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  1. Can someone please clarify these comments, as it appears one is referring to the BBT package, the other to the similarly named package from DAS direct? Or more simply, do the current BBT packages still provide what is listed on that page as I want to sign up:
  2. I would go for the 32 key. In my case I've got two layouts, one for short and one for long and they share some common keys (for chart settings, news, etc) and I've just about used all the buttons on those two. The SD has also enabled me to rapidly evolve my shortcuts without having to keep remembering what's where. For other software such as CAD I also use a tablet with hot key shortcut software as that allows a huge number of buttons, however for trading I want the feedback of a physical key when pressed and also the feel of the raised button when preparing to click for more time sensitive trades.
  3. One point to note with many GPUs is they often have more connectors than they can drive concurrently. One or my PCs has a GTX1080 and that can certainly only manage 4 of the 5 connectors and from some searching that appeared to be a general hardware limit rather than card manufacturer specific.
  4. I used to use SwitchTWnd as above but I switched to using "FocusWindow {window name}" and naming the montage window (right click on title bar and set name in config) SwitchTWnd is documented going to the next trading window and as I wasn't sure where that would always work and whether I would ever use more than one montage I decided to play it safe. I now prefix all of my order commands with an applicable FocusWindow command.
  5. I was going to post the same after reading the OP. I set a large margin on the right in one window to make order markers easier to see and it immediately started happening whenever I clicked in that space but never when I use the main candlestick area. Have you already reported the issue to DAS support?
  6. The full file (txt format not DAS native htk file) is in the chat room drive as below and yes the layout is there as well.
  7. I've just retested as I originally found two, but from a quick retest only the tilde is still being escaped. Update: Reviewing my test files from version control some had a bad format else where which by chance made it look like two were escaped. So for now yes I see just tilde being handled this way. Okay that's good we see the same. Do you get any additional info from DAS details other than what is on their site? I've also reported a few issues/improvements with simple fixes and not even received a reply, but as I am busy setting up my approach/tools (moving from trading UK markets) I've not pursued this yet.
  8. The increase to 1000 characters is shown in release notes as v5.5.0.0, or are you referring to something else? The encoded characters issue (easy to test given the DAS use of non Unicode files) appears in recent versions I checked and the wrapping was the same as well. DAS seems to be VERY old school in some areas of its design but that's not uncommon for niche area products (I work in the field of performance and scalability of enterprise applications and nothing surprises me anymore)
  9. I've recently written an external GUI editor for the DAS hotkeys file and from my tests with v5.5.0.3 I found a small difference to your description so I don't know if anything has changed since you looked at it, although I doubt it will affect loading: The script as string element can be up to 100 characters on the first line. At 101 or greater characters I find it wraps using the method you describe although there is a slight twist that a there is some escaping of certain characters in the script part. These are unlikely to be present in a script but if there they are escaped with the character followed by a text representation of the character code for it. Such encoding characters increase the length of the string as stored but are NOT included in the overall script length as stored in the earlier field. The reason I wrote an external editor is I've based many of my hotkeys on your excellent spreadsheet but wanted a way to easily transfer those to DAS in one go. I have my own spreadsheet that refers to my scripts or yours with additional columns for the title and shortcut key combination. These are combined in another column to what I call a plain DAS format, basically without any escaping or line wrapping. I can then copy and paste all of them in one go into my DAS hotkeys editor application which allows editing in a grid view or a text view with this plain text format. The application automatically converts this to the correct DAS format when saving or switching between its tabs (it has one for a grid view, one for plain file and one with a readonly view of the file as it will be saved). I did wonder if this application was worth the development time as opposed to some script in the spreadsheet, but in a few days of experimenting/debugging my trading hotkeys its proved very helpful as it allows sorting, filtering (useful for merging) which a spreadsheet couldn't. I am just finishing another utility to configure my Stream Deck keys directly, so from one spreadsheet I can update everything in seconds without any human error. I was wondering how I could share any of this, but given the desktop app (c#) uses some of my own commercial code I would have to make some minor adjustments if providing source as well. However I expect a web version would be the best approach for sharing, but my focus was just a quick and dirty utility initially even though it grew a bit beyond that.
  10. I have just starting using DAS Trader Pro and am really surprised by the use of an old not scalable type font (MS Sans Serif) in most of the dialogs and some parts of many windows where the font cannot always be reconfigured. This old font does not work with Windows ClearType and so looks jagged and also does not scale as well as TrueType/OpenType fonts. Having used many trading platforms I certainly prefer good functionality over a pretty user interface, but as a software developer I know the changes to update the fonts are very minor, as is another change to enable Windows visual styles which improves the look of Windows controls (edits, check boxes, buttons etc). Hence for my own use I have made a couple of changes to work around this and wonder if anyone else is interested. To show the difference here is part of the configuration dialog before and after the font change and also enabling visual styles: This is at standard 100% scaling in Windows but even with a high DPI (4K) monitor using a higher scaling there is still a difference (one my own 4K monitors I only use 100% or 125%) I did make an enhancement request to DAS support but never heard anything back even to acknowledge receipt. If anyone is interested in making the same changes (at their own risk of course) then let me know and I'll create some instructions and post them here. The changes for the font issue is a Windows registry change and the visual styles for controls is either a Windows registry change or editing the executable (the former is recommended).
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