and hope that I am able to help others learn and improve their trading as well. My trading has been fairly lonely so if anyone is looking for a trading/accountability buddy to bounce ideas off, talk through ideas, or do some post trade reviews with let me know(Still a newbie so any level is appreciated).
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