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  1. https://www.saltrockgrill.com/events.aspx I think The wine room might be cool. Gotta figure how many people we are having though Might be pricey if just a few
  2. So I did some research Salt rock grill might be up our alley
  3. As a local we see Hooters as just another resturant, I go with my wife all the time. But I can see William's perspective .
  4. I was raised in Clearwater, Clearwater beach is my old stomping grounds. Im at Clearwated beach alot for work reasons. Its deff a destination, but october might be a slow season there. But there is a Hooters right there on the second floor on the main strip on the round about. If you Traders are cool with beer and wings. If not im sure there are plenty of restaurants in the area .
  5. Im down for end Of October, Im in the Tampa area (pasco county). Weekends work best for me.
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