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    After almost 2 years trading on DAS I switched to TradeStation platform and brokerage services. I have done a lot of the leg work researching so I am highlighting features for TradeStation s/w platform and brokerage: Instruments & Commissions Structure: STOCK & OPTIONS - currently zero commission trading plans are limited to US residents. Residents in almost all countries outside the US can sign up for plans with commissions on stock trading. Canada and a few countries in Europe are excluded from brokerage subscription plans. All foreign residents can sign up for a software subscription plan. Contact TradeStation directly for more info - they will try work with you. - lightning fast executions - Level 2 DOM (depth of market) matrix - TS gives volume at price per bar, on all time frames from monthly down to 15 seconds. ... - Stock trading 8am -8pm ET - Direct routing is possible for a per share fees similar to IB - with "intelligent" (zero commission/SMRT) routing order flow could be sold to third party market makers for execution. Read up more in TS disclosures about this: https://uploads.tradestation.com/uploads/SEC-Rule.pdf Since sale of order flow recently has become a hot issue...a couple other links discussing sale of order flow to 3rd parties: https://www.cato.org/sites/cato.org/files/serials/files/regulation/2002/4/v25n1-8.pdf https://www.investopedia.com/terms/n/nbbo.asp - no commissions for stock trading with a $2K funded account under the TS Select plan (above 10K shares per trade there's a per share fee similar to IBs per share fee that's charged and exchange/FINRA fees still apply) - $0.6 per options contract FUTURES - Around the clock futures trading 24/7 Sunday 3pm to Friday 5pm ET - $1.50 per futures contract, 0.5 per Emini micro contract, futures trading requires a separately funded account, intra day futures margin rates of Eminis and micros are 25% of the full margin. - TS offers access to the entire world of CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX traded futures in real time with market depth Level 2 Market Data: - large selection of market data incl all US and various foreign indices in real time. Also access to important real time NYSE market breadth indices TRIN, TICK and advance/decline volume/issues breakdown numbers - great degree of freedom and flexibility for customization of market data feeds - zero fees for Level 1 Nasdaq and Level 1 & Level 2 for NYSE, AMEX equities and options, CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX futures. - Nasdaq Level 2 market depth requires a $11 or $17 subcription - Enhanced market depth for $25 plus add-on oder books from ARCA, BATS, Nasdaq BX all for $26 (see screenshot w. my current subs as an example) Software - no platform fees (with a funded account) - excellent charting - large selection of studies w extensive flexibility for customization - market replay currently not (yet) available - StreamDeck hotkeys supported (updated on 01/18/21) Scanner - Powerful built-in RadarScreen s/w scanner. This is a great free feature and the scanners are very customizable. Programming, Backtesting, Strategy Testing - Portfolio-level back-testing and analysis, seamlessly utilizing TradeStation data and strategies - full access to Easy Language (EL) programming language w hundreds of built in tools and a TS app store for purchase from third parties News Free integrated news feeds and fundamentals data - a great feature that's available directly on the platform. Includes: - Free Benzinga news service - Reuters financials and stock data from in one place and various other useful data.... - Yahoo Finance integration: insiders, funds etc is imported from Help, tutorials, video library, education channels - help function within s/w has a large searchable database that quickly helps find documentation The TS youtube channel has many videos featuring tutorials for desktop, web and mobile apps, RadarScreen scanning, charting, order entry, Matrix (level 2 depth of market DOM), strategy/back testing, Easy Language programming tools and library as well as futures and options trading. https://www.youtube.com/user/tradestation Education channel with free and pay-as-you-go content at: http://www.youcantrade.com With the all-in-one integration of excellent charting and trade execution together with scanners, news, and fundamentals TS has potential to replace other trading s/w and feeds for many users (i.e. paid scanners, news services and fundamentals, journaling s/w). I will post an update in a few weeks about my experience using the platform and TS as a broker. You can also DM me here or on Fintwit MarekLiyanage or email first.last@gmail with questions. Last updated 08/10/2020 Update on StreamDeck, Keyboard and Chart Trading Functionalities (01/18/21): TradeStation will tie in with StreamDeck. A screenshot of the "Macro" and "Hotkey" feature below shows how you can program commands and then you do the same as in DAS when using the StreamDeck....simply assign the hotkey in the StreamDeck s/w. TS also offers 2 simpler tools "Chart Trading" and "Keyboard Trading" that replace a lot of the hot key and chart trading functionalities to use with the StreamDeck. So chart trading and keyboard hotkeys cover all my needs for now. To better understand what "Chart Trading" and "Keyboard Trading" functionalities offer in TradeStation watch this Video: If you have questions best DM me on Fintwit.... https://twitter.com/MarekLiyanage
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    No doubt, I'm sure it will. I know I'll be keeping up with the thread for sure.
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    Yes, its a very personal decision so you need to look at everything. Hopefully, the research I put will save others time one way or the other.
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    They had me up to the limitation on trading before 8am. Couldn't deal with that. Please let us know if they start allowing trading earlier. Thanks!
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    Hey Justin! I had literally read this post when Thor texted me about this new video series he is preparing about VPA, the first video is already posted here
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    Hi Sebastian, Great to hear you are liking Total Trader :-) As I've mentioned above I haven't been trading for 2 years (life, job etc!) and have not really updated it. @Mike B reached out to me a couple of months ago asking if he can use it in his webinar series. He has done some great enhancements and I suggest you ask if you can use his version. I may be able to update at some point too - just not at the moment. Regards, Bart
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    Have you been tracking your trading just like a live account? I also "thought" I was doing well in sim, but I was not tracking anything, not my win %, not my strategies, not my daily and weekly "R"s, nothing. I bled my account for three months. I then went back to SIM for a full month and tracked everything like I should have been doing all along. I should have gone back to SIM after my terrible first two weeks, I didn't really have an edge at all. If you haven't been tracking your trading and you do still decide to go live, set hard stop daily limits with your broker. Trade with small size. If you do struggle the first week, don't be afraid to go back to SIM and track your trading to build your confidence back up. Also only trade a few setups, don't enter trades just because they look good. You may also want to mute the chat at the open, it can be very distracting. Good Luck, and don't be afraid to ask questions here or in the chatroom.
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    Day 135 - Jul 27 , 2020 28 Tickets 6 Symbols Green Day Personal: Rested up, morning routine complete, ready to go. Goal for the day: Get back to the basics, one good trade after one good trade. Watch list: RVOL at open: VXRT: 115% MRNA: 300% TSM: 700% Trades VXRT (1)- Short - ORB / Technical Breakdown (-1 Adjusted Stop) VXRT was looking weak into the 10.25 PML level. 10.26 had a big bid and was decrementing quick - took it short as the bids dropped. Broke through that level but then ripper back up, took half off on fake breakdown. Adjusted the rest to just In front of 10 and then stop on break even. Improvement: Not my strategy, but I am ok with taking this half size. Should definitely do more research on this though. TSM - Short - Descending Triangle TSM consolidating around VWAP after an extended move up, thinking we could see a break of LOD and potential gap close. Had a nice fake breakout collecting stops, and entered short on break of 80.8 which was the base. Improvement: Pivot point for a stop loss is way too far - not a clean setup. SOGO - Long - Ascending Triangle Not my usual play. Had a long consolidation just above VWAP - took it long as it broke out on volume. 10:30 - clearly a distribution phase, will be looking to short this once it comes down. Getting stuffed every time it tried to spike up. Ended up being an absolute sleeper…..didn't do anything. Improvement: Wasn’t that clean, touched briefly earlier but got rejected, need to have more confirmation. Just all over the place. Not happy with my trading. Got caught up in a typical rookie setup SOGO chasing the breakout on a not so clear ascending triangle INTC - Short - Descending triangle (-1 Adjusted Stop) HUGE bid 4000lots at 50 was taken out, took it short thinking we would see a huge resolution but got bought right back up. SPY also looking like its going to bounce. Ended up doing a fake breakdown and then rallied to VWAP Note: Notice the Exhaustion volume, this is a sign of bottoming. VXRT (2) - Short - Descending Triangle (Sub: 3 bar play on 15) Took it short as big bids at 9.5 were decrementing quick, got In front of them as saw size reducing. Didn’t like SPY bouncing - but lots of selling coming in. got a quick flush for first partial and then bounced right back up stopping me out. VXRT (3) - Long - Reversal (-1 Adjusted Stop, Not in Playbook) VXRT had climactic volume fake breakdown and then came up and broke through downtrend forming ABCDish with low vol pullback. Got in on new 1 min high after holding 9.62 to the penny, stop just below. SPY not looking great here, but thinking we could see a rally up to VWAP. Diud exactly what I thought it was going to do plus more…micro managed and ruined the trade. Good: Good job noticing the strength on the climactic reversal Improvement: Put the order in and leave it. Then adjust to B/E and let it be. Manually adjsuted, and ended up missing a potential DKNG - Asymmetrical Triangle DKNG had some nice bottoming volume on a huge extended move. Was looking for a potential reversal. Put in a consolidation above that level trying to find a direction. Ended up giving a nice shakeout candle and then popping up. Took it as it pulled back on love volume and broke back out. Good: Patience on the entry, waiting for shakeout candle, and then low vol pullback. NKLA - Asymmetrical Triangle Short NKLA on the drop and confirmation of breaking previous low, Below VWAP and PoC. Not much time left in the day, but thinking we could see a sell off. 1600 Lots jumped in on the bid at 33.04 after the fake breakdown. Good: Had the right idea, just not long enough for it to play out. Trade Ideas 9:38 - FE above the gap level, look for a gap close - but would like a pullback (Loser) 9:42 - MRNA short on ABCD right at that level, 78 entry 78.9 stop. (Winner ~2R) 9:46 - INO 22.5 PML breakdown which has held multiple times, very low RVOL tho (Winner ~2.5R) 9:56 - VXRT holding 11 on the ABCDish/flag - look for a break above 11.15ish? Stop below 11 (No Entry) 10:18 - VXRT was watching for a break of 11 for an ABCD setup here. (No Entry) 10:21 - NIO looking like a 5 min ABCD (Winner ~3R) 10:21 - INO 5 min ABCD (Winner ~9.2R) 10:22 - VXRT looking for a descending triangle here. Watch for VWAP Break and Go (Winner ~6R) 10:29 - PFE potential ascending triangle rally (Didn’t breakout = No Entry) 10:39 - ABUS looks like double bottom of PCL 5.06 would be entry and stop 4.94? (5min is a low vol pullback and this isnt in my setups. Loser) 10:43 - INTC potential bottom, huge lot at 50 - 4000lots (Loser) 10:46 - INO and NIO asymmetrical triangle (Noted, not sure which direction I would have taken though) 10:47 - MRNA Kind of a VWAP break and Go but didn’t come back into VWAP. Holding above the major support level 78.18, entry would be 78.6? Stop 78.14ish Missed the MRNA range above VWAP, pullback and shakeout candle (Winner ~4R) 10:55 - NIO asymmetrical / descending looking interesting on the 1 min. 5 and 15 dont look special. (Winner ~4R) 11:06 - TSM ascending triangle breakout (Loser) 11:14 - No trade just noticing DKNG and VXRT extreme volume - potential bottoming coming (VXRT was thinking of getting in 9.76 after the spinning top indecision doji 11:47 - INTC took me out fake breakdown and then popped - low vol pullback entry (Winner ~3R) 12:48 - DKNG long of pullback. Thinking we will see VWAP + (Loser) 13:06 - ABUS Descending triangle (Winner ~2R) 13:13 - NKLA asymmetrical getting real tight. 13:33 was looking for a pop to 33 which happens, but then want the big bid at 32.8 (300lots) to decrement to show confirmation of breakdown.Bids stepping up to 32.85 another 400lots. Sign of strengh (No Entry) 13:29 - ABUS potential double bottom would like to see a low vol pullback. 13:56 - broke through, would like to see a consolidation and then continuation to downside. (Loser and Loser) 14:08 - TWTR igniting volume, a little late would like to see a low vol pullback and hold of Mas (Right idea, not real entry) 14:12 - NVAX Setting up for descending triangle ish at 137 - (pivot point way too far away = No Entry) 14:34 - AMD descending triangle at 68.8 (Loser) 15:04 - VXRT asymmetrical triangle. Had it at 10.9 but wanted to confirm and wait for a low vol pullback for confirmation. Missed the entrance it just took off (Winner ~6.8R) Trade Review Goal 1: Hotkey Limit Orders (Entry, Profit, Stop): FAIL Was an average day. Dropped back to previous size as I got shit on last week. This is a mental error - need to keep the size in order to get used to growth and more risk. My Trade ideas have continued to show profitability, but I just don’t think its sustainable to be taking 15-20 trades a day……Noticing my favorite setups haven't been working that great (Triangles) so will be looking for a different setup to add. Really liking the reversal, Climactic, with confirmation of hold / double bottom and getting it on a low vol pullback. Also thinking of doing a week of just taking all my trades in trade ideas. Will be too many trades to journal, so might just do a full page screenshot and show executions rather than a full write up. Things I did well: Stick to the plan for most of the day. Things I did poorly: Adjusting partials Daily Report Card 1. Auto Calc Entry, Profit, Stop (Adjust only in front of Major Level, and on Major Reversal Candle) = 5/8= 62%
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