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a club for the women members of the BBT community, while open to anyone our focus is on supporting each other and the stylistic differences we women traders bring to day and swing trading

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  2. Hi ladies! If you'd like to be added to our BBT women's SLACK group please email me at [email protected] I will send you a link to join!
  3. If anyone would like to join the BBT Women's group on Slack please email me at [email protected] I will gladly send you a link to join!
  4. Hi Jennifer - do you have a new link? It says it expired. Thanks!
  5. Here is the link to the new BB Women Slack Group. https://join.slack.com/t/bearbullwomen/shared_invite/zt-hdlklf0m-gsExb7aAr1Zx8fUrfQjDgg
  6. Is everyone communicating in whatsapp instead of here, this group is very quiet here????
  7. good to hear from you -- if you send me a private message with your phone number, I can add you to the Whatsapp group!
  8. So glad there are some ladies in BBT! Yes, I would love to be in a ladies group of traders. I’m so excited! I am actively trading everyday, as this is a priority for me. Look forward to joining the trade review group @daytrademom and @JenniferL! Please count me in!
  9. Thanks for posting! So excited to get our group going.
  10. Hey girls! I joined BBT in September of 2019 and I am learning so much! I've been trading live with small shares for a few weeks now. Just wondering if anyone in this group that is actively trading would like to set up a trade review/discussion group? I've checked the member map and I don't think anyone lives near me so I am assuming that we would need to either Face Time or Skype. I chatted with 2 ladies this afternoon in the late trading session and they were interested..anyone else? Does anyone live in or around Tennessee?
  11. hi to the people who have joined! As soon as I started this discussion a huge work opportunity came up in my day job and I'm taking about a month off from trading to focus on this project. I hope the discussion will continue!
  12. OK, I'll go. Each of us will have a unique combination of experience and stage-of-life pressures, I imagine. I took 15 years off from active trading because I was devoting my time to raising kids and also helping my husband build a business. It is fun to be back at it! I joined because I want to diversify my investing style. I'm part buy/hold, part swing trade. I thought it would be nice to round that out with occasional day trading opportunities. Oh yeah, and also, I'm part gambler. A small portion of my capital is set aside to make an occasional, inexpensive, but truly crazy bet. It is hilarious when one of those works out. QiRa, I say trading/investing is very similar to surfing, which I took up at age 48. And in surfing, I pretty much feel overconfident one minute and very doubtful the next. Kind of 2 sides of the same coin. Over time, I think equilibrium is more easily achieved. Or maybe that's just because I'm getting older....hmmmm...
  13. I've chatted with a few women about how we're wired differently when it comes to the challenges of day trading. Personally I struggle with wild swings between self doubt/fear in ok times and over confidence when things are going great. It's been a very up and down 12 months with my trading though for the first time I can tell that certain lessons have finally sunk in. I often feel that I have two very different sides to my trading personality and they are often at odds. Please feel free to share
  14. hi all, First, its not my intention to exclude anyone in the BBT community but several of us female members have chatted about how nice it is to find each other and be able to discuss our trades. In my experience women make great traders and have different challenges with psychology, pressure and expectation. I would love a place to have discussions about those topics as well as anything else that comes up. We all know there is no small amount of "bro" culture in the greater day trading world, definitely less here in BBT but still it's nice to have a group of women to support each other in our trading challenges!

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