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  1. For some reason XE only allows money to be converted. Since I am based in the USA and CMEG requires USD, using XE is not possible. I decided to transfer to another account I have with a different bank and then wire from there.
  2. I discovered that my bank does not allow international wire transfers. I'm not exactly sure whether I can wire to their US-based intermediary bank or whether I should just use a website like XE.com. XE allows a "notes" field and CMEG customer service mentioned to enter my CMEG account info there so they can identify the payment was from me. Has anyone had to use one of these options (intermediary or transfer website)?
  3. I'm testing out this hotkey and I've noticed a strange behavior when I try to partial out or close out my position. Under my trades window, it shows up as a short sell (SS) rather than simply a sell. I'm concerned that if I try to partial out on a stock that doesn't allow shorts, it won't let me close. Has anyone seen this? Update: Nevermind! I read through the initial post again and realized this is a known issue.
  4. I haven't used it yet. It looked so complicated upon reading that I wanted to work on some DAS basics first. Doesn't the script set a hard stop? I thought it wasn't a good idea to set a hard stop loss. I read that it can be subject to manipulation.
  5. ah ok. I haven't downloaded hotkey files just yet so I was unaware of this behavior beforehand.
  6. Hello everyone. I have been training in sim and I'm wondering about setting my targets and stop loss. I have been doing my best at the open up until 10am. Because of the fast movements in price, I'm wondering what the process should be when setting my targets and stop loss. I'm supposed to know this before going in the trade right? Should I be doing a mental math, rough estimate before going in? It seems like that's the only way due to the volatility.
  7. I have been using the sim a few days and noticed that my hotkeys don't work unless I select the montage first. This usually happens if I'm doing something on the chart or going to back to DAS from the chatroom, for example, and I want to enter a trade quick. Is this normal behavior or have I configured something wrong. I was exploring available commands in DAS and noticed a command to auto switch to the Montage (SwitchTWnd;). Is this something I can use before my buy/sell scripts to fix the issue? I was also exploring the same window switching commands for charts. Basically, I'd like to quickly go between zooming, drawing lines, and trading with hotkeys (and mouse buttons) in a matter of seconds.
  8. I’m trying to soak up as much of the lessons as I can while I paper trade! The volume tanked when it consolidated so I just saw no way out of that unless some news came in. That small gain ended up recouping a previous loss and then I reached my daily target on my 3rd trade.
  9. Hello everyone! I started training this week and was long on a stock. It went up slightly but then went sideways before hitting my target. After a while of watching it go nowhere I decided to sell while I was still positive in order focus on a better trade before my planned end time. Did I make the right call? Should I have waited past the time I planned to stop trading hoping to reach my target profit?
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