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    • I was wondering what the link is for the daily schedule. Ie Monday pre market with Brian etc.   Soecifically is Paras on 10 am Tuesday and Thursday? 
    • Hi, I trade using the ATR. To see it on a chart, I use TradingView (free version) and I've added the "(mab) ATR Band" indicator to my chart. It's very helpful for seeing the boundaries of the ATR. The indicator is dynamic and changes throughout the day with prices. This prevents me, for example, from taking a short position when the price is already close to the lower limit.  For the calculation check this article : Average True Range (ATR) Formula, What It Means, and How to Use It (investopedia.com)    
    • Hi NirajR, It's live in the Chatroom every week day.
    • Buenas noches a todos,  soy Andrés de Colombia,  me uní a la comunidad luego de ver diferentes videos y recaps de andrew y brian. Al ver  la calidad y transparencia de los trades y la información que esta disponible para  nuestro crecimiento como traders tome la decisión de unirme a  BBT.  Opero large y mid caps desde hace 1 año  empleando un tradebook muy similar al propuesto aquí. espero poder aportar al crecimiento de todos.  Saludos !  
    • Hello everyone! New member here. Where do I find the trading videos of Andrew and his team that has been recorded recently? I'm looking for the videos of pre-market prep and execution of trades after market opens. I'm trying to review those videos and learn from there. Any suggestions?
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