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  1. Hi drodz, I had problems with my bank as well. I used Travelex to send my money, I believe it's similar to XE. I had to fill a form. When I transfered, I tried using an intermediary bank and my transfer was rejected, so I sent it directly to their destination bank and it worked out. Intermediary bank is not always necessary, it depends if the currency exchange/bank has direct access to the destination bank or not. You'll probably have to ask them if they can or cannot access CMEG's destination bank. In my case, I asked the exchange and they didn't know. So I tried with the intermediary bank first, didn't work out, then I sent it directly to the destination bank and it turned out fine. In any case, when you're filling the form, you always have to insert the destination bank information, even if you're using an intermediary bank. If you're using an intermediary and a destination bank, you have to fill the information for both; if you're NOT using an intermediary bank, just fill the information for the destination bank. When I wire transfered, I typed into the notes field "for further benefit to" and inserted my name and CMEG account info. I'm not sure if XE is different than Travelex, though. Contact their support if you're not sure. When I was speaking to CMEG about the wire transfer, they told me they accept XE Money Transfer, so using XE should also work. Hope this helps you and that everything turns out fine.
  2. Hello, BBT! I'm about to start live trading and I'm going to open a small account. I've been trying to open an account with CMEG for the past 2 months and they are giving me the hardest time. Basically, they don't read anything I send them and it's been exhausting. Apparently they're still the best option for small accounts in terms of comissions and rates, which is why I'm opening an account. However, if I had a better option, I'd probably switch, which is why I opened this topic. I haven't seen anyone mentioning anything about Alliance Traders recently, so I was wondering if there's any news about them? Is there any possible special BBT discount with them in the near future? Are they trustworthy? What are your experiences with them? Thanks!
  3. Hi, Wayne! No, I didn't use any scripts. I did everything manually using Abiel's chatlogs. If you ever create or find a script that does it, please share it, would be very helpful in order to create the spreadsheet for 2020.
  4. Hi! I'm glad it's been helpful! Yes, I'm doing it for 2020. I'll create another topic with a Google Drive link to both 2019 and 2020 spreadsheets once I have the latter completed until April. I'll also upload a comissions spreadsheet that William H. created for IB comissions and that I used to create a CMEG comissions spreadsheet based on the BBT discount that we have (the original spreadsheet can be found in the Education Center - The Complete Guide to Understanding Comissions).
  5. Hello! Not sure if you scrolled through the entire thread, but I created a spreadsheet with the watchlists the BBT moderators used in 2019. It's not direct from the gaplist itself, but they obviously built their watchlists from it and it can be helpful with the replay feature: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lZZpy8r7bMosSDwUBdqmuEMD8Ap7NCxo Also, if there's a link to the direct gaplist I'd be interested too!
  6. Hi everyone! I created a spreadsheet with a compilation of the watchlists that BBT moderators used in in 2019. I used Abiel's chatlogs to create it (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZqRvuYLACi2mWwUUs5KsKQiluLo8WvgT). I already posted this in off-topic, but I think it'd be helpful to post it here too for those of you interested in using it with the replay feature. It works better if you download the spreadsheet, otherwise the colors get a little messed up when you open it with google docs. No idea why. The link below will open the spreadsheet. Hope it helps! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lZZpy8r7bMosSDwUBdqmuEMD8Ap7NCxo
  7. Hi everyone! I created a spreadsheet compilation with the watchlists of the moderators in 2019. I used Abiel's chatlogs to create it (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZqRvuYLACi2mWwUUs5KsKQiluLo8WvgT The link below will open the spreadsheet. Hope it helps! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lZZpy8r7bMosSDwUBdqmuEMD8Ap7NCxo
  8. I'm interested in that. If you could make that avaliable it'd be very helpful, specially to new traders like me. Thank you for your help!
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