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  1. Kykle K created some hotkey scripts for marking the levels on the chart with different colored horizontal lines. I use this instead of manually editing the horizontal line configuration each time you want a different line style. It works in the newest version of Das.


    ConfigTrendLine HorzLine DashLine:00bf00:2; HorizontalLine;

    ConfigTrendLine HorzLine DashLine:ff860d:2; HorizontalLine;

    ConfigTrendLine HorzLine DashLine:ff0080:2; HorizontalLine;

    ConfigTrendLine HorzLine DashLine:ff3737:2; HorizontalLine;

    ConfigTrendLine HorzLine DotLine:000000:1; 

    Blue Dashed Line:

    ConfigTrendLine HorzLine DashLine:0000FF; HorizontalLine;

    Blue Solid Line with Width of 2:

    ConfigTrendLine HorzLine Line:0000FF:2; HorizontalLine;

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  2. Das added RVOL to version To add it to the montage right click on VWAP and select RVOL under the drop down. In the market viewer there is a RVOL column under config. It's a bit different to TI since it shows as a percentage.

    Release Notes: "Added RVOL (relative volume) to Montage ticker and Market Viewer"

  3. Hi Everyone, Since Shor has the minimum tab requirement for a group over 30 people we had to switch venues. The meetup time and location has changed to Bob Heilman's Beachcomber at 3:00 PM. Can everyone please update the Google Doc if needed for yourself and additional guests to get an accurate headcount to Ryan next week. 


  4. @JodyP We still have the reservation at Shor inside Hyatt but they require a minimum tab of $1200 without a set menu because the group has grown so large so we are looking for another restaurant in the area without any requirements. For a group this size, most restaurants either want a set menu, buffet or minimum tab. We dropped Hooters just in case anyone isn't comfortable with it. We also have a reservation at Bob Heilman's Beachcomber which is just down the street from Shor as an alternative. I'll let everyone know once we finalize the venue but it will still be in the Clearwater Beach area.

  5. Out of all the restaurants that I checked with, I only came up with one that is able to accommodate us without a minimum tab or set menu. I'll throw out this idea again for Hooters on Clearwater Beach. They can put us up on the 3rd floor with everyone ordering off the regular menu with no restrictions. They will also be able to get us in earlier since they don't close between lunch and dinner.

    Would anyone be opposed to this?


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  6. Hey @Steph, @Atom I’m waiting to hear back from Shor American seafood grill if they can accommodate our party since we’ve grown to double our original reservation. They are also trying to force a three course menu on us which was not a requirement when I made the reservation originally.  It looks like we could be up to 50+ people by next month.  

    If they can’t fit us, do you have any recommendations for a restaurant that can?

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  7. I found a restaurant that will accommodate us, they only reopen at 5pm after closing for lunch. I put in the reservation for 20 people at 5pm on Saturday,  November 16th. They will seat us all together inside the restaurant and parking is free for three hours.

    The restaurant is called SHOR American Seafood Grill and it's located inside the Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa right off Clearwater Beach.



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  8. @Andrew Aziz@WilliamH@Thor@Atom@Glenn Budde@Steph@Britt C@Jambazz19@mrohde@Vladimir P

    I've tagged everyone that signed up or showed interest in the Tampa meetup thread. It's official now! We have the area and date, we just need to find a venue and finalize the meet time.

    @Steph@Atom If you guys find a location "where we are in somewhat of a semi private/private spot so we can have group discussions instead of only 1 on 1 or talking to the people immediately surrounding us" let me know. I found that Sea-Guini and Shor both have separate rooms for large groups so I'll give them a call to see if they require a minimum tab or not.

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  9. Hey Traders,

    It's been almost a year since that last Florida meetup so it's time for another one! We will have moderators ThorYoung and Andrew Aziz in attendance!

    Date: November 16th 2019 (Saturday)

    Time: 3:00 PM (Updated)

    Location: Clearwater Beach FL

    Venue: Bob Heilman's Beachcomber (Updated)

    Address: 447 Mandalay Ave, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767

    Parking: The restaurant has valet parking

    Theme: A fun event to discuss trading, get free drinks and meet fellow traders.

    Attendance: Open to everyone including Non BBT Members. Please sign up using the attendance sheet link below. 

    BBT will be providing free drinks and swag for those in attendance!



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