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  1. It just goes to the next trading window so only works reliably if there is only one montage. I also use the FocusWindow with the applicable name as I have some layouts with more than one montage and it avoids unexpected behaviour down the line.
  2. Another possibility is DAS messing up that windows display due to having monitor(s) with non 100% scaling or multiple monitors with different text scaling DPI settings. I've seen the hotkeys window just like that but when sized way bigger the list showed up but in the wrong position on the right. I have a system with 6 monitors with 125% and 150% scaling and due to DAS I have to ensure I start the PC with only the primary one powered on so Windows has that first in its monitors list. If I don't then the hotkey setup and some other windows in DAS display completely wrongly (content out of view, buttons off view etc). Even with that DAS still has some issues with non 100% text scaling but most aren't too severe. I have logged several such issues with DAS support but they don't reply so not sure if they're going to fix them.
  3. You need to switch DAS to the new style configuration windows. Go to Setup -> Other configuration and check the highlighted box. After that many config windows will change to the new style and in some cases show extra options as per the L2 one.
  4. @cordawg As Peter said, this looks to be a resolution/scaling issue. You need to check the native resolution of the monitor in question, what resolution it is set to use in Windows and the Windows text DPI scaling setting for it. Also the Windows compatibility DPI scaling settings for DAS specifically which shouldn't be either of the system options.
  5. No issues here. As the streamdeck is just sending the keypress combination to trigger the same script that's very odd unless the focus wasn't where it should be or there is some UI timing issue. If the hotkey script includes a focus montage command it could be DAS hasn't completed that in time, but for it to go from long term reliable to having issues would imply a change in DAS or something else on your PC hooking windows messages and somehow impacting the operation timing during the script. If DAS is using values read from the UI controls directly during script execution as opposed to internal copies of those values that would make it more prone to issues from timing/external factors due to the message driven UI updates but I've not experienced any problems and I would hope DAS have written their code to prevent this. Have you installed/updated any other software recently (including drivers) or DAS? Do you have any external scripts that manipulate DAS UI or linkage from apps like TI?
  6. Apologies for leaving this thread hanging. With higher DPI monitors the issue of blocky bitmap fonts it less noticeable (but still not ideal) which could explain why some monitors look better than others. Windows DPI scaling has a hand here depending on how its configured. However for those that want to apply the change I mentioned, the change is simple and works system wide, so will make any applications using MS San Serif render with a scalable modern font. I've never experienced an issue from doing for various applications for many years, although theoretically an application could do some odd font metric calculations and display oddly. As a developer myself I can say that would be very odd thing to do as fonts vary with systems anyway but as always take care when editing the Windows registry and do this at your own risk. The change is specifying a font substitution using the mechanism built into Windows. I've attached a zip with two '.reg' registry files (that can be opened in NotePad or other editor to review the change) that will add or remove the change if required by double clicking the file required to run. Note: I could not attach a zip named file directly so added a '.txt' extension that needs to be removed. If you prefer not to run the files, this change can be done by running regedit.exe and then navigating to: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes Right click either the 'FontSubtitutes' item in the tree or empty space in the list on the right and select 'New' and then 'String value'. Name the value 'MS Sans Serif' and set the value to 'Microsoft Sans Serif'. You can choose another font such as Tahoma. After that it is necessary log out of Windows and log back in for the change to take effect. Some more major Windows upgrades can reset these substitutes so the change may need to be reapplied. With reference to the other change for making DAS use modern windows style visual control rendering, this requires editing the DAS Trader executable file or another system wide change. I've found one area of DAS (Trade Signal feature) where this causes an issue so I wouldn't recommend at present. I tested this mainly to see if DAS would have to do much work for the visual style change before I submitted the suggestion to them, and it appears not. RegFilesToAddOrRemoveFontFix.zip.txt
  7. I've never had that issue, but I do have a command to focus the applicable montage as a prefix for all applicable hot keys. This does make using multiple montages for orders more tricky (could use multiple layouts though) but in my case I use one montage for orders, the others for info only. It's also worth checking: 1) That its not an issue with placing the order (due to various constraints, hot key script issue etc) as shown by a warning message in the montage which is often easy to miss. 2) There isn't some other software on your PC setting global hotkeys intermittently. This is generally poor/buggy design but I've used a few utilities that register global hotkeys only when not minimized or performing some action (but not focused).
  8. Can someone please clarify these comments, as it appears one is referring to the BBT package, the other to the similarly named package from DAS direct? Or more simply, do the current BBT packages still provide what is listed on that page as I want to sign up:
  9. I would go for the 32 key. In my case I've got two layouts, one for short and one for long and they share some common keys (for chart settings, news, etc) and I've just about used all the buttons on those two. The SD has also enabled me to rapidly evolve my shortcuts without having to keep remembering what's where. For other software such as CAD I also use a tablet with hot key shortcut software as that allows a huge number of buttons, however for trading I want the feedback of a physical key when pressed and also the feel of the raised button when preparing to click for more time sensitive trades.
  10. One point to note with many GPUs is they often have more connectors than they can drive concurrently. One or my PCs has a GTX1080 and that can certainly only manage 4 of the 5 connectors and from some searching that appeared to be a general hardware limit rather than card manufacturer specific.
  11. I used to use SwitchTWnd as above but I switched to using "FocusWindow {window name}" and naming the montage window (right click on title bar and set name in config) SwitchTWnd is documented going to the next trading window and as I wasn't sure where that would always work and whether I would ever use more than one montage I decided to play it safe. I now prefix all of my order commands with an applicable FocusWindow command.
  12. I was going to post the same after reading the OP. I set a large margin on the right in one window to make order markers easier to see and it immediately started happening whenever I clicked in that space but never when I use the main candlestick area. Have you already reported the issue to DAS support?
  13. The full file (txt format not DAS native htk file) is in the chat room drive as below and yes the layout is there as well.
  14. I've just retested as I originally found two, but from a quick retest only the tilde is still being escaped. Update: Reviewing my test files from version control some had a bad format else where which by chance made it look like two were escaped. So for now yes I see just tilde being handled this way. Okay that's good we see the same. Do you get any additional info from DAS details other than what is on their site? I've also reported a few issues/improvements with simple fixes and not even received a reply, but as I am busy setting up my approach/tools (moving from trading UK markets) I've not pursued this yet.
  15. The increase to 1000 characters is shown in release notes as v5.5.0.0, or are you referring to something else? The encoded characters issue (easy to test given the DAS use of non Unicode files) appears in recent versions I checked and the wrapping was the same as well. DAS seems to be VERY old school in some areas of its design but that's not uncommon for niche area products (I work in the field of performance and scalability of enterprise applications and nothing surprises me anymore)
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