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  1. Hey Kyle. I am really interested in those gap lists. Are they already uploaded anywhere? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey guys. Is there an update? Really looking forward to this amazing feature
  3. Hey Carlos. Where can I find this video? I am really interested in it Thanks in advance!
  4. Yep Brendon I know Thank you! Was just really confused about that
  5. Thank you guys for your answers Ya percentagewise its not that much, but for my Stop it is Ok, so I will always look at the VWAP in the montage!
  6. Hello BBT Community! Yesterday, for the first time I noticed, that there are sometimes big differences between die VWAP Values on different timeframes. How is this possible? Obviously this is not good for my trading, if I dont know which is the "right" VWAP Value at the moment. What do I wrong? Are there any settings that I missed? Look at BA yesterday for example: On the 1Min chart, that VWAP is >50cent smaller than on the 5min Chart. Please help me!
  7. Unfortunately the most pictures are missing have anybody the complete Sheet Please? Would be awesome! Thanks
  8. Are there any news regarding duplicate / copy a TAB? This would be sooo helpful
  9. Hey guys. I am trying to find out, if its possible to realize a "Equalized Risk Per Trade" Button / Hotkey in the TWS? That would be so amazing! Thanks in advance
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