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  1. Thanks so much for the reply! Are you day trading? My accountant says I have to enter every single trade on this one particular form by hand!
  2. Hi fellow traders in Switzerland. 2020 was my first year trading with IB. Now my accountant is asking for an eSteuerauszug from the broker, but since they are in the UK, I doubt they produce such a thing. I have not received anything at all in my tax documents section in IB actually. How do you handle the mechanics of filing in Switzerland? Thanks!
  3. HI Abiel -- Have there been any updates? I looked in the room drive, but it is also this older one. Thanks!
  4. Here is the link to the new BB Women Slack Group. https://join.slack.com/t/bearbullwomen/shared_invite/zt-hdlklf0m-gsExb7aAr1Zx8fUrfQjDgg
  5. Could you consider doing a webinar on scanners in the BBT chat and examples of how traders are using them?
  6. Loved the webinar. Thanks so much. Is there a file with the spreadsheet template to collect the data? Thanks!
  7. This is the one Thor shared in the chatroom. I tested today in sim and it worked well for me. They are made for DAS with IB account. ------------------------------------- STOP B/E (Includes CXL ALLSYM; to remove any other orders with that ticker) ------------------------------------------ CXL ALLSYMB;ROUTE=STOP;Price=AvgCost;StopType=MARKET;STOPPRICE=AvgCost;StopPrice=Round2;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;Send=Reverse;ROUTE=SMRTM;
  8. Thanks for posting this. I have had the same question myself. I look forward to hearing if there is a solution.
  9. good to hear from you -- if you send me a private message with your phone number, I can add you to the Whatsapp group!
  10. Thanks for posting! So excited to get our group going.
  11. Hi Fabien -- I am in Switzerland and with IB. I had hoped that PDT would not apply to us since Switzerland is not EU, but no dice. I upped my account so that I can trade freely, but still only trade with the amount I wanted to have in the account to begin with. Also, I had originally signed up for a cash account, but you need to have a margin account to day trade, so I changed it. Good luck!
  12. I second the vote for a swing trading webinar -- or perhaps even longer term trend trading. If Brian could cover the scans he is using, and also the setups, that would be really helpful. Thanks.
  13. Hi Paul -- I recently suggested something similar, but didn't get much traction. I would find it really helpful, mostly because I do not have complete confidence in my ability to identify the levels. Sometimes I nail it, but sometimes, I see the price action reacting to a level that I cannot seem to identify. I think it would be helpful to sort by ticker in some way so that if I am looking at a stock, all the input gathered would be in one place. Thanks for posting! Here is my post:
  14. There was a helpful webinar a few months ago, now posted on BBT youtube channel here -- It only covers US tax, but still will get you half-way there. Your local tax advisor can help with the rest.
  15. Thanks all -- I will definitely incorporate these ideas in getting set up each day!
  16. Dear BBT -- I watch the pre-market show every day, and set up my watch list in real time, to the best of my ability. Carlos is extremely efficient, and sometimes, I just cannot capture all the information. Maybe this exists, and I just have not found it, but . . . What do you think of starting a sub-forum to capture the data we have as a group regarding known support and resistance levels for a given stock? If I were setting it up, I think I would list stocks we are trading/have traded alphabetically by ticker symbol. Each ticker would be its own "topic" in the sub-forum, and then we can go in and "reply" to that post with our levels. Is it possible to make a sub-forum sort topics alphabetically rather than by most recent? The sub-forum could grow over time as people add new stocks and levels. It would be such a valuable resource to go in pre-market and add the levels to our charts with a little more time. Thanks for listening! Would love to know your thoughts. Jennifer L
  17. I have the same problem! I just use the VWAP shown on the montage, but it is difficult not having it graphically represented on the chart.
  18. Dear BBT -- I am looking for books on swing trading published in Danish. I would like to get one for my father-in-law for Christmas, but not even sure what swing trading is called in Danish! Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks, Jennifer
  19. I had a free demo from Saxo Bank for a few months. It has a 15 minute delay on the data feed. Their platform is really quite good, both the online version and the downloadable "pro" version. Because there was not real-time data, it gave me problems when I bought or sold with a market order, because it would use the actual real time price, instead of the one I was seeing. Also, I had to mute the BBT chat sometimes so that I wasn't "cheating." I found it very helpful in practicing recognizing patterns and playing with the different indicators available to traders. Have fun!
  20. I believe your broker will have access to a "local" version of many of the ETFs as well. It will take a bit of research to find out what you can get. Here is what I found when searching for "Switzerland Russell ETF" https://www.etfstrategy.com/goldman-sachs-cross-lists-etfs-on-six-swiss-exchange/ Or as Peter said, drill down and pick the stocks that make up the fund for example, to trade small caps in the Russell look at https://www.ishares.com/us/products/239710/ishares-russell-2000-etf . Scroll down to "Holdings" and see what is there. Then you can keep an eye out for which have catalysts, volume and/or are in play. On this list I can see MDCO which was in play last week. Personally, for day trading (still in sim), I take my cue from BBT team in the pre-market show. For swing trading, I follow Brian and am developing my own scanning strategies. I am pretty new, but I do feel your frustration about the ETFs. There are always work arounds.
  21. Hi again all -- I thought of something else I would like to understand better. Kurt did an excellent recap of his PEP trade today, and he touched on something that I really don't understand, namely, taking partials while simultaneously adding to the position. I notice that a lot of the traders mention this in their recaps. I get the idea of locking in profit, but it seems that adding to the position is now just putting that profit back on the table. Can you discuss the logic, decision-making process, sizing and updated R:R calculations involved in adding to a trade that is going as you had planned? Thanks again! Jennifer 10.4.19 -- I just found and watched Kurt's excellent video on YouTube. This is pretty much what I was looking for. I still think it would make a great WW.
  22. Hi BBT Team -- thanks for asking. I would appreciate a session discussing monitoring spread. How can I set hot keys to make sure that I do not end up with R:R that is not (as) profitable. Should I just not trade when there is a large spread, or is there a way to mitigate risk is these situations? Thanks again. Jennifer
  23. Day 5 in sim I have not been keeping up with my journaling, mostly because I am spending so much of my time learning. I have had mostly losses in my first week of sim trading, but I am learning so much. Today was actually my first green day. Hurrah! In addition to all of the things I am learning in the chat and trade reviews, I am having the real advantage of getting to know what I don't know. After several tries and fails at catching a good trend trade, I got amazing input about studying price action, volume and T&S. Alastair recommended this video and it really helped. I am posting here as a reminder to myself. www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqCSHYpMxTI I had a few good moves today - the market has been waiting all week for the Fed announcement and so things have been unpredictable. Today my first set of trades came after 2PM with the Fed talks. I have the next one on my calendar to see if I can do this again. I noticed that after the morning volume died down, both DUST and NUGT were forming a triangle or pennant pattern of some sort -- same pattern mirrors of one another as they always are. I thought that when the Fed announcement kicked in, and the market responded, they would break one way and the other. I would pick the one going long and then use the other things I am learning to make my trades. Used price action, T&S, and lots of MA's and did really pretty well. I traded mostly DUST, since it was the winner. I took a trade on NUGT too -- I closed out my second right away so I could pay attention to the chat room. After NUGT /DUST wave of activity moved out of my comfort level, I looked for another opportunity since I thought some of the selling off from earlier in the day might bring a reversal. I saw AAPL on my watch list (as always) moved from red to green. When I looked I saw bullish candlesticks, price had crossed VWAP and 9 had crossed 20 on several time frames. Harmonious chart with support below on 2, 5 and 15, little to no resistance above. I was happy with this trade. What I did not do well was come in with a plan for my RR or share size, or any of that, but I have to practice one thing at a time before I put them all together What I did not do well was come in with a plan for my RR or share size, or any of that, but I have to practice one thing at a time before I put them all together NEXT: 1.Learn how to submit my trades for review with the format provided. 2.Find a better journaling tool (not tradervue) 3. Study more on T&S and set my parameters correctly. 4. Set levels before market open
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