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    • I am flying from Toronto for the meetup.
    • then you dont need such complex hotkeys with calculations as you will always buy/sell 125 shares create one stop order and attach stop range market order to it  
    • Hello, In the break of the High of day strategy, I'm looking for a hotkey that would do : -place a Stop buy order above the current price with one click on the chart (not two clicks like the one described here) . -Set the stop loss automatically at $ 0.8 below (variable that I can change in the script) -Defined risk of $100 (variable that I can change in the script, too). Maybe I have seen this on this  Thread but I can't test it right now unfortunately to know if that fits my needs. And of course, if possible, I would like the same one for the Break of the low of day strategy with a Sell stop order placed with one click below the price, please. Last  but not least, would it be possible to add a target profit of 1,6 (2:1R, for example) on this script ? If not, not a big deal. Thanks for any help. Best,  
    • margin as it gives you leverage and possibility to short
    • it should be possible yes but there is something wrong with your scenario what you described is that you want a half position size once it goes against you which is logically impossible once the price action is 1 cent against you it will be aleays more than 1/2R loss so you need to exit the half position before your position goes green to red you can achieve half loss by - tightening the original stop with drag on the chart and that can be done without any hotkeys - if you want to do it closer to what you described you can effectively exit the current position at break even and enter a new position with half the size and original stop which you can do with your existing hotkeys even today - if you really want to do it as you described i beliee you just need to change the "avgprice" to "price" in your existing partialling hotkey which sets your stop loss to break-even and use it after you click on the chart to the place of the "new" stop price - you can skip the step of cancel stop on your current procedure and just use CXL ALLSYMB in your Update stop hotkey      
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