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  1. hi to the people who have joined! As soon as I started this discussion a huge work opportunity came up in my day job and I'm taking about a month off from trading to focus on this project. I hope the discussion will continue!
  2. I've chatted with a few women about how we're wired differently when it comes to the challenges of day trading. Personally I struggle with wild swings between self doubt/fear in ok times and over confidence when things are going great. It's been a very up and down 12 months with my trading though for the first time I can tell that certain lessons have finally sunk in. I often feel that I have two very different sides to my trading personality and they are often at odds. Please feel free to share
  3. hi all, First, its not my intention to exclude anyone in the BBT community but several of us female members have chatted about how nice it is to find each other and be able to discuss our trades. In my experience women make great traders and have different challenges with psychology, pressure and expectation. I would love a place to have discussions about those topics as well as anything else that comes up. We all know there is no small amount of "bro" culture in the greater day trading world, definitely less here in BBT but still it's nice to have a group of women to support each other in our trading challenges!
  4. Hi Paras, I just wanted to say thank you for posting this. I needed to be reminded that small winners add up but big losses can end your trading and it was a wakeup call for me. I have been stepping in with bigger share sizes while not being in control of my emotions and it's been pretty much a disaster. I am going to stay in low share sizes for the rest of the year and I'll come back here if I don't!
  5. hi all, I've been a member for around a month, trading live with a $40K account for a few months with a very choppy equity curve. I raised my trading capital by doing mostly large cap swing trades with a more traditional broker and loved it. After about a year of that I was seeing good growth and started researching more aggressive day trading. I am a woman and have a few female friends who have traded over the years, some very successfully with high 6 figure incomes. I sometimes find the online trading community in general to be too bro-y and struggle with how male oriented even the metaphors and terms are. I have tried several other communities and find BBT to be very chill and I love Andrew's style. His books are why I joined here! I am in my early 40s in a major east coast city. I have my own creative design practice which I run from a home office. My mornings are free for trading and I am hoping that trading can stabilize my income which can be seasonal. My husband is also an entrepreneur having owned several businesses since his teens. I am definitely not a risk averse person and when I go red, I go really red because I jump in feet first but I can't sustain the 3 x 5K drawdowns I've had recently. I am taking a week off of trading to calm down and settle in to some new rules with just watching, I track my trades in Tradervue and I am working on scheduling meetings and work that start at 11am EST so that I have to stop trading. I am up just about every day at 11am but then I keep trading and give it all back and then some. My biggest losses come in the afternoon so while that should be an easy rule to follow, because I'm self employed and home it's hard to not see if anything is moving and jump in. I'm likely too comfortable with losses because having owned our own businesses for so long, we're used to seeing loss years and up years. I've had my business for 9 years and the growth line is just as choppy as my current equity curve. Being self employed requires that you have faith in your abilities to make it work even when things aren't going your way but at the same time, I am not made of money and can't afford to feed my trading account 5K every month forever. My daily goal is about 3% and my new daily stop loss is 1%. My winning days are around $600-$1000 but my loss days are so brutal that the winning days don't matter at this time. I sometimes feel like the only one who doesn't have a healthy sense of risk, everyone seems to be so good about stopping out or being cautious. I have many interests outside of my design work and I am hoping that after a year or so of trading that I'll be able to work on a passion project that has eluded me for years due to lack of time and spare funds. Trading Details: I trade on a new 2018 iMac Pro with mid priced drives, I run VMware Fusion for trading with current Windows. I use Lightspeed, TC2000 and Trade Ideas which all fit on my Dell 43" monitor. I prefer this setup to multiple monitors and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cleaner setup. Macs can only support 2 additional monitors so the one big monitor was the best choice for me. I generally run chat and browser windows on my Mac screen. I started tracking in Tradervue in September and keep our financial records in Quickbooks.
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