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DAS Community Feature Request/Bug Fix Poll

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As a community that is mainly DAS based as opposed to any other platform I think it would be awesome if we were to be able to band together to get the most of requests from DAS. IBKR has this with TWS as well as Sierra and Tradingview etc... I have heard from many mod and community members alike that we all ask for features or bug fix requests and feel that strength in numbers as shown by polls or comments and support; could help expedite the solutions. I was recently listening to Andrews webinar on his trading station where he mentions he's asked for an indicator to show strength of up ticks or the like as well as Thor mentioning bug fixes for Cam points and other issues which will most likely get fixed in latest update. Some simple requests I have been asking for, for years. DAS is great in somethings and absolutely horrid in others. Feel free to add your request to this thread and if enough people show interest we can send it to DAS. @Thor @Andrew Aziz @Mike B @Carlos M. @JaradBBT @KyleK29 @Norm @PeterD @Bryan

Personal feature requests I'd like to kickstart on

-(<1min) charts. We pay for tick data from exchange so why can't we have it like any other platform...  

-Customizable tool bar time frames. For example the ability to add 10 min charts and take away 30min charts

-Finer zoom in scroll wheel. On the two finest zoom in points its either too 'zoomed in' or 'too zoomed out' with no in between. 

-Notification of new updates in DAS instead of us needing to periodically choose auto update to see if theres a new update

-Phone app UI/UX updates. Its unusable. Nothing more needs to be said on this. 

-Allow for Send to back/Send to back without just 'always on top' which is on top even with other apps on your PC. 

-Montage allow for grouping of MM's/ECN's for one price level for one aggregate number of shares for each price level

-Montage ladder view but with lots... (Can't believe this isn't a thing)

-Allow for test stocks like ZVZZT

-Market profile charts (TPO)

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