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How to quickly add new rows in Market Viewer?

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I can't seem to be able to find the hotkey to quickly add new rows in the market viewer windows. How do you do that, insteaed of 'right click, new row'?



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Here's a way to add new rows quickly.


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Are you doing this for start of day? You can do this another way if you just want a market view full of empty rows.


1) Clear the market view window.
2) Add as many blank rows as you want by default (e.g. if you can fit 18, add 18).
3) Right Click MarketView -> Export -> Save .csv file as something memorable, I did mine as '_reset.csv' so it's always in the top of the folder that pops up.
4) When you start your day: Right Click MarketView -> Import -> Select your file.
4a) Just as an added tip, I usually do: Select MarketView, Ctrl+A (select all on Windows), delete key, and then do the import. DAS doesn't clear the memory registers when you import the list, so the old values will stick around until they're updated, makes it ugly.

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If someone is interested, I wrote a few AutoHotkey commands to add new rows and perform other actions in the Market Viewer through hotkeys.

In the attached file you can find hotkey scripts to:

  • Delete the selected row (ALT+D)
  • Delete all the rows (SHIFT+ALT+D)
  • Add a new row (ALT+N)
  • Export the current list to a file (ALT+E)
  • Import the previously exported list (ALT+I)

The last two commands are useful to copy the content of a Market Viewer window to another Market Viewer window


Additionally, there is a command to add the current symbol selected in the Montage window to the Market Viewer. However, the script is written to work only if the Market Viewer window is the only one located in the same screen of the Montage window. If you need the script can be adapted to insert the symbol in a specific Market Viewer (follow the instructions in the script).

To use the script, change the extension of the file to .ahk and launch it with AutoHotkey (https://www.autohotkey.com/)




Edited by fab
Added the command to delete all the rows

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